New Celebrities, New Challenges, New Season — Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off

by in Shows, September 30th, 2013

RvG Celebs Season 3Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off returns for Season 3 with all-new celebrities and challenges on Monday, Jan. 6 at 9pm/8c. And this time the show is back in New York City. The new roster of stars, including actors, athletes, comedians and musicians, will be split into two teams and coached by mentors Rachael Ray or Guy Fieri and will then compete in cooking challenges in an effort to win a cash donation to their favorite charity. The winner will also gain bragging rights as the RvG Champion and join the ranks of past season winners Lou Diamond Phillips and Dean McDermott.

The Season 3 all-star lineup:

Chris Kattan (comedian, actor)
Florence Henderson (actress, singer)
Herschel Walker (former NFL player, Heisman Trophy winner)
Jake Pavelka (pilot, reality star from The Bachelor)
Judy Gold (actress, comedian)
Penn Jillette (illusionist, comedian)
Tiffany (singer, actress)
Vanilla Ice (pop icon, rapper and star of DIY Network’s The Vanilla Ice Project and Vanilla Ice Goes Amish)

The celebrities will compete in team challenges in every episode to test their skills. New this season, each episode will feature a special Food Network guest judge who will determine which celebrity is sent home. At the end of the six-episode run, the remaining celebrities must cook it off to see who will be crowned the RvG Champion.

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Comments (54)

  1. fed-up says:

    a. In what universe are these has-beens celebrities? b. Has anyone thought about getting back to being the Food Network rather than just another annoying GSN? The cooking channel is eating your lunch in my house. c. Do you think you could possibly come up with anything sillier and more annoying the Kid "chefs". Really, really dumb show.

    • Jan W. says:

      You're right! More gameshows/reality shows than cooking shows! What the hell! Food Network is losing ground…fast. Between shows like this and what they did to Paula Deen I'd be very surprised if their viewership hasn't taken a nosedive lately.

  2. Harris says:

    If you guys that are complaining about some of the people not being "celebrities" really believe they aren't celebrities, then how the heck do you explain how you know who they are? Hmmmm…. that's a million dollar question I say.

  3. Sammy says:

    I have to agree that the Food Netwrok needs to get back to FOOD and knock off all the competition shows. What used to be a great network has lost my viewership completely.

  4. Glenn says:

    I've never heard of Chris Kattan or Jake Pavelka, and I'm only marginally familiar with Judy Gold, which is about average for these celebrity shows for me (about 1/3 to 1/2 unknown — or at best, marginally famous). It would be nice if ALL the celebrities on just one of these shows were universally known. Then again, people THAT well known are probably a lot harder to get for a show like this, since they're too busy working on whatever made them famous in the first place.

    • cindy says:

      Chris Kattan is from Saturday Night Live

    • Patti says:

      Most of them have been on Celebrity Apprentice too

    • foodlover says:

      ya being a huge star on snl and staring in multiple movies, ya not a famous person at all, Night at the Roxbury….the reality star I have no idea, his label is reality star, not a real celeb. But to say that about Chris Kattan shows your not a big fan of the longest running comedy show of all time.

  5. Cynical Blonde says:

    Television producers really need to realize that cast-offs and wanna-be's from "The Bachelor" series are not celebrities. They're media-whores, and Jake Pavelka is their leader.

  6. shannon says:

    I agree the cast line up gets worse and worse every season. I wish they would try to get more relevant competitors. There are many A listers out there who compete in things for charity as well as for image promotion. I wish casting would try a little harder ..or just throw in the towel on this show.

    I liked it when it was a novelty's just getting their cast.

  7. B Yancey says:

    I'll watch for the first time because of #34 -Herschel Walker. I've been a fan for 33 years.

  8. josie says:

    What is wrong with the complainers?If you dont like the people on the show,its simple just dont watch it..Personally I enjoy seeing different people doing something that is out of their comfort zone…its entertainment and better than some of the reality shows……so lighten up people and enjoy life

  9. vegasfoodie says:

    Here's a novel idea:
    If you don't like it, don't think that they are celebrities, don't think the show will be good, don't watch it!
    Oh and FYI, Guy is totally a chef, he graduated from my alma mater UNLV. Go Rebels!

  10. @TuesdayPASC says:

    I was checking this out to look into getting my partner on the show. Would y'all know who is from Army Wives, Rescue me, he will be on Law & Order SVU this wed. night. Check out Terry Serpico's IMDB page. He is a a fabulous cook and very funny. Not to mention, easy on the eyes. Maybe they could add him to this group?

    • Epic Failure says:

      Well, he's just as much a celeb as the rest on the show, so he would probably get in. Wait…he can cook? Never mind.

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