Go Behind the Scenes of Cutthroat Kitchen with Host Alton Brown

by in Shows, August 9th, 2013

Cutthroat KitchenFood Network’s new series Cutthroat Kitchen is turning the average culinary competition show on its head by adding the element of a game — one that includes sabotage, scheming and backstabbing. The way it works: Each of four competitors is given $25,000 to start with — money that can either be kept as a potential prize or used toward sabotage and the purchase of items/challenges in an auction helmed by host Alton Brown. But the game is not necessarily won by the most cunning competitor. In the end the best-tasting dish wins the chef his or her prize — whatever is left of it!

In this video from E! Online, watch host Alton Brown give viewers a tour of the Cutthroat Kitchen set, starting in the pantry, where the chefs have only 60 seconds to gather the items they plan to cook with. Then he shows off his dumbwaiter, which carries up the auction items. And of course there’s the briefcase full of money!

Watch the premiere of Cutthroat Kitchen on Sunday, August 11 at 10pm/9c.

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Comments (38)

  1. Davout says:

    Now I know FN is desperate.

  2. LydiaP says:

    What is the point of this show? has this network turned into the ultimate game show network for food?

    • LaurieD says:

      It is all in fun and entertaining for me. Sorry I used to be a chef and realize the challenge they have to go through when something gets thrown at them. The girl this week with all the tattoos that was so tough and wanted the sissy girl to go out first. When she was the first one off I was soooo happy.

  3. Rick Mancuso says:

    " Let the back stabbing begin" ? ALTON,ALTON,ALTON !!! Hey I've got an idea for a new show " Naked, Afraid, and Hungry " Rodney, Let the back stabbing begin !? You people better check out the mushrooms you've been eating

  4. C Barton says:

    Cooking competition is always a winner, yet Cutthroat Kitchen has an unsavory ingredient. Cooking is healthful and nurturing, so adding the backstabbing feature can break the true spirit of the celebration of good cooking.
    Please rethink this format.

  5. GMH says:

    I so disagree with the other comments, this is fun!! Lighten up!! I think this COULD be a great show in the same genre as chopped. The one suggestion I would make is to have more than one judge.

    • Mattski says:

      I agree, GMH. I'd rather see the sabotage played out in the open with a fun twist than the staged backstabbing of similar shows. Alton is funny as usual, and it all seemed good-natured in the end.

  6. Anything with Alton as host will be an enjoyable and educational time: the man knows food, and makes it fun.

    If this show has a weak link, it's the chefs themselves…there's only so much posturing, trash-talking, and chest-thumping I can take. You're not rock stars…you cook food. Get over yourselves.

    I love the idea of 60-second shopping and throwing curveballs throughout — it's a good test of thinking on your feet, dealing with disaster, and being able to make drastic changes to your plans on the fly. The guests need to take a cue from Iron Chef. True professionals are courteous and don't need to belittle their competition. Even when stealing all their utensils and making them cook on a hot plate.

  7. Paula says:

    I thought this was a great show. It had plenty of twist and turns. Lets face it anything with Alton is a good show. He is full of energy and you never know what he is going to say and do next. Antonia that was the judge tonight: I think she was on Top Chief Masters on Bravo.

  8. Anita says:

    Alton, this show is beneath your dignity. You are cherished by your fans for your wit, your vast culinary knowledge, your nimble verbal skills, and an overall sense your convey of decency and integrity. This show portrays you as a mean-spirited little d**k. Regardless of who the host would be, this show offers little to the foodie or the cook. But if seems humiliating for you to waste your talents on this cheesy, gimmicky sideshow. I was embarrassed to watch you in it. Do yourself a favor and call in sick next week.

  9. Viewer says:

    Is Antonia Lebosa for real??? The most pathetic excuse for a judge I have seen yet. She likes processed turkey and doesnt understand frenchtoast, eggs, and fruit. One of the most common, go to breakfasts ever! lol!

  10. Manassas422 says:

    It would have been helpful if a box containg the amount of money each contestant had left was left on the screen, perhaps to the upper right of each chef, during the entire show. That way the audience would not lose track of each contestant's purse. The upper right corner would be easier for visually impaired people such as myself to see during the show.

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