How to Make a Perfect Burger — Weekend Cookout

by in Recipes, August 17th, 2013

How to Make a Perfect BurgerWhile burgers are one of summer’s quintessential dishes and an ever-popular pick at backyard barbecues everywhere, cooking the ultimate between-the-bun creation takes patience and a bit of know-how. It’s not enough to simply slap some meat into a patty, flop it on the grill and melt cheese on top, as doing so has likely led to sorry results at least once or twice — or more. The kind of meat you buy, plus how you form the patties and the way in which they’re cooked all contribute to the overall taste and texture of the burger. Check out a few of Food Network’s top tips below for crafting a perfect burger at home, then browse step-by-step snapshots to learn more about how it’s done.

Fat Equals Flavor:
You may want to save the calorie-trimming for another meal, because making burgers isn’t the time to skimp on fat in your ground beef. Opt for ground chuck blended with about 20 percent fat (this will likely be advertised in stores as an 80/20 mixture), and season it simply with just salt and pepper to allow the taste of the meat and char to shine through between the bun.

Flat-Top Rules:
How many times have you formed a seemingly flat beef patty only to have it dome up while cooking? Prevent those humps and turn out level burgers every time by pressing your finger into the center of one side of the raw patty before it’s placed on the grill. That indent will account for the growth in height while cooking and ensure the final product is even.

Time to FlipFlip Time:
If your burgers have a tendency to fall apart while cooking, it’s likely because they’ve been scraped from the grill grates too early in the name of quick flipping. Meat will naturally unstick itself from the grill when it’s ready to be flipped, so if you slide your spatula underneath a patty and are met with considerable resistance, give it a bit more time before attempting to flip it.

Appetizer: White Bean Dip with Pita Chips 
Main Dish: Bobby’s Perfect Burger 
Side Dish: Grilled Potato Salad with Bacon-Scallion Vinaigrette 
Dessert: Cin-ful Peach Cobbler
Cocktail: Prickly Pear Iced Tea

This summer, Food Network’s Grilling Central is packed with recipes for the entire family’s taste buds, boasting the best in burgers, dogs, chicken and more all season long. But with so many recipes, where do you start? Each weekend, FN Dish is giving you a complete fuss-free menu.

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  1. Carsmaniacs says:

    The burger from this photo looks so delicious..yummy!

  2. Those are great tips for grilling hamburgers. I am one of those that seem to get impatient and try to flip to early. It seems like when each grilling season arrives, I have relearn not to flip too soon. I finally got the indent tip down pat though.

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