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by in Community, Shows, September 5th, 2013

Alton BrownIf you’ve ever found yourself watching Cutthroat Kitchen and imagining the next-best sabotage that could befall the competitors, now is your chance to have your ideas heard. Food Network is currently accepting submissions for upcoming challenges, and it’s up to you, Cutthroat fans, to decide with what disruptions future contestants will have to adapt. You’ve seen host Alton Brown sell the exclusive use of salt and enforce a mandate to fashion utensils out of aluminum foil, but now the network wants to know what you think he should dish out next.

Think you have the ultimate sabotage worthy of being featured on the show? Tell Food Network by tweeting your suggestion using #Evilicious or leaving a comment below, and it may appear on an upcoming episode of Cutthroat Kitchen.

Any sabotage you suggest becomes the property of Food Network. By submitting a sabotage, you agree that Food Network may use your sabotage and your first name or Twitter handle on Cutthroat Kitchen. We may modify, alter or take inspiration from your sabotage before using it on Cutthroat Kitchen. There are no guarantees that your suggested sabotage will appear on Cutthroat Kitchen. If more than one person suggests a similar sabotage, only the first person to suggest the sabotage will be mentioned on Cutthroat Kitchen. By participating, you are agreeing to Food Network’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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Comments (510)

  1. Karen says:

    A holiday dinner made with the products from a Hillshire gift box. (processed sausage and cheese, candies and jars of jelly and mustard)

    Make a picnic themed lunch, but two contestants are tied together for a three-legged race, and one has to hop in a gunnysack.

    Eskimo Pie, but one guest must incorporate fish into their dessert, and one must cook with an ulu.

    Cook using materials generally confiscated by the TSA, such as pocket-knives and nail clippers.

  2. Valentine's Cutthroat Kitchen (Couples Edition or Ex's)

    Alton Brown in a Cupid Outfit with Black Wings and Heartbreak Arrows.

    Since it will be a couples show (8 chefs), Couples must decide on who will shop and who will bid on sabotages.
    The ones that do the shopping, cannot give hints, assist, or bid for their partner, or they will be PUNISHED.
    (-$1,000 for 1st warning, -$2,000 for 2nd warning, -$5,000 for third warning)

    Round 1: Romantic Surf and Turf

    Love and Bonds or 3 Legged Chef (Handcuffs) – Whoever wins this sabotage, will force one couple to cuff their hands and
    ankles side by side. They must be in that position for the entire round.

    Bad Beef & Funky Seafood – Whoever wins this sabotage, will force all of the other couples to give up their Surf
    and Turf, and replace with the following;
    Turf: Beef Jerky, Dog Food, Leftover Pot Roast
    Surf: Dried Shrimp (From Cup O Noodles), Sardines, Tuna from a Tuna Sandwich

    Dinner & A Movie – Winner can force one couple to sit next to each other in a movie
    theatre prep table. (4 Movie Seats: 2 chefs in the middle, and on each other chair, a prep zone,
    and a cooking zone) Chefs must be seated for the entire round.

    I Love Cutthroat Kitchen (Bonus) – For a bonus sabotage, the winner can force a couple to
    search in a sea of Candy Hearts for 2 Hearts that say "LUV CTK"

    Round 2: Borscht Soup

    Be The Bunny! – Winner can force one couple to dig up for vegetables for the soup. Easy but considering they have only
    1 minute to dig up in a big dirt pile for vegetables (30 seconds per partner). In addition, they
    will be wearing the bunny costumes for the entire round. (don't worry, they'll have clean costumes
    for the cooking round)

    Be Like the Russians! – Winner can force one couple to dance the Russian dance every 2 minutes, until 2:00 minutes
    is left for the round.

    No Pots Allowed! – Winner can force one couple to not use any pots or pans (including baking pans) to cook their soup for the entire round.

    Round 3: Molten Lava Cake

    Don't Touch the Lava! – Winner can force the other couple to hop on blue squares to do their prep and
    cooking for the entire round. If they touch the floor (lava), they lose $500 each time.

    Science Fair – Winner can force the other couple to stop cooking, and to build a model volcano from
    scratch. Once they complete the volcano, they can return to cooking.

  3. No Time To Shop – Winner can hand out shopping times to him/herself, and to the other chefs: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and 60 seconds. Alton will inform each chef of how much time they have left to shop. If their time is up, and they haven't left the shopping area, they must stay still until the 60 seconds has expired. The doors will close in 60 seconds as normal. Those trapped will lose 1 item.

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