What’s Your Dream Mall Eatery? — Food Court Wars

by in Shows, July 25th, 2013

Food Court WarsFood Court WarsFood Court Wars is changing the landscape of food courts in malls across America. The series helps aspiring restaurant business owners open their dream eateries in food courts. Each team has something unique and homemade to offer shoppers who are excited to try something different while at the mall.

With every episode, the team that wins is given a food court space rent-free for one year, which is a big financial relief for a starter business. Popular demand for their food helps the leading team win — and outearn the other team. If you could dream up your own food court eatery, what would it be? Do you have a winning concept that you think would rock the food court?

Have you always wanted a restaurant to sell your specialty dishes? Tell us in the comments what your ideal food court eatery would be called, what foods it would specialize in and why you think it would give the other eateries a run for their money.

Watch Food Court Wars on Sundays at 8pm/7c.

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Comments (36)

  1. BuffaloShack says:

    We would like to compete in Food Court Wars with our Buffalo Chili. We have many awards and trophies from competition chili. Our chili uses real Buffalo Meat and is smoked on a smoker to give it a unique taste. We also do Gumbo & Buffalo shaped cookies. Just enjoy serving people.

  2. Anastasia McNish says:

    I would be very interested in an Authentic Caribbean Cuisine restaurant in a mall.

  3. Valerie McGuire says:

    I have a food court concept that I believe to be unique. It would be called "Wrap n' Roll. It would beature wrapped sandwiches of different and ethic flavors. The wrap sandwiches would also feature a local favorite for whatever location it could be. For instance, I live in San Diego and naturally I think Mexican. Conversely, a store in say some where in the south could incorporate southern style foods. The "Roll" part is featuring rolled cakes (roulade) cakes. There are many recipes that I have in mind depending on the market but a few standard cakes. For instance, carrot cake roll, velvet cake roll, pumpkin roll, apple cake roll, german chocolate, lemon blueberry, black forest, etc the list goes on and on . Both the wraps and the rolls can be eaten in the court or easily taken on the go. The 'Roll" part of the business could spin off what has become a billion dollar/year industry, the cupcake. I came up with this because I find cakes to often be dry and prefer pie. So creating a roll cake with different types of cakes and fillings satisfies my sweet tooth. Guest can order for lunch, dessert, or both, I would also incorporate local, organic products and feature vegetarian and vegan food too.

  4. Anna Berrey says:

    "Grandma's Place" old fashioned southern comfort foods from our grandma's cookbook with mini pies and cakes for dessert. ENTREE, 3 SIDES, DESSERT AND DRINK FOR 7.99. Prepared by sisters and served by our children and cousins with that southern family flair that makes folks feel welcome and like family.

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