Guy’s Grocery Games Takes the Competition to the Supermarket

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, September 12th, 2013

Going to the supermarket can often feel like a competition, especially when you’re racing to get in and out in record time, or trying to get the best bang for your buck with specials, sales and coupons. And when you’re looking for all the ingredients for a recipe, just finding everything can be an exercise in frustration while getting to know the store’s stocking system. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually get rewarded for all the troubles of grocery shopping? Well, now Food Network is turning the supermarket into a battleground with the new show, Guy’s Grocery Games (premiering Oct. 20 at 8pm/7c), hosted by the one-and-only Guy Fieri.

“I think that Triple G is a first of its kind,” Guy recently told FN Dish. “There are two common concepts here: cooking and shopping. But we’ve never really highlighted the shopping before. We’ve seen shopping competition shows before, but now we’re taking the shopping component and the chef’s creativity and mixing in time, money and challenges. Bundle it altogether and you’ve got a super high powered, family-friendly show on Food Network. That’s what this show is going to be.”

Guy's Grocery GamesSet in an actual grocery store, which Guy likes to call “Flavortown Supermarket,” each episode will have four talented chefs competing against one another in three cooking challenges that will require them to navigate the aisles against real-life shopping challenges. “These chefs will come in — they all have their own specialty, but they have no idea what the challenge is going to be. They have to work and shop within a budget to create a meal for four people that has a particular theme. These are chefs getting the chance to play in the everyday arena: the supermarket.” Guy adds.

Each round will be judged by a rotating list of judges including Melissa d’Arabian, Richard Blais, Beau MacMillan, Jet Tila, Marcela Valladolid and Catherine McCord, among others. The last chef remaining will get to go on a shopping spree, with just two minutes to collect all the items on his or her shopping list. With each item worth $2,000, a total prize of $20,000 is at stake. Let the grocery games begin.

Guy’s Grocery Games Premieres Oct. 20 at 8pm/7c.

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Comments (22)

  1. Aubree says:

    A little disappointed because I thought this was a game show where regular people were competing rather than chefs. It's like a combo of Iron Chef & Super Market Sweep. It looks like fun, but I think it would be better if they had regular people or a competition of regular people vs. professionals-but given $15-25 to come up with dinner for 4-6.

  2. @_troyjohnson (CRAVE) as a judge too. Looking forward to hearing his wit as I've come to expect from Troy.

  3. Anon says:

    This sounds like a fun concept, but I won't be watching. It's a shame it isn't "[Anyone else's] Grocery Games – then I would check it out, but I can't stand the host.

  4. Gordon Gibson says:

    My wife and I are inspired by Triple G. Taking a cue from the show we descended on a supermarket and with 10 bucks in hand shopped for a supper for two. It was fun and we intend to do this at least once weekly. By the way, supper tasted good with homemade pork cutlets using gluten free Italian seasoning, baked potato, canned cream corn, strawberry desert with whipping cream. Only overshot the budget by 87 cents. This is not easy but we will get better.
    Thanks Guy. You Rock!

  5. Mary Messore says:

    How do you become a contestant on Guy's Grocery Games. I am a home cook and would love to know how someone becomes a contestant on the show. Please email me at

  6. Linda says:

    ENOUGH!!! Getting really really annoying with all these reality cooking game shows. What is going on at the Food Network. From boring kid cooking competition to another show with Guy, give me a break.

  7. mary hotaling says:

    anyone know how you can become a contestant on the show and to all the haters out there just cause you don't like it doesn't mean no one else does I love guy hes freaking awesome but anyway please email me food network on becoming a contestant

  8. Ichabod says:

    Melissa d'Arabian is a terrible judge on this show. She acts as if she's an Iron Chef or something. She is not very nice – I realize she must embrace the role of judge but I think she is the worst judge on any of the FN shows. She makes me ver uncomfortable with her comments.

  9. Shanpai L says:

    I wanna know how to sign up?????

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