Jokes First, Cooking a Close Second — Chopped After Hours

by in Shows, September 17th, 2013

Chris Santos, Geoffrey Zakarian and Scott Conant may be revered judges on Chopped and three of the most celebrated chefs and restaurateurs in New York City, but when they come together in the Chopped kitchen for a friendly face-off, they don’t hesitate to let their sillier sides show. On tonight’s all-new Chopped After Hours, the guys, led by host Ted Allen, were greeted with leftover ingredients — lasagna, a hamburger, a fortune cookie and steamed broccoli — and only 20 minutes on the clock to give these precooked dishes a second chance on a plate. While Chris, Geoffrey and Scott surely let their culinary chops shine in making such inspired dishes as a breaded lasagna bite, an Italian-focused sandwich and a family-friendly frittata, respectively, they weren’t shy about having fun with each other.

Just minutes into cooking, Ted and Chris took advantage of the opportunity when Scott was away from his station to playfully mess with the chef, hiding from him his chopped burger patty. “Someone stole my hamburger!” he exclaimed later, before Ted advised him to check beneath his station to find his missing ingredient.

Geoffrey, too, became the focus of a well-meaning joke after serving a controversial sandwich. Instead of incorporating the cookie portion of the fortune cookie into his Philly cheese steak-inspired sandwich, he simply stuck the dish with the paper fortune and claimed to have indeed used a portion of the mandatory ingredient. “I think if it were a normal round, we’d be like, ‘Dude, come on,'” Scott said before explaining to Geoffrey, “But since it’s you, obviously you’re an Iron Chef and you tell us that all the time ….”

Click the play button on the video above to watch the entire episode of Chopped After Hours, then browse photos of the top moments from the guys’ time in the kitchen. Then chat about the show with fans in the comments below: Do you like seeing the more playful side of the chefs? What’s your favorite way to utilize leftover ingredients at home?

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Comments (5)

  1. donnadavidson says:

    YUM! I want all three dishes, but the family-friendly frittata looks awesome. I just shouldn't have watched this at 11 p.m.! I will be cooking now. Thanks chefs!

  2. kerrij says:

    Love them all. Oh, and the dishes too! ;o) — But Geoffrey, you know that fortune cookie treatment would not fly on the show.

  3. Nickie says:

    Biggest pet peeve about a "chef" is their arrogance about using left-overs. To survive on a limit budget, a leftover is the start. HATE a chef who thinks he/she is above dealing with leftovers. What arrogance, is all I think about. Sure their parents or grandparents were happy to have leftovers to work with!!

    • Mary says:

      Gordon Ramsay tests potential chefs for his restaurants on how well they use leftovers. I completely agreed with Chef Aatul that with so many people starving in the world, there's just no excuse for such waste. Besides, how many dishes taste better on the second day when the flavors have had a chance to mingle? I was so happy Josh was chopped first. His attitude towards the leftovers was really irritating.

  4. Mary says:

    Geoffrey, you'd chop any contestant who tried that with the fortune. But that doesn't mean it wasn't very funny. I love how much smack talk (and occasionally elbows!) get thrown on Chopped After Hours. I wish it was on TV!

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