Gyros vs. Tacos: Which Restaurant Divided Concept Did You Like Better?

by in Shows, October 31st, 2013

Restaurant DividedCaught between her bickering fiancé, Neil Vaswani, and her mother, Terry Kipriadis, Vicky Giannakos explained: “My mother. She’s stubborn like a bull. Neil is also stubborn like a bull.” Terry opened Gyros & Goodies in Washington Township, N.J., three years ago, and Neil supported the venture as a substantial partner. But now that the Greek-focused restaurant is facing a mountain of financial struggles, Neil’s convinced the eatery should relaunch with a Mexican concept, while Terry is committed to Mediterranean fare. “The restaurant can’t continue like this, and as a family, we can’t continue like this,” Vicky admitted, just in time for Rocco DiSpirito and a Restaurant Divided transformation to decide the fate of her family’s business once and for all.

After sampling made-over menu items and overhauling the interior of the restaurant, Rocco welcomed everyday diners and esteemed restaurateurs alike for dinner at two concepts — the blue-and-white-clad Gyros & Goodies, run by Terry, and The Township Cantina, a bright spot staffed by Neil — in the same space. The future of Terry’s business, however, was ultimately in Rocco’s hands, as he number crunched profitability estimates and spoke with customers before eventually deeming Terry’s Gyros & Goodies more likely to succeed than Neil’s Mexican endeavor.

What do you think of Rocco’s decision to support a Greek-themed menu in the restaurant and forgo a new beginning with Mexican fare? Do you believe Terry learned enough to guarantee future success at Gyros & Goodies? Cast your vote below to tell FN Dish which restaurant concept you liked better.

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Comments (7)

  1. Josh Trenser says:

    I like Tacos much more!!!

  2. Jorjapch says:

    If Terry is going to run a Greek restaurant, she should at least pronounce Gyro correctly!!

    • AJJR says:

      I was just going to say that! If you're a TV show host or even OWN a restaurant learn how to pronounce words! The host of the show ALSO said it wrong! Say Gyro like this (year-row)!

  3. slodoggy99 says:

    why couldn't they serve the corn in the gyro and goodies

  4. expert says:

    ROCKO is WACKO!!!. No resturant has a 23% food cost. Those numbers are wine and liquor cost.

  5. Dah says:

    In fairness I have heard Gyro pronounced both way, but have always thought the correct Greek way was as yee-ros. Although I have read that even in Greece different geographic areas pronounce it slightly different to include Ji-row (as is in gyroscope). I would prefer the Greek food over the Mexican. There are just so many Mexican restaurants, but very few Greek. I love the local Greek festival each year to get my yee-ros, yee-row or Ji-row fix.

  6. Robert V. says:

    I have to say for the record. The corn is not Mexican its Salvedorvian. I am Mexican American and that's not Mexican.

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