Steaks vs. Sports: Which Restaurant Divided Concept Did You Like Better?

by in Shows, October 25th, 2013

Restaurant DividedBrother and sister Larry and Laura Vecchio, and their mother, Antoinette, were being torn apart over the decision on how to rescue their failing Italian restaurant, Mia Famiglia. And they desperately needed a cohesive plan for the future — not a division in the business or their family. But that’s exactly what Rocco DiSpirito gave them when he arrived at their Long Island City, N.Y., restaurant.

Restaurant DividedOn the series premiere of Restaurant Divided, Rocco and his team transformed the space within Mia Famiglia into two separate restaurants: Larry’s Communal Steak, a chic yet comfortable steakhouse with communal seating, and Laura’s Mac House, a Yankees-clad sports bar specializing in macaroni and cheese. For one night, both eateries served customers side by side and tried to prove their long-term staying power. After hearing from food critics, listening to customers and tasting the food from both menus, however, Rocco decided that the steakhouse offered the Vecchios the best chance for success, and he ultimately reopened Mia Famiglia as Larry’s Communal Steak.

What do you think of Rocco’s decision to forgo the comfort of macaroni and cheese in a relaxed bar setting for high-priced steaks? Do you think Laura’s venture would have eventually proved to be more profitable? Cast your vote in the poll below to tell FN Dish which restaurant concept you liked better.

Tune in to a new episode of Restaurant Divided on Thursday, Nov. 7 at 10pm/9c.

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Comments (6)

  1. ProudToBeDefinite says:

    Left side is better. Don't like tablecloths on right side. Worry about snagging or tugging them. Would rather spill ketchup on a wood table than a white tablecloth, not that I would. Also a big reason is the white tables seem too much like a board meeting with administration. I prefer more small-group and informal bunches. Also the dark tables look warmer. There. That's informative. Specific. And it took less than 8 lines of type. Beats twitter or texting anyday.

    • ProudToBeDefinite says:

      The Floor and the walls look much nicer on the right. Just lose tablecloths and move left side tables to right-side photo. I prefer seating arrangement on left, but floor and walls on right.

  2. Berdj Rassam says:

    Interesting approach by Rocco.

  3. Marie says:

    I liked both ideas in one way or another. I am not a big communal table eater, but know that many people do. I like the idea of combining the steak restaurant with some of the mac and cheese dishes. Since I don't know the neighborhood not sure which one will do better. I do hope Larry's does well as there is nothing like supporting local restaurants.

  4. bob whitson says:

    Rocco is terrible…………He lost his last restaurant, how can he help . Bad show. People do not care about these losers, these owners will never change, stop all restaurant remake shows… interest

  5. Neil says:

    Rocco's is a failure. He acted like a scumbag crybaby on the show and left Jeffery and others holding he bag. Why would anyone ever cast or hire him again?

    I can't watch the show knowing the expert is a crybaby scumbag loser.

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