Weekday Treats: Desserts Done in Minutes — School Days

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Instant Chocolate CakeWhether it’s because of an A+ spelling test, a hat trick on the soccer field or a pristinely cleaned bedroom, every child — and grownup — deserves to be treated to something special once in a while, and for many kids, that surprise may come in the form of dessert. Instead of resorting to store-bought goodies to save time in the kitchen, stick with from-scratch treats, like these homemade desserts, ready to eat in mere minutes.

A single-serving indulgence that demands no baking at all, Food Network Magazine’s Instant Chocolate Cake (pictured above) is a family-friendly pick that takes just 10 minutes to make. This rich, moist cake is prepped with traditional pastry ingredients, like cocoa, flour and vanilla extract, but it’s cooked quickly in the microwave instead of the oven. Perhaps the best part about this go-to recipe is that all of the ingredients are simply stirred — without the help of a mixer — in the same oversize mug in which it’s served.

Cookies-and-Cream ParfaitsA creative play on classic ice cream, the Cookies-and-Cream Parfaits from Food Network Magazine come together with just three ingredients and simple assembly — no cooking required. Layer prepared vanilla pudding with your favorite wafer cookies and fluffy whipped cream to create individual servings of an impressive-looking dessert that’s deceptively easy to prepare.

For a fruity dessert that doesn’t disappoint on decadence, try Food Network Magazine’s Ricotta with Balsamic Berries. Here the tried-and-true pairing of strawberries and vinegar shines, as it’s served atop creamy ricotta cheese for a fuss-free dessert. The secret to this recipe is boiling the balsamic vinegar, which loses its tang and becomes deliciously syrupy and downright sweet when heated with honey.

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