Discover the Midwest on Amy Thielen’s Heartland Table

by in Shows, August 28th, 2013

Amy Thielen on Heartland Table

America’s middle may be known for its lush green pastures and rolling hills, but it’s also home to some of the most comforting and creative food in the country, thanks to its focus on farming and rural, rustic living. On her all-new upcoming series, Heartland Table (Saturday, Sept. 14 at 10:30am/9:30c), Amy Thielen, a born-and-raised Minnesotan, is on a mission to introduce her Midwest to viewers through her signature takes on the classic dishes of the area.

Amy is a chef and a former restaurant cook who enjoyed a stint in some of New York City’s most revered eateries, but after years in the Big Apple, she moved home to Minnesota with her husband to raise their family. On Heartland Table, she’ll showcase some of her region’s most comforting and authentic dishes using only the freshest goods available, like straight-from-the-garden greens, locally sourced eggs and meat, and neighborhood produce. Now a cookbook author and blogger, Amy knows what it takes to turn out the hearty, family-focused food for which the heartland is famous, and she’ll show audiences how deliciously simple it is to make these meals in their homes, no matter which part of the country they’re in.

When she’s not cooking in her log cabin, Amy will be scouring the area to find the local businesses and meet the purveyors that specialize in producing some of the Midwest’s most traditional eats and drinks, like just-made butter and microbrews. She’ll learn the secrets of their trade and even taste some of their signature products while giving viewers an insider’s look at the hows and wheres of these goods.

Don’t miss the premiere of Heartland Table on Saturday, September 14 at 10:30am/9:30c.

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Comments (23)

  1. MoHub says:

    So, is this the Midwest version of Pioneer Woman?

  2. Alice says:

    Can't wait for this it looks like it might be a good one.

  3. pam says:

    Being born and raised on a farm in Illinois, I get a kick looking at Midwest recipes….the Jello salads and crock-pot potato ones!!

  4. Kami says:

    i can't wait for this, Amy Thielen is an accomplished chef and writer. Her blog is a free gift to the world, and is so good she should charge for every post. Her style is genuine, real, and plain smart, and her recipes? her step by step instructions on how to butcher a pig? Her description of leaf lard? She is a secret I don't want to share.

  5. Dakota Jay says:

    I won't be able to watch this on Saturday morning — will it be online, or rebroadcast later?

  6. Susan says:

    Finally a new chef on FN we can get excited about – she's the real deal.

  7. Nanette says:

    She mentions her Grandmother often. Would that be Marcia Adams, Cooking from the Heartland, from years gone by?

  8. Eileen Bertera says:

    What a wonderful new cooking show, I watched, and I am hooked! I love that she grows her own vegetables. I also might have finally learned how to make pie crust. Very down to earth. i am a huge fan of the James Beard cookbook, American Cookery, and can't wait to read Amy's book. I have a huge herb garden and loved the way she infused the herbs, very cool!

  9. Terry Harrison says:

    Finally a real cooking show with plenty of helpful info, she makes mistakes and then shows where to go when you do make a mistake. Not a crazy contest, not over produced and slick the way most FN shows have gone . and now the chefs from FN are subjecting us to commercials for products they are getting paid to endorse I.e. Robert Irvine with. Sysco truck pulling up , Bobby Flay and some yogurt. Tired of these stock personality driven

  10. Hallie says:

    I LOVE this new show. It is so welcoming, and down to earth. Amy describes the food so well, we already want to make all her recipes!

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