Aloha Plate — Rolling Out the Great Food Truck Race

by in Shows, August 8th, 2013

Aloha Plate
Food TrucksThe start of the fourth season of The Great Food Truck Race is just a little more than a week away. Every day leading up to the premiere on Sunday, August 18 at 9pm/8c, FN Dish is introducing one of the new food truck teams. Like last season, the competitors are made up of first-time food truck operators who dream of one day running their own businesses, but this time the challenges are even harder — and the journey longer. With $50,000 in prize money and a free food truck on the line, it’s a high-stakes race to make the most profits every week in order to get to the finish line.

Food Truck: Aloha Plate

Team Members: Lanai, Shawn, Adam (pictured above)

Home Base: Los Angeles, Maui and Oahu, Hawaii

Food Concept: Classic Hawaiian dishes and flavors

These Hawaiian guys — brothers Adam and Lanai and best friend Shawn — are on a mission to bring the foods of Hawaii to the mainland with their food truck, Aloha Plate. Adam and Lanai learned to cook out of necessity, growing up in tough conditions with their mom struggling to make ends meet. One fateful day, Adam saved a drowning man; in return, the man offered to pay for Adam’s culinary school. After 17 years in the food industry, Adam is ready to take his talents to the streets with dishes like loco moco and poke. Winning a food truck business would not only mean independence for the guys, but it would mean the brothers would be able to give back to their mom and thank her for all the sacrifices she made.

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