Special Sneak Peek: Guy’s Family Cruise

by in Shows, October 27th, 2013

Guy FieriGuy and his family are heading out on the high seas for a cruise through the Caribbean. Get ready for some off-the-hook family fun and kickin’ food aboard the Carnival Breeze, making stops in Miami, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and Jamaica. Tune in Monday, Oct. 28 at 9pm/8c. But until then, get a sneak peek of what to expect in the hourlong special. Read on for more behind-the-scenes images of Guy’s adventure with his family.

Guy FieriGuy, his two sons and his nephew get ready to work the line at his onboard eatery, Guy’s Burger Joint.

Guy FieriGuy and his son Ryder face their fears as they tackle the SkyCourse, an obstacle course suspended above the ship.

Guy FieriGuy, his nephew and his sons take a photo with the ship’s chef before helping out for a dinner service.

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Comments (22)

  1. Lois Munson says:

    I can't seem to find anyplace to comment on Food Netword programing. Maybe this will bring forth that information.

    I presume when one chef or cook takes over the whole program it is for rinancila reasons … certainly it must be a bonanza for the chef/cook and I guess a savings for the network. BUT, it ruins the site for me and for others I'vespoken with. A year ago we were subjected to Paula Dean and er family members until we were all sick and tired and went to other channels. This year we might as well rename the show to "Guy's Life"
    GIVE US A BREAK!!!!! I'm happy for Guy – he must be making a killing, but let's get some variety back and your audience with it.
    Sincerely, an x-fan – Lois Munson

  2. Cooking Channel Fan says:

    I agree – bring back "Two Fat Ladies" and "Julia Child" – tired of Guy, Bobby Flay, the Deans and even Giada.

  3. CCC says:

    I am a huge Guy fan but I agree, I think it has gone a little over board. Everytime I watch the food network, he's on. Now I am seeing him in all kinds of advertisements, when I open the paper or a magazine.

    Hey, just like "BAM!", he could wind up getting old if he's not careful.

    And I agree with Cooking Channel Fan… can't STAND those Dean boys! They drive me CRAZY!

  4. Karen says:

    I have no problem with Guy, in fact I do like him. I do agree that they need to throw some variety in with regard to the chef and programming. They give certain chefs multiple shows. And I wish they would give it a break with all of the game shows. Enough with the cupcake shows!

  5. Bob says:

    Love Guy. Love Cupcake Wars.Love DDD and GGG

  6. Rev. Linda says:

    Yes, I like Guy but he his shows dominate the FN now. I would like to see more cooking shows and fewer (if any) contests and game shows – please.

  7. Robert Weir says:

    Why is this special not being shown in Canada?

  8. Absolutely loved Guys Family Cruise! We enjoy all his shows. Thanks.

  9. sunsetblond says:

    I love Guy anything !! Although his wife Lori seems a bit druggie at times.. Never see her smile and at times guy is paranoid if he gets food on his cloths or makes a mess in the kitchen ("I hope Lori didn't see that") strange.. LORI..Chill out Girl. You have a Hottie for a Husband / father of your children. Kick back and enjoy the ride.

  10. dorothy thorstenson says:

    bring back more cook shows.we had it with guy,cooking italian, cup cake wars.sweet genie, chop,elton brown is so smart and yet he acts like an ass.You lose the whole show too much crazy shit.Please bring back the good old days.

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