Suggest a Sabotage for Cutthroat Kitchen

by in Community, Shows, September 5th, 2013

Alton BrownIf you’ve ever found yourself watching Cutthroat Kitchen and imagining the next-best sabotage that could befall the competitors, now is your chance to have your ideas heard. Food Network is currently accepting submissions for upcoming challenges, and it’s up to you, Cutthroat fans, to decide with what disruptions future contestants will have to adapt. You’ve seen host Alton Brown sell the exclusive use of salt and enforce a mandate to fashion utensils out of aluminum foil, but now the network wants to know what you think he should dish out next.

Think you have the ultimate sabotage worthy of being featured on the show? Tell Food Network by tweeting your suggestion using #Evilicious or leaving a comment below, and it may appear on an upcoming episode of Cutthroat Kitchen.

Any sabotage you suggest becomes the property of Food Network. By submitting a sabotage, you agree that Food Network may use your sabotage and your first name or Twitter handle on Cutthroat Kitchen. We may modify, alter or take inspiration from your sabotage before using it on Cutthroat Kitchen. There are no guarantees that your suggested sabotage will appear on Cutthroat Kitchen. If more than one person suggests a similar sabotage, only the first person to suggest the sabotage will be mentioned on Cutthroat Kitchen. By participating, you are agreeing to Food Network’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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Comments (477)

  1. Eric says:

    Two burners are set at max, two are set on low then the stove knobs are removed for that round. The contestant will have to cook their food and shuffle their pots and pans around for the right temp.

  2. Melissa Preston says:

    The highest bidder will be able to choose which contestant will have to open a bottle of red wine using nothing but a shoe, and the wine must be incorporated into their dish. (Sabotage to be introduced mid-cooking)

    • Melissa Preston says:

      I have successfully opened a bottle of red using this method…so it is possible!!!! It would also be entertaining to watch in the Cut Throat Kitchen!!

  3. calisto says:

    auction off a can opener, winner forces opponent(s) to get all there ingredients from a table of canned goods. To make it evil take all the labels off the cans. optional: force them to use at least part of every can opened…

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