Halloween Throwback: Who’s this Food Network Star?

by in Food Network Chef, Holidays, October 28th, 2013

Guy Fieri Halloween Throwback

Halloween brings out the fun in everyone — young and old. And in between all the Halloween party planning, FN Dish was able to get ahold of a very bewitching photo. So who is this adorable, now-household name?

We’ll give you one hint: He won Food Network Star and is the “Real-Deal Holyfield.”

It’s the Triple D and Grocery Games king himself, Guy Fieri, all set to go trick-or-treating in his costume. Guy says, “The only thing scarier than this picture would be me dressed up as that now!”

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Comments (2)

  1. Ann M Morris says:

    I love to cupcake wars! I find it inspiring, as I am a proffessional cake decorator, I always felt the bigger the easier! This show has given me more drive and creativty that I have had in a long time!! There is JUST ONE TINY THING that BOTHERS me the most when I watch, and THAT IS you guy's don't make the females with LONG HAIR tie or pull it back! Kinda gross and a health code violation! Mabey you can work on that!! Thanks!

  2. K Wyatt says:

    I used to watch your programing all the time but now feel you are out of touch with your audience.You get a hit program and them model all of your shows after that…Diversity is what it is all about. I am no longer watching secondary to some really Lame choices you guys have made.The best thing people can do is just stop watching TV altogether,every channel it seems to be the same bad choices,dumbing down programs toward the public ,I'm tired of what you select as the public choices.

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