QUIZ: Are You a Guy Fieri Superfan?

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, October 8th, 2013

Guy FieriThere’s no doubt that Guy Fieri is a larger-than-life personality who can cook big and bold, flavorful food to match. Since winning Food Network Star, he’s been a fixture on TV, bringing his off-the-hook brand with his shows Guy’s Big Bite, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and now Guy’s Grocery Games, premiering on Sun., Oct. 20 at 8pm/7c. But how well do you know Guy? For one, he didn’t always have blond hair and a goatee. But his passion for food grew with him from an early age. It’s because of it that he ended up a successful restaurateur and cooking show host. Take the quiz below to find out how much you actually know about Guy.

Test Your Knowledge: Guy Fieri

Think you know everything about Guy Fieri? Take this quiz to find out how well you know the Food Network star.

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Comments (105)

  1. Betty says:

    Love, love, love Guy. His show are fun and for the whole family.

    • mspacman says:

      I agree Betty. Love Guy. Wanted him to win on the Next Foodnetwork Star and watch Diners, Drive in and Dives every nite. I love the show because I never have heard Guy say anything that could be considered "swearing". Anyway he is Italian!!!

      • R Scraivie says:

        He no italian. Name changed from Ferry ;)

      • Susan says:

        Can't stand Guy, he is a over rated, attention seeking, glutton. I am tired of him being on Food Network so much of the time. I just turn him off and will not buy any product sponsoring him. As for Chopped, I think the two women who judge are nasty women. They both have facial expressions like they smell something bad. I would enjoy the show more if they put women with a more pleasant face. Ann Burell would be good as she always appears to have a smile and seems happy to be on the programs. The other two behave as if they are being forced to deal with the show.

  2. Laura says:

    Great personality and fun show, but I don't watch it that much after actually trying one of the restaurants and finding it to be pretty darn mediocre. I do have to admit that there were people in the restaurant and it's been a round for ever, so maybe it's just a matter of taste, but I would never recommend that particular restaurant to anyone.

  3. vwooster says:

    Is the Network short of talent????? Guy Fieri is so overblown, obnoxious and having the show on every night??? The Network needs to use some of the great talent and give Mr. Fieri a pension.

  4. Margaret Ingram says:

    Why is that the Food Channel shoves Guy Fieri down our throats. I hate that his shows take up the entire evening. He is loud obnoxious and no fun to watch. Come on give us a break. I like most of the shows on FoodTv, but I just turn off when Guy comes on. A 30 minutes show wouldn't be so bad but three hours…give me a break.. Margaret Ingram, Rome Georgia.

    • Gray Panther says:

      I agree Margaret. Geez I want to watch FN but Guy is all over the place. I like him, but too much is just too much. And they are mostly reruns to boot.

  5. Anong Wasem says:

    your show teach me be a good cooking. first i don't know how to cooking .your show i follow first not success i trying again. i cooking my husband his taste if his thump up mean yummy.Mr.Guy show good for me because i can't afford to go cooking school.thanks of bottom my heart.

    • Susan says:


      • Sheila Toomey says:

        His show is teaching her to be a good cook. At first, she didn't know how to cook. She follows his show. The 1st time was not a success so she tried again. She cooks for her husband and if he likes the taste, he gives a thumbs up. Mr. Guy (Fieri)'s show was good for her because she can't afford to go to cooking school. Thanks from the bottom of her heart.
        Got it now?

    • Marty Self says:

      Who is this, she's trying to learn….

      hey food network, I have an idea for a new network, it's called


      what do you think?

      this girl has the right idea

      Hey Anong, watch "Simply Ming"


  6. DaveM says:

    Although I am a great fan of Guy, I agree with the comments that he is being shoved down our throats, as is Chopped. The Food Network needs to get some diversity in their programming and stop running back-to-back episodes of one show all evening! I am not a fan of Monday is weekend leftovers, Tuesday is pasta, Friday is fish … What I eat for dinner is the same for TV shows! I crave variety!

  7. Susan says:

    I like the shows that not only make good food but have a pleasing personality. The Neeley's are fun to watch. They have personality +.

  8. Heather B says:

    I LOVE Guy! He always keeps me laughing even if I'm not feeling well! I am obsessed with DDD!

  9. Rebecca says:

    I love love love Guy. He seems real, like you could bring him to the family reunion and everyone would love him. I have been to a few of the diners featured on DDD. We rather enjoyed them. Thank you Food Network for having someone so real and full of life on the air.

  10. Scott T. Harder says:

    Guy was the one to get me started watching Food Network, which I now do religiously.. 3-D places are the sort of places that my recently late father would love to go to; Food good, place clean. If those two things were not met, then they did not meet us. I grew up in my parent's restaurant in upstate NY throughout my formative years and learned everything from both my mom and dad. Also, from my Grandmother's brother, who happened to own a place in Woodstock for a short 45 years. I hated it while I was there, but only wanted to return once they sold the place. I miss both of my parents very much (may they RIP… they've earned it… 6 kids and a restaurant.! I think if you asked my older brother about one kid and a restaurant, you might get a story or two… he owns a place called The Jacaranda on Sanibel Island, FL that does very well. My parents were very proud of his work there. If I ever hit the lottery, I have always said that I would buy the Cedar Grove Inn back without hesitation. It is still there in the form of a Mexican place. Still run by a family. For my part, I am a line cook at the Marriott Vacation Club on Marco Island, FL, after spending 28 years working on computer hardware and software for large companies.

    Go Guy!! You da man, as they say. Keep up the good work! You inspire many people such as myself.

    Scott T. Harder
    Naples, FL

    • marty self says:

      I respect you for paying homage to your parents…


      I started watching food network for Alton Brown, Not Guy Fieri.

      Alton is a far superior host of a show. But I like Guy

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