Go Behind the Scenes of Cutthroat Kitchen with Host Alton Brown

by in Shows, August 9th, 2013

Cutthroat KitchenFood Network’s new series Cutthroat Kitchen is turning the average culinary competition show on its head by adding the element of a game — one that includes sabotage, scheming and backstabbing. The way it works: Each of four competitors is given $25,000 to start with — money that can either be kept as a potential prize or used toward sabotage and the purchase of items/challenges in an auction helmed by host Alton Brown. But the game is not necessarily won by the most cunning competitor. In the end the best-tasting dish wins the chef his or her prize — whatever is left of it!

In this video from E! Online, watch host Alton Brown give viewers a tour of the Cutthroat Kitchen set, starting in the pantry, where the chefs have only 60 seconds to gather the items they plan to cook with. Then he shows off his dumbwaiter, which carries up the auction items. And of course there’s the briefcase full of money!

Watch the premiere of Cutthroat Kitchen on Sunday, August 11 at 10pm/9c.

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Comments (38)

  1. Jon says:

    Remaining money in 1 pot

  2. LaurieD says:

    I like the show as I love to watch the fun in this show. Keep up the good work Alton. The show has many turns and you are a great one to host it.

  3. Janet K. says:

    I LOVE the show!! I don't understand all the negativity. It's a competition that involves cooking ability, creativity, flexibility and strategy. I do love me some Alton Brown!! I also agree that the winner should be able to go home with the other looser's money as it would keep the competitors from being so greedy.

  4. Ricky Mc says:

    Cutthroat kitchen is everything I want in a cooking competition. No petty drama that comes along with having the same chefs week in and week out fighting and coping 'tudes with each other. No judges making comments about dishes being "too sweet" or "not enough salt" for every course. When the one chef put lobster on his sweet pasta I screamed "NO" which didn't get a reaction from my neighbors because they are used to hearing me screaming "No"…..when I'm watching "Chopped." This show is a winner and I can't wait to see an episode where celebrity chefs compete.

  5. Dee says:

    I have not seen even the 1st program. I will NEVER watch one. I watch Food Network all the time but not this. The advertisements are horrible enough – just like all the hatred and bad things going on in our world every day. We don't need any more. Hope you fail — big time!!!!!

    • John Layer says:

      well just the fact that you watched at all is saying that there was something that made you watch,
      there are 100,000,000 other shows to watch
      maybe you want more top chefs cooking dishes that you nor I could even make let alone reproduce,
      if you think you are such a great cook then please by all means call up food network as I am sure they will be glad to listen

  6. John says:

    how about the average person who is not a pro cook nor one who is the worst cook , but how about a show just calling up 10 normal people to cook and see what happens

  7. Marc says:

    When he first started Alton was okay. He had a really approachable every day guy appeal. But now, he is just awful. He comes across as such an arrogant, snarky, self-impressed snot. He is so self-absorbed and nowhere near as appealing as he thinks he is. He has lost his grounding and comes across as snide and condescending. Get him and this lousy show off of my TV, PLEASE!!!!

  8. Concerned Chef says:

    I think they are running out of ideas and judging by the sabotage request from the producers it is quite clear to me Cutthroat Kitchen is in deep trouble. Entire time I was watching this show I thought where is the 'cooking' If the show is all about sabotage and not about competing under extreme condition like the name suggests then why is it on Food Network. Furthermore why do they even bother judging the food when it is painfully clear that no culinary skill determines the outcome of the dish. Food Network should hire some good actors and script the show then I can poke fun at it rather then feeling like I wasted my time watching this mean spirited garbage. I used to think the whiny creepy guy on Sweet Genius was painful to watch, nevertheless Chef Ron guides his contestants to create something wonderful utilizing his surprise ingredients. Trying to rationalize the madness behind surprise auctions well in to cooking time which by the way only spells out doom for the recipient is utterly immoral and completely shatters the spirit of competition. It's sort of like running a 100 meter dash and at the last second the Olympic committee member trips you and says give me back the cash.

  9. gayle says:


  10. Michele says:

    Cutthroat is vastly entertaining! More than a recipe-styled "cook this" show, it has gems of alternate seasonings and textures change-offs, which actually give an indication of how ingredients work instead of mearly adding it because it's on a list. Bravo! I think Alton Brown is excellent in this roll. This show can teach me about cooking, not how to follow a recipe.

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