The Great Food Truck Race Road Trip: California

by in Shows, August 20th, 2013

Lime TruckThis past Sunday on The Great Food Truck Race, the eight new food truck teams rolled into Hollywood and began the first leg of the cross-country journey. Day one had them selling in Beverly Hills, Calif., and day two took them to the city by the Bay, San Francisco, where they had competition from local food truck businesses. In both cities, Philly’s Finest Sambonis racked up the most sales, winning the weekend. Unfortunately, Murphy’s Spud Truck was beset with issues that put them in the bottom and got them sent home early.

Even without ever selling from food trucks before, the teams proved they could stand among some of the best mobile businesses in the city. And that’s a pretty big accomplishment since the Golden State has some of the best and most popular food trucks in the country. We’ve got a road trip planned for you: From San Diego to San Francisco, you’ll find some great mobile eats on the West Coast.

Start your road trip in San Diego at Devilicious, a former Food Truck contestant. Here you’ll find sinfully made comfort foods with the motto “food so good it’s bad.”

Then move on up to Los Angeles’ Cafe con Leche, which serves authentic Cuban cuisine, including the popular cafe con leche.

And in San Francisco, get your dessert fix at Twirl and Dip Soft Serve, which uses local and natural ingredients to make its ice creams and even serves them up in hand-rolled sugar cones or compostable cups.

Get the entire California Food Truck Guide to complete your road trip and find more restaurants with Food Network On the Road.

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Comments (8)

  1. DKirkland says:

    I watched the new show "Food Court War" between one team who did shrimp, chili and rice and one team who did a bacon wrapped hot dog. The team with the wrapped dog won the first competition and was then advised to drop their head-liner that won them the round. They were advised to drop their primary product…again, the item that won them the first round…the item the test group loved. The losing team was given advice to drop the item that the test group found unappealing. Shame on you.

  2. Dennis Poole says:

    What's up with the hot dog chicks wearing US flag pants totally against the US flag code on national tv?

    Food network, why don't you follow the code?

  3. James says:

    I don't understand why they make people with a certain food speciality cook with wierd ingredients . Plus Tyler seems like a pompus ass

  4. johnny says:

    Someone need to let Frankfoota that wearing the American flag as pants are offensive to people that actually understand flag etiquette and served to protect the flag.

  5. CDT says:

    I wish I knew where the food trucks were headed. Like if they announced the new destination after the trucks were told. I would want to try some of the things that these trucks have to offer.

  6. Matt says:

    I just watched the Idaho episode last night. Have been watching the season closely, as I am interested in how difficult it would be for a newcomer to run a truck. I wonder how much training each team was given beforehand, especially after seeing the problems that the Murphy truck had with gas that knocked them out. They would probably have aced the potato challenge of last night's episode. Also, not bad for the Hawaiian team, coming in second after their penalty. Amazing what 60 yards can do. I do love all of the teams' looks. I really don't know about flag etiquette, as I have seen many pants, shorts, and athletic warm-ups using the Stars and Stripes pattern. I'm sure they meant no harm, but if it is considered by the majority to be upsetting, it would have been good of the Network to point it out.

  7. F. James says:

    What happens to the money the food trucks earn at each city? Are the teams given the money they have earned as they are eliminated?

  8. danperin674 says:

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