Damaris Phillips’ Top Tips for Making Biscuits and Gravy

by in Food Network Chef, November 25th, 2013

Damaris PhillipsJust in time for Thursday’s Thanksgiving holiday, Food Network Star winner Damaris Phillips, a lifelong southerner with a knack for baking and the host of Southern at Heart, is demystifying biscuit making so that you can skip the store-bought tubes of dough and make your own buttery beauties at home. This Kentucky native is known for enjoying her biscuits with gravy for breakfast, and just last month she took the stage with fellow Food Network Star alum Justin Warner at the New York City Wine & Food Festival to fuse her classic recipe with another morning favorite: bagels and lox. She walked fans through the step-by-step of creating this hybrid breakfast while chatting about basic biscuit-and-gravy how-tos, like simple tricks for cutting biscuits and the importance of cooking the flour in the gravy roux. Read on below to get Damaris’ top-six tips, then try her recipe for Sweet Potato Biscuits with Peppered Pork Loin, Apple Mustard Butter and Salad.

1. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy biscuit cutter at home; a round glass will do the trick.

2. There are two kinds of biscuits: flaky and cakey. Damaris prefers the cakey variety, as they’re better suited for sopping up gravy, so consider this if you plan on serving your biscuits with gravy as well.

3. When making the roux for the gravy — the mixture of fat (here, butter) and flour — it’s important to let the flour cook for a bit so it loses its raw flavor. The more you cook it, the darker the roux will be.

4. Opt for warm milk instead of cold when adding the liquid to the roux; this will help it better incorporate.

5. Pepper is a must when making traditional Southern gravy. Don’t be afraid to use plenty of it.

6. To best serve biscuits and gravy, slice the biscuit open like a book, then flip it over, so the top and bottom sides are facing up and the insides are flush on the plate. You’ll be better able to glide your fork through the biscuit this way once it’s topped with gravy.

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  1. Avon says:

    I also agree about all of the game shows pretending to be about food. I started watching FN for the cooking demonstrations and the joy of watching the chefs/cook. I now turn off FN most evenings and watch another rerun of Law and Order, Castle or TCM old movies. Or, shock of shock, I'll turn off the tv.
    Back to your newest FN Star-Damaris Phillips. Really like her personality and spunk. She's a keeper.

  2. illenne rome says:

    Love you,your smile ,show and receipts most of all —. I need help please Love pot pies and would like to make a double crusted one, please tell me how to keep the bottom crust as galley and not burnt as the top . Thank you so much. Illenne from down South in Louisiana

  3. L.C.Ross says:

    Give me a break. These shows should be honest and give credit to whom credit is due. If they have these recipes, they were passed on from their mothers or grandmothers or great grandmothers.Let face it, southern cooking as they show it came from slaves. After the slave were freed, the maid did the cooking. I don't t mild these cooks using the recipes, just for once give credit to those who earned it.

  4. ben says:

    thank you a lot Maria i like your post,i like your style

  5. I like wording keep it up..

  6. baby hazel says:

    entertaining keep it up.

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