Food and Love: Better Together on Damaris Phillips’ Southern at Heart

by in Shows, September 27th, 2013

Damaris PhillipsBefore earning the most viewer votes to become the winner of Food Network Star, Season 9, Damaris Phillips told network executives that “Southern food is the food of love,” and this fall she’ll be able to prove that with the launch of her brand-new series, Southern at Heart, premiering Sunday, Oct. 27 at 10:30am/9:30c.

Similar to her date night-focused pilot on Star, Damaris’ Southern at Heart will showcase this Kentucky-born chef’s made-over Southern fare, featuring fresh twists and contemporary takes, plus offer can-do tips for cooks of every caliber. No matter if you’re a single gal or guy trying to impress that special someone, one half of a new couple or a spouse in a longtime marriage, Damaris’ contemporary recipes will have a place on your table, and her inspired ideas will be applicable to you.

Leave it to Damaris, of course, to serve up her half-hour in the kitchen with plenty of laughs, as this notoriously quirky and downright comedic host knows how to show off her signature wit and down-home charm while making her how-tos easy to follow.

Don’t miss the premiere of Southern at Heart on Sunday, Oct. 27 at 10:30am/9:30c.

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Comments (89)

  1. Crouton40 says:

    Just discovered this.
    An Interview. Damaris Phillips speaks out about Southern food.
    Very good interview! Informative. Honest.
    Southern food. I live in Washington state. Who can teach me?
    Damaris can. She's been cooking ever since she was a young girl.
    Kentucky's growing season. The harvest veggies, the meats, the sauces/gravies.,
    pickling, jams, cobblers, nutritious salads, soups & stews, casseroles, things with Beans,
    Biscuits, beef & pork..and she has a culinary background…flavour profiles……this woman can do it all!

    Make a mini-committment: Watch her for 4 episodes (or more!)–but at least 4.
    She can teach! She can cook! She's even funny, and yet quite real.
    How could you not like her? Chef Damaris Phillips. Starts October 27th.

  2. atira55 says:

    I really hate that this show is being advertised as as show for teaching men how to cook for their women. Talk about bias entertainment. Not all people have partners which are the opposite sex. Why not branch out and have the show cooking for their partners which are of the same sex?
    You let Paula Dean go because of something which she said…yet you are now doing a show which is sexually biased!
    I will not be watching this show. Food Network, needs to address people as being different and having "alternative" partners. I am very upset and grateful for my remote control. "click" new channel

  3. Louisville girl says:

    Will Damaris's show be shown any other time during the week? We can't watch on Sunday mornings! Live in Louisville but can't watch, that stinks! Please somebody from Food Network let me know!

    • Judy Carver says:

      I too can't wait to see Damaris's new show, and I also can't watch on Sunday mornings at this time , I want to know if I can view at another time, or will it be replayed later in the day. please let me know also.
      Midwest girl

      • Spotlight says:

        If they can reshow the Pioneer Woman during the Mon-Fri. week, they can do the same for Damaris. I like Ree Drummond but she didn't have to go through 11 stressful competitions like Damaris did. People will like Chef Phillips. They just need to see her.

  4. Kat says:

    I am a southern lady. Cook all the time. I am sure she will be a hit. I DO miss Paula!! Why can't we have both. Food Network should re-think!

  5. wildasu says:

    I would like to see the side participants be more involved. For example, the man could've gone to the factory to buy the sorghum – what wonderful stories he could share over the dinner about the experience. Even if he had put shells in the batter, he would still be able to share the tips after the fact with his dinner date. As it is, she really just "came over" and prepared the meal herself with very little help from the man. We have no idea if he could do this on his own or would even know what to buy without having done all the steps with her. Shame.

    • the Owl says:

      mm. That's really minor. It's only a half-hour show. It's only the 1st show. I thought it may have been just 6% rushed. Damaris could talk just a hair slower. More like Giada being casual. But that can be fixed in a snap. She is already far, far better on camera, right now from the beginning, than Bobby or Giada were when they started. Or Mario Batali. And the man is after all learning from her. Maybe in future Damaris can show someone how to hold the kitchen knife, a better way to cut veggies. But she is already explaining what ingredients go in 1st, 2nd and why. The what, and the why. And how, and when. This is a great approach. And she explained temps, caramel in ice water, how to hold cupcake. All useful and good. Non-technical and informative. And will only get better. I would like to reduce talking/speaking speed by 6%. But off to a wonderful start.

      • wildasu says:

        In Southern at Heart, Damaris Phillips plays both matchmaker and chef, teaching the kitchen clueless how to impress their dinner dates with her fresh take on Southern cuisine.

        I was discussing the theme or point of view as summarized by the food network How did she fully meet these points? I fully followed her growth on the challenges and supported her win, but I think she needs to polish the direction.

  6. Michele T says:

    I agree that the man could do more of the cooking of the meal rather than just watching her cook. However, I was somewhat startled that she used beer in a recipe for a pregnant woman to celebrate finding out the sex of their baby. I don't think alcohol and pregnant women should be together. She didn't do a disclaimer that the alcohol burns off or anything. I thought it was an odd choice of food for the occasion.

  7. BillwillGrill says:

    Congratulations Damaris, I hope your show and others that are in the works help bring back F.N. from it's journey away from the core product.

  8. Diane says:

    10:30 am on Sunday morning???? Is Food Network kidding??? That is NOT a good debut slot, but good luck anyway.

  9. Kaye Collins says:

    The last few days I have not been able to pick up the day time recipes from all the shows. What is wrong?

  10. Debbie says:

    Don't like the show

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