Fans, Can You Name That Set?

by in Community, September 7th, 2013

Name That SetWeek after week you tune in to see your favorite stars’ shows and watch as they turn out signature specialties with ease. You’re familiar with their cooking styles, can list their go-to ingredients and have memorized some of their best recipes. But could you identify the set on which each tapes if they weren’t standing in it? If the space was simply empty? FN Dish is kicking off a brand-new series in which we’re challenging you, the fans, to name that set.

Take a peek at the photo above for the premiere challenge. Do you know which chef calls this space his or her own? For help in answering, check out the clues below to find hints; then click to find out if you guessed correctly.

1. This set was also home to an epic Thanksgiving throwdown with Bobby Flay back in 2010.

2. For the chef and popular blogger who cooks here, this space isn’t just a set; it’s also his or her recipe test kitchen, and he or she lives just down the road from here.

3. Not pictured above are the pair of basset hounds and several cats that frequently make guest appearances on this star’s show.

Think you can name the set above? Click here to reveal the show from which it came.

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Comments (34)

  1. Brenda Weaver says:

    Pioneer Woman Rea Drummond

  2. kim terry says:

    pioner woman

  3. Sue M says:

    Calling her a chef is an insult to anyone who graduated from culinary school. Jullia Child just rolled over in her grave

  4. Babs Girl says:

    I agree with Sue M. Calling the Pioneer Woman a chef is an insult to the many trained professionals that populate your programming. Ms. Drummond is a run-of-the-mill cook, no better than the millions of people who prepare meals for their families day in and day out. Her recipes are often alarmingly unhealthy, and her shtick has worn thin with many viewers, myself included.

  5. Foodie3 says:

    A chef? No. A home cook, yes. Rachael Ray doesn't call herself a chef, she admits that she does not have that background. I've watched the show and I will never make that much food. The portions are WAY too big for the home audience, unless you are feeding a crowd, which is unlikely.

  6. HilllJ says:

    Here's hoping trained chef Amy Thielen's The Midwest Table will bring some integrity back to the Food Network when her excellent show starts Sept. 14. The Pioneer Woman is the cheesiest show ever called a cooking show.

  7. Ann Q says:

    I'm sorry, I used to be a fan until I bought her cookbook and discovered that the recipes I tried needed substantial tweaks to make them edible. I also found out that her "pioneer woman" persona is fake. Please don't refer to Ree Drummond as a "chef"; she is a barely competent home cook.

  8. Cathy stidham says:

    Pioneer woman Rees Drummond

  9. Kathryn says:

    She is not a chef, and frankly not much of a cook. Her swiped recipes that she "improves" with her sponsor's butter are not even close to good or practical. Her little old ranch wife persona is pretty far from the truth, Food Network. She posted a picture of some of her favorite cookbooks recently. None had even been opened!

  10. Melissa Bailey says:

    I love this show. The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. She has a great blog too. A must watch every week.

    • Guest says:

      Oh Melissa,

      You surely are a Reeple.

      • Melissa Bailey says:

        Wow! Really? I like a good show and post about it. She is a lot better than others on FN (i.e. Trisha, Anne, and Ina). You couldn't pay me to watch Ina. I can make my own decisions and she can cook real food. I would take her any day over most. I like this show. What's the big deal? If you don't like it then move along. Not everyone likes the same shows and that is why there are multiple channels. Learn to use your remote.

        Also, if you are going to name call at least grow a pair and use your name.

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