The Great Food Truck Race: Support Your Favorite Team in the Finale

by in Shows, September 22nd, 2013

Food TrucksOn tonight’s episode of The Great Food Truck Race, the three remaining teams were surprised with news that the finale had already begun. Tyler informed them that in a Food Trucks first, all three teams would be participating in the finale, an 800-mile race through six states. But the teams wouldn’t know yet where they would be going. Tyler told them to expect anything: Speed Bumps, Truck Stops and a surprise elimination up ahead. And, of course, there would be more cities in which to sell.

The road would be a bumpy one for the teams in Chicago, starting with a taste challenge judged by the city’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel. Later there was a sales challenge selling NFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka’s sausages. In the end, Tikka Tikka Taco won both challenges and got a head start to the next city of Annapolis, Md., whereas the other two teams stayed behind to wash dishes, a punishment doled out by Coach Ditka. At this point it could be anybody’s game to win or lose.

Who will win Season 4 of The Great Food Truck Race? You’ll have to watch next week’s finale on Sept. 29 at 9pm/8c. But until then, show your support for your favorite team in our Fan Vote, and tell us why you think your favorite team should win in the comments section below.

Tikka Tikka Taco

Tikka Tikka Taco

Perpetually in the middle, the guys from St. Louis held steady for six weeks, until Chicago, when they proved they could be contenders for the win. Their fusion Indian food has been a big part of their steadfastness, with dishes like their famous tikka tacos and naanchos, a new signature dish that was thought up on the fly in San Francisco. Will these guys turn their success into a winning streak?

Aloha Plate

Aloha Plate

These guys brought the aloha spirit from the islands to the mainland, selling their lettuce wraps, teriyaki burgers and Spam sandwiches, which they added to their menu after Minneapolis. They’ve steadily become the leaders of the pack, with multiple wins, but Chicago knocked the chips off their shoulders when they came in second to Tikka Tikka Taco. Can these guys rebound to bring home the win for Hawaii?

Philly's Finest Sambonis

Philly’s Finest Sambonis

These best friends from Philly have an insatiable love for the cheese steak, and they’ve gone out of their way in every city to ensure they had authentic ingredients for their dishes. But that dedication cost them precious selling time in Chicago, where they came in last place. They’ve been in the bottom far too often and have had their fair share of blunders along the road. Will the guys turn things around in the finale?

Watch the finale of The Great Food Truck Race on Sunday, Sept 29 at 9pm/8c, and come back to FN Dish for the exclusive interview with the winning team.

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Comments (46)

  1. JMC says:

    So much for that show ~ it was not a fair fight. Nice guys on Aloha Plate, but they were set up at every stop.

    • Mamacita808 says:

      Set up? Not fair? Please. They were allowed to use social media. I was following them on FB and Twitter from day one. They did their homework. People who are not from Hawaii do not understand the ties that we share. We will support each other as you saw. There was nothing unfair.

  2. Kelli says:

    Love Aloha Plate and the awesome way they represent the 808 state! I will admit though that I wouild like to try a Tikka TIkka taco and the naanchos. Both dishes look tasty!

  3. FakeFoodTruckFixed! says:

    Is it just me but who else can stand Tyler's herky jerky way of talking? Nerve-wracking! Just talk normal,dude. Every sentence doesn't have to be so clipped and pronounced. Yeesh!

    Can't help wondering that Aloha was "fixed" to win from the get go. They certainley had a lot of people waiting for them each time they showed up. Tikka didn't have a chance…too bad. I was rootin for the taco guys!

    • Mamacita808 says:

      Again, they were allowed to use social media to promote themselves. If you don't believe me look up the Aloha Plate FB page. They posted during the entire race. They were also tweeting. It's called the coconut wireless. All they did was find one person from Hawaii in the town they were going to and that was it. Every Polynesian, Hawaiian, etc within a 100 mile radius would know and come out to support.

  4. Guest says:

    What exactly is embarrassing about what they are doing?

  5. RuthAnn says:

    They are being good businessmen. They are researching the community before hand and contacting key people in it. They are proactively building a clientale.

  6. Dwight says:

    Awesome research and marketing tactic. A must with any business (big or small) in any profession if you want to make it and strive. Smart move Aloha Plate! More power to ya!!! Good Luck Hawaiians, you deserve the win!!!

  7. misswendee says:

    I agree one hundred and ten percent with you. Aloha Plate is shady…can't quite put my finger on it, but something isn't right.

  8. misswendee says:

    Have we been watching the same show???

  9. Mamacita808 says:

    Shady? How so? They were allowed to use social meda during the race. All they had to do was send out tweets and FB messages to one person from Hawaii in whatever town they were going to and that was it. Hawaii people stick together. It's our culture. I don't expect you to understand because you aren't from here.

  10. JMC says:

    Then they needed to show us that. We never saw this "networking", just one happy "lucky coincidence" after another. Who could have imagined the food trucks would just happen to pull in as a Hawaiian Festival was happening in IDAHO. Come on.

  11. misswendee says:

    Like I said, I couldn't put my finger on it. It certainly WASN'T the fact that they always had so many folks at their truck. I assumed THAT was due to the fact that their food was good! :) Personally, I dearly LOVE Hawaiian cuisine.

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