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by in Community, Shows, September 5th, 2013

Alton BrownIf you’ve ever found yourself watching Cutthroat Kitchen and imagining the next-best sabotage that could befall the competitors, now is your chance to have your ideas heard. Food Network is currently accepting submissions for upcoming challenges, and it’s up to you, Cutthroat fans, to decide with what disruptions future contestants will have to adapt. You’ve seen host Alton Brown sell the exclusive use of salt and enforce a mandate to fashion utensils out of aluminum foil, but now the network wants to know what you think he should dish out next.

Think you have the ultimate sabotage worthy of being featured on the show? Tell Food Network by tweeting your suggestion using #Evilicious or leaving a comment below, and it may appear on an upcoming episode of Cutthroat Kitchen.

Any sabotage you suggest becomes the property of Food Network. By submitting a sabotage, you agree that Food Network may use your sabotage and your first name or Twitter handle on Cutthroat Kitchen. We may modify, alter or take inspiration from your sabotage before using it on Cutthroat Kitchen. There are no guarantees that your suggested sabotage will appear on Cutthroat Kitchen. If more than one person suggests a similar sabotage, only the first person to suggest the sabotage will be mentioned on Cutthroat Kitchen. By participating, you are agreeing to Food Network’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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Comments (383)

  1. @SkylerEvan says:

    "Dirty Dishes" A tub of dirty dishes is put up for auction. Whoever wins the item can force a competitor to clean all of the dishes, at some point before time's up (or maybe before they can start cooking). Also, the plates the competitor uses to plate their dish must come from the tub.

    Another variation on this is to put up a tub of dirty pots and pans for auction. The winner forces the competitor to clean anything they want to cook with. Pots, pans, knifes, baking sheets, measuring cups, blender…

  2. Guest says:

    Alton's wheel of pain. Have spaces that say things like lose all utensils, lose all cooking vessels, only use the heat source of Alton's choice, or lose 1 ingredient of Alton's choice.

  3. Lizbeth Gamonal says:

    Hello I'm a huge fan of cutthroat Kitchen. A sabotage I wan to suggest is to make a peach cobbler. One chef can buy a basket full of peaches and cream oatmeal, fruit cocktail cans, and dried candy peaches. That chef can hand the other chefs whatever he/she wants and swap it for their fresh peaches. I hope you'll like the idea.

  4. J.R. says:

    This idea was actually inspired earlier today. I was taking a class and they had these crazy glasses that made everything look upside down. Immediately I thought of pineapple upside-down cake.


    When making upside-down cake, the chef has to go through the whole round wearing the upside-down glasses.

  5. John Norris says:

    Fun ideas:
    1) Auction off a table that is slanted. Have one side raised 3-5 inches so the slope prevents easy cutting and mixing. In addition they have to lay all mixing/cutting items flat against the slanted table.
    2) Have a wooden dowel tied elbow to elbow behind their back. This way their elbows are pinned behind their backs.
    3) Tools crafted from isomalt (my personal favorite, seriously isomalt knife, isomalt tenderizer, ect..)
    4) Diving for ingredients in jellow, kind of like "bobbing for apples".
    5) "If you win this sabotage, when your opponents buy another sabotage it costs them an additional $500"
    6) Choose 2 opponents, they must hope each other hands while grabbing ingredients (obviously done before running in with their baskets).
    7) Place tokens with names of ingredients inside of a fish bowl full of insects or spiders (heck, why not both?) which one opponent needs to fish out what they want.
    8) Pick one opponent. For the last 2 minutes of the round their food must go into the refrigerator/blast chiller.
    9) One opponent must make the dessert gluten free (great for cake/pie/cookie dessert rounds)
    10) in the dessert round for making a cake the opponent must use all replacement ingredients (egg substitution, Soy Milk, Stevia Sugar, ect…) ie. A hypoallergenic cake :)

  6. John Norris says:

    Also, a big wheel that has all sorts of negative effects like the Wheel of Fortune or a carnival wheel. When they bid the highest bidder forces an opponent to spin 3 times, 2nd highest bid forces and opponent to to spin 2 times, 3rd highest forces an opponent to spin 1 time, and lowest bidder gets to cry.

  7. @RonAmmar says:

    For a dish that requires wine as a key ingredient, one contestant should be forced to stand barefoot in a barrel and press grapes barefoot!

    Lucille Ball did this in a grape stomping episode of I love Lucy. Would be a great sabotage! Cue evil Alton laugh.

  8. Dorian says:

    So mine happens BEFORE you shop. Call it read set go or 1st 2nd 3rd in a race theme.

    It would happen in round 2. So if you win you get to pick one opponent who must wait 5 seconds before they can begin their shopping in the pantry & the other opponent must wait 10 seconds.

    I think it'd be a high bid item because not only are you stressing them out with time, but you get uninterrupted time to shop & pick key ingredients before the others.

  9. Bruce Donig says:

    For a fish dish give a tub of live fish to the chef and have he or she catch the fish and filet them.

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