What to Watch: Two Chefs Try to Beat Bobby Flay

by in Shows, August 23rd, 2013

Beat Bobby FlayFor years Bobby Flay traveled across the country battling professional chefs and home cook enthusiasts alike in throwdowns, but in his all-new special, Beat Bobby Flay, he’s upping the ante and challenging culinary powerhouses to face off against him on his own turf, right in New York City. The concept is simple: One chef will have the opportunity to go head-to-head with the famed Iron Chef, but only after he or she bests a competitor. Two of Bobby’s peers — Jeff Mauro and Alex Guarnaschelli — will be on hand to determine which hopeful proves himself or herself worthy of a contest with Bobby by successfully outcooking the opponent using a secret ingredient. The winner will have ultimately earned the right to meet Bobby in battle — and will surprise him with the signature dish they both must cook.

In this 30-minute episode airing tomorrow, Saturday, August 24 at 9pm/8c, a Los Angeles- and a Chicago-based chef will travel to the Big Apple for their chance to beat Bobby Flay. They’ll throw down in an audience-packed arena, but just one will have the culinary chops needed to stand up against a Kitchen Stadium great. Be sure to tune in to find out who makes it to the final round of competition and see whether Bobby Flay ends up being beaten at his own game.

Want to chat with Bobby during the show? Tweet along with him (@bflay), plus Jeff (@JeffMauro) and Alex (@guarnaschelli), throughout tomorrow’s East Coast premiere using #BeatBobbyFlay.

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Comments (20)

  1. This looks like a great show! Always loved the ones where Bobby showed up and challenged locals.

  2. Aida B says:

    Im in NYC and want to work in the Food Network. How does one get a kitchen job there?
    Instagram @missbrazie #chefbraz

  3. Gregg Bashor says:

    I would love the opportunity to "play with the big boys" so to speak. I have some vacay time I could use up, let me know. Now that tv is in color and all, should be fun.

  4. Matthew Grunwald says:

    Mr. Flay. I would love the opportunity to cook beside you. I have been following you for years. Cooking as well as television is in my DNA. Thank you sir! Chef Matthew Grunwald.

  5. Terry Martin says:

    What a rigged show! There is no way the challenger's chicken was fully cooked in the last 10 minutes of the competition. Plus, using the junk parts of the bird is no way to serve quality food. It appeared Bobby was purposely on cruise control and didn't take this seriously. Goofing around his dish outclassed hers, as anyone could see. Disappointing show.

  6. Pat says:

    What are the chefs names and restaurants?

  7. Marion says:

    The chef, Sara made quite a negative impression when she was on Top Chef. Trying to redeem herself?

  8. Ruby Guppy says:

    It was a wonderful show which I will definitely watch again. Obviously the winner was Bobby, I mean Chicken Parm, they had to let the lady win, to encourage further watching, the show remind me of Throw Down. Will continue to watch!

  9. Suzyfoody says:

    Will watch show, if you get rid of sandwich guy as judge.

  10. claire says:

    Gee, I thought I had seen everything but guess not. A must see for me. Catch ya later guys. OH some of these new shows are horrible. You better come up with better programs. Thanx claire

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