QUIZ: Are You a Guy Fieri Superfan?

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, October 8th, 2013

Guy FieriThere’s no doubt that Guy Fieri is a larger-than-life personality who can cook big and bold, flavorful food to match. Since winning Food Network Star, he’s been a fixture on TV, bringing his off-the-hook brand with his shows Guy’s Big Bite, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and now Guy’s Grocery Games, premiering on Sun., Oct. 20 at 8pm/7c. But how well do you know Guy? For one, he didn’t always have blond hair and a goatee. But his passion for food grew with him from an early age. It’s because of it that he ended up a successful restaurateur and cooking show host. Take the quiz below to find out how much you actually know about Guy.

Test Your Knowledge: Guy Fieri

Think you know everything about Guy Fieri? Take this quiz to find out how well you know the Food Network star.

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Comments (98)

  1. ljc says:

    I knew him as a kid in Ferndale, CA, and now in Santa Rosa, Ca. he is the same overbearing, loud mouth as ever.

    • Sue says:

      Didn't your mother ever tell you that if you can't say something nice , to say nothing at al!! Guy, I wish you were my neighbor.

  2. patty says:

    just cannot stand this awful stupid looking "whatever " he is….awful,stopped watching Tv….

  3. Erika says:

    I love EVERYTHING Guy Fieri! he's fun, relatable, knowledgeable, and has a wonderful sense of humor. My whole family loves Guy.

  4. Shirley says:

    FN I am no longer watching your shows because I am just as sick of Guy Fieri as I became of Rachel Ray! They both just plain talk too much! I like shows where the hosts are calmly and expertly presenting different recipes and meals with some dignity and class, after all you are the food network – not the food game show network.

  5. kari Gibson says:

    I record all your shows, then I try different ways to cook for my taste. Can't eat nothing spicy so have to go around that. I made some killer potato balls with hamburger mushrooms and onion with three kinds of chees in them. I have tried the rub for them smoked ribs. Love watching your show.

  6. Carol Goodall says:

    Guy, I have noticed on some of your Diners, Drive ins and Dives episodes that when
    there is Italian cuisine the tomato sauce is called gravy. I am Italian on both sides
    of my family and know many folks from many parts of Italy. I have never heard
    spaghetti or pasta sauce called gravy. It just sounds way to southern. It is
    pasta sauce or tomato sauce! Don't know how that every got started. It sounds

  7. Mary Dickerson says:

    Guy, I really would like for you to visit Herby-K's in Shreveport, LA. It is definitely a dive but it is clean, and has some of the best food around here. Even in a place the size of Shreveport, it seems difficult to keep good places to eat. I've never eaten anything at Herby-K's except the Shrimp Buster and it is off the hook. This place is small but it is huge in reality. Ask them about the tragedy that happened a few years ago. They closed for awhile and Shreveport held its breath. Sometime later they reopened and it is going better than ever!

  8. Ruby Segura says:

    Hi Guy ..I am such a huge fan of yours!! I have cable in the tv in my room and the only thing I watch Is Food Network,believe it or not.Whenever I watch your shows (Guy's Grocery Games,Diners,Dive-Ins and Dives, etc) I get really hungry.I really Wish I could cook like you do and I am 17! But anyway I just wanted to add that if you're ever in Houston Tx, you have got to go to Arandas, they are an amazing Mexican Restaurant.Their service is really friendly,all of their food is delicious and you even get a view of their cooks.So,if you're ever there you have GOT TO try their "Salsa Verde" it is ABSOLUTELY hot and addicting! I am telling you! It is Incredible! Lastly, if you do get to come Houston Tx, I would really appreciate a shoutout.You are the best guy, don't pay attention to these imbecils and their hate.Keep Doing What You Are Doing Because You Inspire Mez And Others Also Around The World.Love You!!

  9. jason street says:

    Guy you should come to kuna Idaho they have the best Mexican restaurant called fiesta so when ever you don't have nothing to to you are invited to kuna Idaho ps.your the best guy in the world

  10. Ama says:

    I love all of his shows, personality and style. You can tell his passion for what he does. That makes him a great chef !

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