Food and Love: Better Together on Damaris Phillips’ Southern at Heart

by in Shows, September 27th, 2013

Damaris PhillipsBefore earning the most viewer votes to become the winner of Food Network Star, Season 9, Damaris Phillips told network executives that “Southern food is the food of love,” and this fall she’ll be able to prove that with the launch of her brand-new series, Southern at Heart, premiering Sunday, Oct. 27 at 10:30am/9:30c.

Similar to her date night-focused pilot on Star, Damaris’ Southern at Heart will showcase this Kentucky-born chef’s made-over Southern fare, featuring fresh twists and contemporary takes, plus offer can-do tips for cooks of every caliber. No matter if you’re a single gal or guy trying to impress that special someone, one half of a new couple or a spouse in a longtime marriage, Damaris’ contemporary recipes will have a place on your table, and her inspired ideas will be applicable to you.

Leave it to Damaris, of course, to serve up her half-hour in the kitchen with plenty of laughs, as this notoriously quirky and downright comedic host knows how to show off her signature wit and down-home charm while making her how-tos easy to follow.

Don’t miss the premiere of Southern at Heart on Sunday, Oct. 27 at 10:30am/9:30c.

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Comments (89)

  1. Some Guy Out West says:

    New Fashion review. There is a new pic of Damaris on her Twitter page. She is wearing a deep blue and white dress. This a very good pic. Medium or deep shades of color look good on her. When she was competing, once she wore a plum/purple top when she was putting something into the oven and talked to it, wanting it to be good. That was cute. But the purple looked good on her. Red is good on her. So is jade or emerald green. Deeper shades. Her smile in the new pic of her standing next to the guy in the white shirt is also good because of her freshly shampooed hair. That always looks good good. And don't cut it! Perfect now. Good smile, too, without being too extreme like Giada or Stacey. And not too much makeup. Its this fresh girl-next-door with an extra-shot of prettiness that looks so nice. Hope she stays like she is. There you have it. A man's point of view.

    • guest2 says:

      A word about eyes. In the video where she tells Robert Irvine she's just kidding and is from Kentucky, that was a happy looking smile of hers. Keep that. Her eyes looked happy there. And in this new pic. And, she had beautiful eyes when she was a judge, however she did it with the makeup. But, somehow, in her pilot when she wore her black dress, I did not like her fake eyelashes then. Something was different. Her dress, her hair, the rest was good, but not the greatest eyelashes in her pilot. Contrast those eyes to her eyes the night she was announced the winner, or the night she was a judge, and somehow those two were alot better. Don't know how. Just know there is a difference. Just a guy's opinion. Don't use deep red lipstick. It stands out like a sore thumb. None, or just a hint of "frost" looks good. The pic of Damaris the night she won, and this new one, are wonderful. Hope this info is helpful.

  2. Bruce says:

    They had to come up with a replacement for Paula.

    • Lynn says:

      Damaris won honestly. Through her own competence and personality. Someone, was going to win Food Network Star no matter what. Had it been someone else, they would have, well, just won. But because Damaris happens to cook southern, some folks label her a replacement. I'm not buying it. She's fun to watch and and great cook in her own right. I don't think we're going to see 3 whole sticks of butter and 2 giant scoops of sugar in so many dishes as we did with Paula. On the other hand, I do like a hot butter-basted Turkey. I don't want Damaris going to the other extreme of healthy, either. I trust she will offer a wide variety and that viewers will find lots and lots of dishes they really enjoy. Another bonus, Damaris can relate well to all ages in the audience.

  3. James says:

    Agh-hem! (smile) I'm still waiting. To start seeing TV commercials for "Southern at Heart" w/Damaris Phillips. Earlier, I had read that her shows would also be re-shown on wednesdays at 5:30pm. I hope that is true. (It helped Ree Drummond). The nation will really like Damaris, if they can just see her.

    "There's no better food, in all the whole world,
    like the mighty-fine cooking, from a good Southern Girl."
    (Use/copy/broadcast/post/transmit/print/share freely. permission granted to all).–James (in Vancouver, Wa.)

  4. jason foy says:

    damaris congallatins on winning i whant you too know i put all of my every days votes fore you kid do you have eny boyfriend and allso im am from reaugley from paducah, ky but i moved too erick, ok after mom died in 1992 if i can get the erick, cablr too put foodnetwork on there channel line up ill be able too see your show on sun. oct. 27 have a good time girl on that bis screen

  5. 50's-60's fan says:

    For more Damaris news , see, twitter, or "the Damaris Wire." Maybe for Christmas she might sing (shades of Karaoke, eh?) Ricky Nelson's "the Christmas Song" (or would that "offend" people? Spare me.) See youtube for it. Or, for romance and food, Karen Carpenter's …"Merry Christmas darling…happy new year, too….. It would be sweet, and keeping with the season.
    Even if she doesn't sing, her show will be wonderful.

  6. guest says:

    Louisville, Kentucky got some serious rain, and flooding. Damaris's home town. Hoping everyone pulls through. See video.

  7. Damarisist's4Justice says:

    Oct. 7th. Watching Food Network today in the afternoon. Saw Ree Drummond (who has a weekend show) on today, and then, Amy Thielen (who also has a weekend show) was also on this afternoon.

    They should do no less for Damaris Phillips. Let's re-show her weekend shows during the weekday afternoon, too. She will be a good benefit to the network. More of America see her.

    • Food Network Viewer says:

      So far, the episodes shown of this show are more than enough. Food Network does not need to invest too much of their time increasing the viewing time of this show. Actually, the Food Network should reconsider whether this show should be on the air at all!

  8. AllTheWayTilOnTheAir says:

    More Damaris news & fan comments. Keewwwl!

  9. Stylin' says:

    Good new profile pic of Damaris on her Twitter account. I would not wear beige or grey if I were her. This looks nice. Her hair looks good either pulled back in a pony tail or long and gently wavy. That freshly shampooed hair look is always a hit.

  10. Crouton40 says:

    Just sitting here, thinking. Imagine…..all of Damaris's students…from Jefferson Technical & Community College….super-pumped to watch her once her new show "Southern at Heart" starts on October 27th.
    Who can blame them??

    "Damaris ROCKS!"—Kentucky Kicks Ass!

    Tune in. October 27th. And watch the week after that, too.
    Do it! You will get 10 good-karma points.
    You will be blessed.
    You will learn…and enjoy.
    Her food is delicious.
    I am always right about these things (wink).–Crouton40 (wondering if I should join Twitter…

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