What to Watch: Heartland Table Premiere, Ina Cooks with Michael Symon and Happy Days on RvG Kids

by in Shows, September 13th, 2013

RvG KidsThis Saturday on Food Network, get cooking in the kitchen with brand-new episodes from Trisha, Ina and Giada, and the premiere of a new show, Heartland Table, from Midwesterner Amy Thielen. On Barefoot Contessa, Ina is joined by Michael Symon to cook up a Greek feast. Later, tune in for a special Cupcake Wars celebrating Marilyn Monroe’s birthday.

On Sunday morning, watch Jamie Deen cook with his family, and later learn the tricks to healthy grilling from Bobby Flay. On Sunday night, the competition heats up with a new episode of Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off featuring guest judge Marion Ross from TV’s Happy Days. And afterward, watch as the teams in The Great Food Truck Race are confronted with Twin Cities and twin Truck Stop challenges. Then watch a new episode of Cutthroat Kitchen and a special Iron Chef America where Iron Chef Marc Forgione teams up with his dad to take on challenger Jonathan Waxman.

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen: “Class Reunion

In celebration of their class reunion, Trisha and her college roommates, Beth and Donna, are making Marinated Vegetable Salad, Chicken Piccata, Brownie Batter Cookies and Tickled Punch to enjoy while reminiscing with the rest of their college friends.

Tune-In: Sat., Sept. 14 at 10am/9c

Heartland Table: “Butter Show

For Amy Thielen’s grandma Addie, butter was the essential lifeblood of every dish. After visiting Nordic Creamery in Westby, Wis., Amy butters up to prepare Blueberry-Lemon Pie with a Butter Crust, New Potatoes with Grilled Onion Butter, and Greens with Spiced Butter and Fresh Ricotta.

Tune-In: Sat., Sept. 14 at 10:30am/9:30c

Barefoot Contessa: “Cooking with Michael Symon

Ina and Michael Symon are cooking Greek today. Michael’s doing smoked pork ribs on the grill while Ina’s got the sides sorted with easy tzatziki and spicy hummus, perfect for a mezze platter.

Tune-In: Sat., Sept. 14 at 11am/10c

Giada at Home: “Jade’s Sleepover

Giada De Laurentiis creates a delicious kid-friendly menu for her daughter, Jade’s, sleepover party. Jade and her cousins enjoy Crispy Chicken Tenders with Piccata Sauce, Pizza di Rotelle, and Strawberry Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Pretzel Dippers.

Tune-In: Sat., Sept. 14 at 11:30am/10:30c

Cupcake Wars: “Marilyn Monroe’s 60th

Four returning cupcake bakers, who have previously gone home empty-handed, go to war for the chance to bring their cupcakes to a huge event honoring the 60th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s handprints at the world-famous TCL Chinese Theater. They’ll have to impress guest judge Nick Woodhouse, President of Marilyn Monroe’s estate, if they want to walk away with $10,000.

Tune-In: Sat., Sept. 14 at 8pm/7c

Home for Dinner with Jamie Deen: “Bag Lady Reunion

To celebrate the 25 years since The Bag Lady first began, Jamie is getting the old gang back together to reinvent some Bag Lady favorites. Jamie, along with Paula, Bobby and Jimmy Deen, makes egg salad sandwiches, Bag Lady chicken salad, dill pickle chips and from-scratch Ooey Gooey Butter Layer Cake.

Tune-In: Sun., Sept. 15 at 10am/9c

Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction: “Fresh and Fit Grilling

Always keeping health and fitness in mind, Bobby Flay creates a menu for the barbecue that’s delicious and guilt-free. His recipes include  trout with radicchio and orange-almond vinaigrette, tuna with ratatouille couscous and deconstructed pesto, Fresh Peach and Tomato Salad with Sweet Southern Dressing, Pecans and Farmer’s Cheese, and to drink, a refreshing White Peach Iced Tea.

Tune-In: Sun., Sept. 15 at 11:30am/10:30c

Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off: “Brunch Time

Eight kid chefs are put to the test in a battle of the brunches. Celebrity guest Marion Ross, aka Mrs. Cunningham from TV’s Happy Days, judges the Cook-Off as the competition heats up.

Tune-In: Sun., Sept. 15 at 8pm/7c

The Great Food Truck Race: “Double Trouble in the Twin Cities

Four teams remain as they enter the Twin Cities — Minneapolis and St. Paul. In honor of the Twin Cities, Tyler gives the teams twin Truck Stops. On day one, to honor the Minnesota State Fair, the teams must serve all of their menu items on a stick. On day two, the teams head into St. Paul and must make $500 selling Spam dishes. The first team to make $500 and meet Tyler at the Peace Officers Memorial at the State Capitol building wins a huge reward, and with only four teams left, this reward could save a team from elimination and send them on to the next city.

Tune-In: Sun., Sept. 15 at 9pm/8c

Cutthroat Kitchen: “Wing It

In this devilishly fun episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, we’ll see which chef is the most cold-blooded when bidding on a chance to freeze an opponent for 10 whole minutes. Then, one of the chefs will have to wing it when forced to use some strange ingredients in his or her chicken wing plate. And in an exciting climax, we’ll see which chef will take home the dough with superior gourmet doughnuts.

Tune-In: Sun., Sept. 15 at 10pm/9c

Iron Chef America: “Forgione vs. Waxman

Iron Chef Marc Forgione plays the role of sous chef to his father, Larry Forgione, as the two take on culinary legend and close family friend, Chef Jonathan Waxman. The Judges are José Andrés, Donatella Arpaia and Farmer Lee Jones.

Tune-In: Sun., Sept. 15 at 11pm/10c

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Comments (6)

  1. Racha says:

    I am very much looking forward to Amy Thielen's show. It's refreshing to see FN promoting a real, trained chef – unlike the haphazard Ree Drummond who has no business being in the kitchen, let alone having a cooking show.

  2. Foodie3 says:

    Cutthroat Kitchen is teaching us what? That being mean, rude, and bullying people is ok? I recall the early days of FN when shows were informative and worth watching. What has happened to this once classy network? Bring back REAL chefs, real dishes that we can learn to make. These games shows teach us nothing.

  3. Joey says:

    LOVED, LOVED LOVED the new show with Amy Thielen! Authentic, competent, truly cares about the food and teaching the viewer how to prepare it. The same cannot be said about all of your "chefs". I have to agree with Racha"s comment. How the pioneer poser ever got a spot in the Saturday morning lineup will forever remain a mystery to me.

  4. Babs Girl says:

    I absolutely loved "Heartland Kitchen" – Amy Thielen is a natural in front of the camera – knowledgeable and totally unpretentious. Her relaxed yet informative approach made me feel like I was sitting in the kitchen right there with her, having a cup of coffee while she cooked. I hope you continue to add shows like this, and discontinue shows like Pioneer Woman. Thank you for focusing on a different region of the US, too – how about finding a New England chef next??

  5. Itzallaboutfood says:

    Love Heartland Kitchen. Today's episode brought back memories of being in the kitchen with my grandmother who made her crusts exactly the same way and also used the pie dough scraps to make mini cinnamon rolls. Also don't be haters on Ree Drummond, I doubt Amy's grandmother was a real culinary school-trained chef which is where she learned to make a perfect crust. Ree Drummond does not claim to be a chef. Neither does Rachael Ray. I generally getting something out of most of the cooking shows, which is what I believe FN initial intention was. I agree about Cutthroat Kitchen it is quite a bit off-putting. I believe FN creates the "game shows" such as this to try and draw the audience that prefers the drama. But overall I just love FN and the Cooking Channel.

  6. Kim says:

    Although I truly believe Ina and Giada are the best shows on your network, and I used to keep tuned in the entire day – it is clear that you are suffering on the programming. I want to drop Food Network for the mishandling of your relationship with Paula Deen but I would not want to effect the other chefs. But as I do with "things made in China" I am cautious of not supporting Food Network any more than I wish for my own benefit. Your management / directors or what ever it is that makes your decisions acted in the most cowardly and politically correct manner to support probably less than 1% of the people and ignored the other 99%. I was glad to see Paula make her public appearance recently and I know she will triumph far better than your network ever will.

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