Bars on the Rocks to Receive Last-Chance Rescue

by in Shows, October 11th, 2013

On the RocksWhile the bar and nightclub scene is supposed to conjure images of good drinks and even better times, many of those businesses across the country are just barely managing to pay the bills, hoping for a last-chance opportunity to be rescued from certain closure. That’s where John Green comes in. As a lauded bartender and the owner of a bar consulting company, John knows the ins and outs of the bar business, and on his all-new upcoming series, On the Rocks, he’ll use his extensive experience to give failing bar managements the skills — both in terms of mixology and beyond — they need to pour profits.

When On the Rocks premieres Sunday, Nov. 17 at 10pm/9c, John will assess all aspects of America’s most distraught bars and nightclubs by listening to their owners, scouring their billing statements, sampling their menus and evaluating their employees — all to find out why the businesses have been set up for struggle. It’s then up to John and his team to rethink the bar’s image and give the staff effective tools to turn around their business. The task won’t be an easy one, however, as the group will have to implement substantial changes swiftly, and the owners must come to terms with working in a transformed business.

What can viewers expect from On the Rocks? Emotional breakdowns, to be sure, plus short tempers and low patience — and that’s just from the bars’ owners and staff. But once the scuffles settle, what remains will be a reopened bar worthy of a second chance at success.

Tune in to the premiere of On the Rocks on Sunday, Nov. 17 at 10pm/9c.

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Comments (53)

  1. Guest says:

    While the show primarily deals with bars, it's a copycat of Restaurant Impossible, in my opinion. Chef Robert Irvine has already set the standard in reorganization of eating establishments, and this show merely parodies his superb talents to suit their needs in this program.

    Bottom line: whether it is a restaurant, a bar, a dry cleaning business, or what have you, there is a method of operation that will achieve success. Failure to follow the proven method will certainly guarantee failure.

    Sorry, but Chef Robert has already been there and done that (and still doing it today). I'll pass on this excuse for a show.

  2. Cat says:

    Did anyone catch the last name of the guest chef, Melissa, on the "Dive Bar Reborn" episode?

  3. Linda says:

    I happen to love this show. It makes no matter that it follows the same format as Restaurant Impossible to me.
    That he takes 4 days as opposed to two days is more realistic to me, 2 days more unbelievable and contrived. However, I like both. And I can't wait till the next segment airs.

  4. I am enjoying this show a lot. It is very intense, which leads me to the obvious request: Isn't it possible to see how these bars make out in the future? I would love to see what happens to these places.

    • Roland says:

      Here is an update for you…. Ali babas cave, which they did an EXTREMELY low budget remodel of was renamed Bar 805, which makes NO sense considering it's located right next to the 5 freeway. The owner changed the name and changed everything back and is failing more miserably then before the show. Everything is staged, they even use fake employees, and I've never seen such a downgrade "remodel" in my life.

  5. Millie says:

    Me being a bar owner — I'm just thankful that "On The Rocks" and other shows like it exists!! they help me soooo much — started out with 3 partners now down to me, myself and I!! What a tough business and a everyday battle on staying on top of everything with promoting, running it hell all of it LOL … All I know is — I would love and welcome the help from either one of those guys!! When your a bar owner, its a constant juggling job and it only takes one bad decision or move and it could all be over.

    • Kristi says:

      This show is sooooo staged. Sure u want a handout, all greedy worthless people do. However, this guy has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what he is talking about. I worked at the bar they did the first episode at. They are failing miserably and will be out of business very soon.

      • Millie says:

        Wow — Really — I'm not looking for a handout nor am I greedy or worthless as you so elegantly put! I bust my butt and work hard everyday at this business — obviously you don't own a bar because those words would have never entered your brain — I'm just saying that that shows like that help small bar owners that are struggling to be better and hopefully survive and yes any assistants is welcomed because at the end of the day good will is not offered up in this cold world … but bottom line … Good, Better … Best — Never let it Rest Til Your Good Gets Better and your Better becomes BEST!!

  6. nigel says:

    Sorry…but Mulligans website is a train wreck…totally unprofessional…badly designed…looks like a totally amateur website from 1995…

    Read more at:

  7. Kevin Sullivan says:

    Help we are a non-profit organization one of our missions is to raise money to help our community.The bar has not had an update since the early sixties still has that padded blue bar with matching chairs,people do not really want to come in after a function in the hall the kitchen needs help as well.We can not help out charities if are hall and bar are in this state Please help 1 781 708 1919.

  8. David Stayner says:

    Im posting for a dear friend. She is the co owner of a bar in Union City Michigan. The bar is called The Bucket. It was a once lively bar that had quite a reputation for fights but people would still come and have a great time. The business seems to have slipped quite a bit. The owners are a mom and daughter combo that seem to get along really well. I have noticed that family seem to put their opinion in far to often. They need some help badly. This bar has a nice kitchen and a good amount of space. There is a nice band stand and room for dancing. Pool tables and juke box. I feel they need some help. Not sure how to get them the help they truly need……. Please take a look… Thanks you.

  9. Mike says:

    How can any person not see that it's all staged??! I'm watching it right now for the first time (Ringside at Huntington Beach) and it is OBVIOUS that both the backwards hat drinking-on-the-job showing-up-late bartender is an actor. It's also OBVIOUS that the under-cooked-fries absent cook is also an actor. The host is a tool. Disgraceful show.

  10. biff schmuckatelli says:

    the show is ok, but the gimmick of firing everyone and then rehiring them later is old. They should really fire people that aren't producing during the program and not do a second chance. That way, it would be closer to real life.

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