The Original Pitmaster and First ShedHed, Brad Orrison

by in Behind the Scenes, Shows, August 19th, 2013

Shed fans know that Brad Orrison is the mastermind behind The Shed, the mecca for barbecue in southern Mississippi, but what fans might not know is that Hobson wasn’t the original pit master — it was Brad. “Food was always a passion for the family,” Brad recently told FN Dish. “During my college years I opened both a pizzeria and sushi joint. But what I loved the most was the aspect of barbecue.” From the restaurant’s inception to date, Brad has worn many hats.

Click on the play button on the video above and get to know Brad a little better.

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Comments (20)

  1. Debbie Martin says:

    The food is not good, the prices are high and yet they still feel they have to steal from employees and Mobile County. Dear Food Network, you crucified Paula Deen and gave this crook his own show. I have been an avid fan for years but Food Network and Cooking Channel are off my lineup until YOU show some class. Ask Paula, she has plenty!!!!

  2. Christy B. says:

    After watching an interview of Brad with a local news outlet regarding the closing of The Shed in Mobile, Alabama and the callous manner the employees were handled I will never watch this show. He laughed as he said "hey get another job". Just down right nasty. I hope the show flops simply because of his nasty disregard for those poor people that lost their jobs. So unprofessional and unkind as a human being. I will say a prayer for you.

  3. Regina says:

    Way to go Brad Orrison just as tasteless as you food! You're lack of regard for the employees who make you business is less than disgusting. Maybe you should "go get a new job"!
    Success has ruined you. You embarrass the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

  4. DJDirLy says:

    I cannot believe that the Food Network even promotes this arrogant jerk, yet they throw Paula Deen out on her butt for something that happened years ago. This jerk mistreats his employees, just like Deen is accused of doing, so why is he still on the air!??!?!? There are PLENTY of people who can attest to that. He was late on his restaurant's taxes, which in turn had the building in Mobile, AL closed, resulting in people losing their jobs. His response? HE LAUGHED AND SAID "OHH WELL, NOW YOU NEED TO GET A NEW JOB". He makes me sick, and his BBQ isn't anything to write home about so quit calling it the MECCA of southern BBQ. Orrison is an arrogant prick. I have gotten stuck behind him and his ridiculously large Hummer that he constantly gets stuck in drive thrus because it is too big. He just laughs and leaves. He is a DISGRACE to the state of Mississippi and makes it appear as if everyone from there is a bumbling moron. I really thought Food Network had a sense of picking quality characters to represent them, OBVIOUSLY I WAS SADLY MISTAKEN. Time to remove Food Network from my cable provider package.

  5. DJbrown says:

    I am blown away by what I saw today on WKRG News 5 Mobile, AL. Brad is Ebenezer Scrooge incarnate.. There are no words for this man and his business practices!! Oh yes I do.. Brad, you left employees "high and dry" and smirked about it. Fathers, mothers, students who are paying their way through an education to a better life. If I weren't Christian I would tell you where you can get off, but I will say that _you will reap what you sow.. Smirk away, what goes around comes around and if I have my way, Ocean Springs AND Gulfport (if that location is still open) will be closing shortly!!

  6. big buck says:

    This show sucks just like the food. I hope the network can find a better show, and cancel this poor excuse for Mississippi people and and food. There has to be some thing better to put on.

  7. dien dan seo says:

    I have been an avid fan for years but Food Network and Cooking Channel are off my lineup until YOU show some class.

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