All Aboard Robert Irvine’s Restaurant Express

by in Shows, September 26th, 2013

Robert Irvine's Restaurant ExpressRobert Irvine may be known for rescuing America’s most dire eateries from the brink of failure on Restaurant: Impossible, but this fall he’s on a new mission: to find the most promising budding entrepreneur among a crop of restaurant hopefuls.

On his all-new series, Restaurant Express, Robert will challenge nine finalists to survive a culinary road trip across the West by proving not only their fearless culinary chops, but their business-savvy mindset, as well, if they want to keep their seat on the Restaurant Express bus. Week after week, it’s up to the contestants to demonstrate their staying power and impress Robert — a notoriously no-nonsense chef and experienced entrepreneur — by excelling in the host’s demanding challenges, both in the kitchen and out.

At the end of the journey, only one contestant will still be on the bus, and that person will have earned the title of executive chef and a leadership position on the team at the flagship restaurant The M Resort, Spa and Casino in Las Vegas.

What kinds of obstacles will the finalists face? Oppressive desert heat to be sure, plus early-round eliminations, limited budgets and discerning taste-testing critics, which means that, for these contestants, there’s no easy way to secure a bunk on the bus.

Tune in to the premiere of Restaurant Express on Sunday, Nov. 3 at 9pm/8c.
Robert Irvine's Restaurant Express

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Comments (66)

  1. Linda says:

    So tired of the competition shows. How about some cooking shows? I wish I got the cooking channel, maybe they cook over there.

    • Guest says:

      Be careful what you wish for…The Cooking Channel is no better…NOT many "cooking" shows on Food Network anymore either….I now ONLY watch Chopped on FN if no repeat….I love Top Chef on the new ESQUIRE Channel.

    • MoHub says:

      Actual cook shows are few and far between—even on the Cooking Channel, which is mostly given over to travelogue-type shows like Unique Eats, Unique Sweets, and Taste in Translation, and the recent addition of competitions, such as Donut Showdown, and a food truck competition hosted by Spike Mendelsohn.

  2. Shirley Culver says:

    I have been watching with the new season to see when Robert was coming back on….I truly did learn new ways to fix different meals, which with all the Challenge Shows, you don't learn anything about cooking. It was also interesting in they with the Improvements were made, [and even gave me an Idea as to what I could do in combining two of my small rooms into one beautiful room], Welcome back Robert.

  3. Deb says:

    If chef Robert Irvine is hosting a new show, I will be sure to watch it. I love dinner impossible and restaurant impossible. But please, food network go back to cooking shows! And that goes for the cooking channel please cook!

  4. MoHub says:

    This is not the forum for your request. If you want to contact Food Network executives, there are other venues.

  5. Darkaddict18 says:

    I cannot wait for this. I did say I did not Like Robert Irvine but I gave him another try and he has grown on me. Robert Irvine I do Happen To Like him now. He Tells it like it is which some don't like but telling people what they want to hear is not helpful. Constructive Criticism nothing wrong with that. It well deserved Tough Love.
    Most Chef's Yell.

  6. Barb says:

    Robert Irvine is so good. I enjoy watching all his shows but I like the way he not only helps people with their restaurants but also with their relationships with their families or friends who are in business with them. Keep going Robert sorry I missed knowing you were in Rock Island, IL. I would have loved to have met you.

  7. Hotsauce says:

    Oh yay. Another competition show. I hope this isn't the end of Restaurant Impossible, a show where he actually helped people.

  8. pmview says:

    Chef Irvine challenges everybody to take responsibility for working smarter as demonstrated in both Dinner:Impossible as well as Restaurant:Impossible; not sure how he will work with want-to-be entrepreneurs … there's a lot of management, administrative, financing, ordering, training, etc beyond just cooking …

  9. kimberly says:

    Fantastic! Anything with him in it will succeed because he's a do-er not a follower! I have a suggestion for a Restaurant in my area of Temecula Robert; A VEGAN / Vegetarian Restaurant is desperately needed here! Too many BBQ places saying they all have the "secret sauce"; how about some equal flavor challenges for people who don't or can't eat animal anything?

  10. trevor lyward says:

    chef robert irvin one of the best chefs. he should never had been sacked ok he told a few porkies to get a job who hasnt???. hope all goes well for him in the future keep up your fantastic work robert sky dont know what they done sacking you trevor uk

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