Watch the Top 5 Meltdowns on Restaurant: Impossible

by in Shows, October 23rd, 2013

No matter their reasons for emotional collapses — financial stress, relationship conflicts, personal pressures, employee anxiety — countless restaurant owners and staff members featured on Restaurant: Impossible have experienced meltdowns on the show. They’ve ranged from minor disagreements and temper tantrum-like behavior to full-blown screaming, door slamming and people ultimately walking out during filming. Robert Irvine and his team of designers and contractors have been there to witness each disastrous falling apart, and together with the help of staff members’ friends and family, they’re almost always able to remedy the situation. But before peace is restored on set, cameras capture each calamitous moment.

Click the play button the video above to watch a video mash-up of the five most unforgettable meltdowns ever featured on the series. Then tune in to the Season 7 premiere of Restaurant: Impossible tonight at 10pm/9cto see the owner of Mama Campisi’s Restaurant struggle to contain her emotions on set. Watch more top-five video mashups from Restaurant: Impossible, including emotional reveals, dirtiest restaurants and stubborn owners.

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Comments (4)

  1. Crouton40 says:

    Well!…and there you have it. Imagine having Robert's job. Not only would you need to save a restaurant, you'd also likely end up "playing counselor" to alot of folks. I'll bet he see's alot. Once in awhile, in real life, I think "what if Irvine came here?"…(i.e. too many items/inventory on menu, no one at front of house, a bad sauce, old/tired decor, wondering how long its been since the kitchen was cleaned, waiting too long for food, etc). Glad for the positive outcomes. He's helped many.

    • Luv2Eat says:

      I had Roberts job for 4 1/2 years covering 6 States in over 700 locations. I can absolutely relate to his anger and frustration. I made minor makeovers, nothing on the scale of the RI Show. Since employee Safety and Health were paramount, I would insistent that the issues be addressed immediately if not sooner . Most managers cooperated and complied, but their were some with hard-heads who needed to hear an earful from me. In all those years, I only had to "yell" once and when that cafeteria manager realized I meant business, his business turned around because he was "taking care of his business". That manager later apologized for his unprofessional behavior and bad habits. We had a great respect for each other.

  2. Charben says:

    I can only wonder what some of the restrooms look like in these terrible restaurants that are featured on Restaurant Impossible. What does Robert do about them? If the kitchens are infested the bathrooms can't be much better. I judge a restaurant by the bathrooms. Dirty bathroom equals dirty kitchen…bye bye.

    • Luv2Eat says:

      That's why Robert gets angry because there is no excuse for either areas being nasty and dirty. They must be spotless…. otherwise it can come down to Life & Death and people forget that until it tragically happens. Whenever I encounter an employee working around any kind of food who uses the bathroom and doesn't wash their hands, I report them immediately to the Manager/Owner. You'd be surprise how lazy employees who handle food can get sometimes.

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