All Aboard Robert Irvine’s Restaurant Express

by in Shows, September 26th, 2013

Robert Irvine's Restaurant ExpressRobert Irvine may be known for rescuing America’s most dire eateries from the brink of failure on Restaurant: Impossible, but this fall he’s on a new mission: to find the most promising budding entrepreneur among a crop of restaurant hopefuls.

On his all-new series, Restaurant Express, Robert will challenge nine finalists to survive a culinary road trip across the West by proving not only their fearless culinary chops, but their business-savvy mindset, as well, if they want to keep their seat on the Restaurant Express bus. Week after week, it’s up to the contestants to demonstrate their staying power and impress Robert — a notoriously no-nonsense chef and experienced entrepreneur — by excelling in the host’s demanding challenges, both in the kitchen and out.

At the end of the journey, only one contestant will still be on the bus, and that person will have earned the title of executive chef and a leadership position on the team at the flagship restaurant The M Resort, Spa and Casino in Las Vegas.

What kinds of obstacles will the finalists face? Oppressive desert heat to be sure, plus early-round eliminations, limited budgets and discerning taste-testing critics, which means that, for these contestants, there’s no easy way to secure a bunk on the bus.

Tune in to the premiere of Restaurant Express on Sunday, Nov. 3 at 9pm/8c.
Robert Irvine's Restaurant Express

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Comments (66)

  1. FarmWifePA says:

    Yet another week of Adam relentless ego, this time "excellence can't compete with incredible". He tells us how he screws up the other contestants efforts, runs up the bid on them so they don't have money left for food and then uses his "staff" to steal all the people right off the get go. His soup/appetizer was "bland" according to Robert and several guests. Something is always wrong with at least one of his dishes and yet his backstabbing is always rewarded with first on the bus. Why isn't this about good food? Better yet, amazing food? He should have been gone with the hair incidence! The only reason I'm still watching is because Seonkyoung is still there. I follow her blog learning Korean cooking Her food is always amazing according to Robert, wish I could taste it! Thought it was supposed to be about amazing food!

  2. Tina says:

    I think Roberts favoritism is really showing for
    Seonkyoung Longest and I have watched her forever 30% soar very fast.

  3. Marcia says:

    I would like to be a contestant on Restaurant Express, what do I need to do?


  4. FarmWifePA says:

    On pins and needles so far Adam has taken 3 of her ingredients directly off her personal pantry just to make her waste time looking for things. He is sweating all over everything and running his hands in his hair again. GAG! The world has watched him do this! Too bad he feels as if he has to trip her up to win!

  5. Patricia Hensley says:

    I don't think the right one won this one. That's ok MR IRVINE, Jam should have won it. That's OK too She is very well liked in her home town. Maybe she can open a restaurant here. That nasty looking ADAM should have been sent home !st day. I would never want him to cook for me YUCK……….

  6. @raven7711 says:

    After watching the 1 st show and Robert keeping ALL the Asian women (who really didn't have much to say)
    Robert sacked the ONLY black person there. I think she would have brought interest to the show. Instead,
    of ONLY a total white and Asian crew. HMMM….what does this say ??
    My family and I will certainly NOT be watching this show.

  7. michele says:

    I want restaurant express back on television Robert it is my favorite show.

  8. Nayna says:

    my only thought is this why was everyone showed as they got back on the bus after they had been chosen to stay, except the cook who name was John, everyone was shown but him, little bit of discrimination there if you ask me, and he is one of our military men, they need to watch those things, if you are going to film one film all…Hope the show does good, we will see.

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