Succumbing to Self-Defeat — Alton’s After-Show

by in Shows, September 1st, 2013

When chefs enter Cutthroat Kitchen, they’re likely expecting a bit — or a lot — of sabotage to be dealt upon them by their rivals. After all, it’s this play-or-be-played mentality that makes the competition as fiercely cutthroat at is it. But what they may not expect is that some of their most prominent challenges will likely come not from their dwindling cash supply, another contestant or unexpected ingredient swaps, but rather from themselves and their ideas about how to succeed in Cutthroat Kitchen.

On this week’s After-Show, judge Simon Majumdar and host Alton Brown noticed that in almost every round of cooking, chefs faced significant obstacles — some so damaging that they led to eliminations — on account of their own shortcomings. “He wasn’t sabotaged there,” Alton told Simon of Chef Scipione’s absence of bread in his Round 1 cheese steak sandwich. “He just didn’t make it out of the pantry with any bread.” This oversight ultimately cost Chef Scipione his place in the competition, as Simon noted that the chef’s finished dish “wasn’t a Philly cheese steak in any form that I would recognize.”

For another competitor, the problem proved to be not mere forgetfulness but an inability to work well under pressure. “I think he got stuck,” Simon said of Chef Zadi in Round 3, in which he was forced to make a pizza using a pie. “I think he just didn’t know where to go to make a really good pizza.” While it’s no surprise that competitors are left with few ideas of how to proceed when faced with last-minute ingredient changes and diminishing time on the clock, Alton explained: “Sometimes the cooking wins and sometimes the game play wins. And today, the game play won.” In the end, he warns, “Confidence can kill, but then not having enough will kill too.”

Click the play button on the video above to hear more from Alton and Simon, then chat about the show with fellow fans in the comments below. What did you think of how the chefs handled this week’s challenges? Were the competitors a greater threat to themselves than the sabotages?

Tune in to a new episode of Cutthroat Kitchen next Sunday, Sept. 8 at 10pm/9c.

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Comments (17)

  1. Bealad9879 says:

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  2. southphilly guy says:

    scipione guy being from philly should have known what to need! it's obvious he should get a job in some kind of diner on the side of the road, and I still wouldn't want to eat what he calls food!

  3. Jennifer Sip says:

    Chef Michael Scipione may have forgotten the bread…BUT…his steak was way more appetizing than any of the other so called chefs!

  4. karen says:

    I would just like to comment on a couple of your new shows. I think it is totally fantastic that you are doing a show with kids. We desperately need shows where kids can do something productive, fun and participate WITH adults. I believe you are accomplishing this so far with this program. However, though I understand new ideas for the network must be hard to come by, and I do appreciate that this is a game, I don’t care for ‘Cut Throat Kitchen’. Sorry I am a pro and we have enough back stabbing and sabotage in the world.

    • Tim says:

      I really like cut throat Kitchen, I really get tired of the some old same old elimination ceremony! I would like to here you know this was not a hard decision at all the dish that was made was horrible!

  5. Sliver Pegasus says:

    hm I think Cuttthroat Kitchen is a pretty smart show, you have to realize that the theme of the show is adaptation, you may be the best chief in your home town or even your state but the moment you lose a auction and is forced to use a ingredient you never used before.
    Yes skill is required but also is thinking outside the box, budget management, time management. Manipulation of your opponents, and again adaptation.

    Budget Management: This one's easy to explain in Cutthroat Kitchen, when I first began watching this show I was curious to know why, the contestants where not spending so much money, I though the same thing. "Wouldn't they win the others prize money?" Then I got it, The game teaches you a lesson in greed. Sometimes its better to save up your cash then to throw it all away to screw with your opponents. Because if your careless you get a smaller reward.


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