Citrus-Inspired Stationery to Beat the Summer Heat

by in Product Reviews, August 6th, 2013

Citrus-Inspired StationaryCitrus season may technically be in the winter, but really, is there anything more refreshing than that zesty fruit in the hot summer months? I think not. For those of you trying to beat the heat in every way possible, here are a few citrus-inspired cards and gifts to take a peek at while you sip that glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Citrus-Inspired CardsLeft: Smock; Upper right: Bears Eat Berries; Lower right: Vandalia Street Press

Citrus-Inspired CardsTop row from left: Maple & Belmont, Mad Design, laLa Grace Paper; Bottom row from left: 9th Street Letter Press and Ferme a Papier

Citrus-Inspired GiftsFrom left: Sprouted DesignsSmudge Ink, One Canoe Two

Citrus-Inspired GiftsTop row from left: Lucile’s Kitchen, Geraldine AdamsGeraldine Adams; Bottom row from left: Rifle Paper Co., Sycamore Street Press, Rifle Paper Co.

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