VOTE: Star vs. Chopped Grilled Chicken Showdown

by in Recipes, Shows, July 7th, 2013

Star. vs. Chopped Grilled Chicken ShowdownWe challenged two prestigious groups — Chopped judges and Food Network Star winners — to a summer recipe showdown. All season long, we’ll present head-to-head matchups of mouthwatering summer recipes from each team — from refreshing cocktails to fresh farmers’-market salads to the juiciest backyard burgers. By voting each week here on FN Dish or on our Fan Feed, you’ll determine the winning recipes.

At the end of the summer, the team that tallies up the most wins will celebrate with an all-star Labor Day party menu. Who will prevail as Summer Showdown champion — Star or Chopped?

This week, Guy Fieri and Alex Guarnaschelli fire up their grills for a head-to-head chicken showdown. Who grills the better bird? Cast your votes below!

Grilled Chicken Showdown: Alex’s Yogurt-Marinated Grilled Chicken vs. Guy’s Jerked Chicken Kebabs

Alex’s yogurt marinade makes her chicken extra juicy and flavorful. She serves it with a homemade harissa sauce loaded with spices, garlic and roasted red pepper.

Guy marinates chicken breast in a mixture of spices, peppers, soy sauce and orange juice for a couple of hours before grilling his kebabs. He serves the juicy chunks of chicken with a fresh mango salsa.

Whose chicken will you grill up next?

For more favorite summer recipes, check out Food Network’s Grilling Central. Head back here to FN Dish or check out our Fan Feed next week for a new Summer Showdown matchup!

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Comments (8)

  1. kathy says:

    It is a double standard when politicians can get away with going to prostitutes or take photos of their private parts and put them on the internet, be exonerated, forgiven and run again for office and yet Paula Deen, who was totally truthful about an incident that happened so long ago gets trashed from her sponsors? What the FoodNetwork did was unforgiving and downright mean. Paula was one of the better shows.

    • Kathy M says:

      You don't have the whole story. Read the transcript of her deposition – she has shown a repeated and continual pattern of questionable behavior. For example, she saw nothing wrong with her brother watching adult videos on the computer in view of the staff; when planning her brother's wedding in '07, she wanted to have young African-American men dress up as if they were 19th century slaves on a plantation.

      In this day and age when money is king, no network is going to risk keeping someone around who is mired in controversy.

  2. Carol Keefe says:

    Foodnetwork I have lost respect for you. I no longer watch any of your shows. To bad, you did have a few good ones. I support Paula Dean for being truthful and having the courage to do so. We have all made mistakes in our lives,owning up to them is priceless,

  3. Judy says:

    They both look delicious. I love watching them both. Looking forward to new Stars and new Ideas on the Food Network. Thank you for doing the right thing. I have been a long time viewer and will continue to support you. Thanks Food Network.

  4. Joan says:

    Bring back Paula!!!!

  5. Kathy M says:

    To all of you who are saying that Paula Deen got a bum wrap, please take the time to educate yourself on the whole story. This is not about her saying a certain word 20+ years ago. She has shown a repeated (and fairly recent) pattern of questionable behavior.

  6. Deb says:

    You people totally ignored the first comment from Kathy M., please go back and read it and let it sink in because it is a known fact.

  7. nolongerfanoffoodnet says:

    I can guarantee that if the media decided to look into every single person connected to Food Network (all the Chef's, producers, camera personnel, etc), someone has said or did something unkind or call someone a name. Yet, they have not been release of their contracts. If they had been, Food Network would not be on TV. There is not one person in this entire world that is perfect. You people in the Food Network big office, take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask the question. Have I been the perfect person towards anyone? I do not condone what Paula may have said 20 years ago, but I do respect her enough to make it right. We and you do not have the right to make judgement on her. Only God can do that to her.

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