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by in Community, Shows, September 5th, 2013

Alton BrownIf you’ve ever found yourself watching Cutthroat Kitchen and imagining the next-best sabotage that could befall the competitors, now is your chance to have your ideas heard. Food Network is currently accepting submissions for upcoming challenges, and it’s up to you, Cutthroat fans, to decide with what disruptions future contestants will have to adapt. You’ve seen host Alton Brown sell the exclusive use of salt and enforce a mandate to fashion utensils out of aluminum foil, but now the network wants to know what you think he should dish out next.

Think you have the ultimate sabotage worthy of being featured on the show? Tell Food Network by tweeting your suggestion using #Evilicious or leaving a comment below, and it may appear on an upcoming episode of Cutthroat Kitchen.

Any sabotage you suggest becomes the property of Food Network. By submitting a sabotage, you agree that Food Network may use your sabotage and your first name or Twitter handle on Cutthroat Kitchen. We may modify, alter or take inspiration from your sabotage before using it on Cutthroat Kitchen. There are no guarantees that your suggested sabotage will appear on Cutthroat Kitchen. If more than one person suggests a similar sabotage, only the first person to suggest the sabotage will be mentioned on Cutthroat Kitchen. By participating, you are agreeing to Food Network’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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Comments (471)

  1. For Apple Turnovers, who ever wins the auction, can force 2 chefs to give up all flour/baking goods and must use frozen pancakes or phyllo dough for their crust

  2. For Molten Lava Cake: Who ever wins must incorporate Chilies in the molten chocolate sauce, by playing the "Wheel of Flames" habanero, Ghost Chili, Thai, Scotch Bonnet.

  3. grace clouse says:

    Christmas theme- have one chef carry a batch of cookies that Alton made. if they drop it, it costs 500 dollars.

  4. Robert Swenson says:

    Glad Hands= sew a pair of gloves together back to back so that one contestants left hand and anothers right hand are joined together

  5. Jeremy Furget says:

    Stay at home parent theme. Just normal everyday parents that have to cook for their kids. Have them prepare some favorite kid meals like grilled cheese, pizza bites, and birthday cake. Sabotages could include prep station swapped for a giant high chair, having to hold a baby doll in one arm, utensils swapped for plastic ones from a child play set. One last twist would be to have a kid be the judge.

  6. michael says:

    a contestant has to juggle a single ball while cooking,cutting ,and everything else and the ball cannot touch the ground while cooking something of Elton's choice

  7. michael says:

    during the cooking making one of the contestant work in the dark the whole time

  8. Ron Gratz says:

    Make the work station a big container of water.

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