Restaurant Revisited: Barely Edible at Hurley’s American Grille

by in Shows, July 21st, 2013

Restaurant: ImpossibleWhen Robert Irvine arrived at Edibles Restaurant & Pub in Horsham, Pa., it didn’t take long for him to realize the “misguided family” that owned the business was as much of a contributing factor to its failure as was the eatery’s filthy interior, “blah” decor and unappealing food. Husband and wife John Sr. and Butzy Hurley have been at the helm of their business for nearly 30 years, but despite their presence in the kitchen and at the front of the house, their staff, including their children, John Jr., Heather and Jennifer, and their nephew Steve, noted a significant lack of leadership. This, coupled with John Sr.’s strained relationship with his son, had contributed to Edibles’ $4,000-per-month losses, which Robert had only two days and $10,000 to attempt to rectify.

For the first time in six seasons of filming Restaurant: Impossible, Robert believed the best and most important means of improving a restaurant would be to change the business’ name and rebrand it with a descriptive, engaging and enticing identity, which is how Edibles became Hurley’s American Grille on opening day. Read on below to hear from John Sr., Heather and Steve, and find out how Hurley’s is doing a few months after its relaunch.

“The first couple weeks were great,” Steve explains of the time immediately after filming. “I feel like we’re busier, but our bills are higher because of the expenses of new staff.”

Edibles’ new name, Hurley’s American Grille, has been well-received by nearly everyone, according to Steve. Heather adds: “Many think that the restaurant has changed ownership. They ask and we tell them that it is our family name.”

The transformations in decor and food have also proved successful, Steve noting, “People really like the higher pub tables in the middle.” Some diners miss items from the old menu, according to Heather, while Steve says that Robert’s cheese steak is still being served. John Sr. agrees with Steve that since Robert taught them how to use the smoker, the machine is being used more frequently than it was pre-renovation, now being employed to make chicken and pulled pork.

In the future, John Sr. says, he hopes to “Bring back some of the staples we had on the menu before … [and] continue to work on the menu and make some changes with the bar area.”

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Comments (200)

  1. Howard says:

    I tried to eat at this place this past Friday night. I went in at 8:30 pm and sat at a booth on the bar side of the restaurant and about 10 minutes went by and a waitress brought us drinks and said she would be over in a few minutes to take our order. 20 minutes later, we walked out as no one came over to take our order. This place is screwed up as they have no idea how a restaurant works. They had live music in the bar area and were not very busy. Tables designed for 8 were sat with 2 people.

  2. guest says:

    Okay, well if edible's isn't an appetizing name, I'm certainly not going to a place called Hurley's. It sounds like it's going to make me sick.

  3. jrrob says:

    I saw the episode this sunday evening and I believe the owners are key on taking and making sure that the changes were made to assist them in running their business and being successful and taking it to next level it's in their hands when the filming is done it is up to them, hopefully they will succeed, good luck

  4. Dona Prescott says:

    This restaurant has FAR TOO MANY relatives working in it. John Sr.'s remark about being (my paraphrasing here): 'glad to be able to employ his family' struck me as totally delusional; b/c how good is it when one of your kids has to have a second (or FIRST) job ? This family plainly has NO BUSINESS owning a restaurant b/c they're pretty clueless about the way it should be done! I frequently wonder WTH these RI owners did for a living before they took the (ill-considered) step of plunging themselves into the catastrophic debt situation. I DO know more than a few people who can't seem to handle working for a living, so they do this "own my own business" dance…the general motivational consensus on the subject seems to be that they don't want to work at all, and are of the grievous error of believing that being the boss means LESS work, rather than the truth of the matter: it's actually FAR more work, not less. I've NEVER wanted my own business. I started working in a restaurant at age 13, and immediately noticed that the family/owners could NEVER get away from it. I work to live, NOT the reverse.

  5. SueS says:

  6. Melissa says:

    I saw the episode, i think Robert and his team did a brilliant job! :-)
    The place looks great now, the food looks great as well! If im in the area im going definitely stop by!
    I really wish nothing but the best and much sucess for the Hurleys' American Bar and Grill as well as
    the Hurley family! Great job on the redo! The only thing i would suggest is hiring two managers to make
    the place solid. One for the kitchen that takes care of the menu, knows how to cook etc. takes care of everything in the kitchen as a manager. And a floor manager to have people seated properly, the servers taking orders quickly, and keep the floor moving quickly. This way so Mr.Hurley or Mrs.Hurley can be up front to take care of the finances.

  7. Sisshi says:

    To be honest, while yes it's their family name, having a restaurant with the name 'hurl' in it makes me not want to go there.

  8. Gina Brooks says:

    My Husband and I live in Tolleson Arizona , we had to tape the program and watched it tonight finally, I must say, The Father deserved this more than anything in the world. Robert you and your staff did a great job, we wish we could go to this restaurant and just give the family a big hug.. and eat some of that smoked Chicken.. Love the Décor.. GREAT JOB.. All the best to the family.. and to all the others on here posting unkind things, you don't even deserve to watch the show because you have no idea the meaning of it.


    Here we go again! "Chef" Robert Irvine took a place and gave it a very non-functional facelift and an very pedestrian menu. Look at the pictures of the food? Way too many run of the mill items. I am amazed this place is still in business after he got done with it….

  10. Spooner says:

    I just saw the Hurley show (a repeat) last night. Now I read these comments and it is inconceivable to me that the recipients of this great gift can dismiss it as just a blip in their road to ruin. The family had an incredible kitchen and when Robert I. and crew got through with them, the front of the house was warm and welcoming. Without money management, any business will fail. But when will people like the Hurleys realize that the success of the restaurant business is all about food. You can have the most beautiful restaurant this side of the Ritz, and if the food is sub-par, you will eventually go belly up. I have been in restaurants that were literally dark holes in the wall. One Chinese restaurant in San Francisco actually had a dirt floor, for heaven's sake. But the food was so fabulously good, people stood in line to get in. Take a lesson, people.

    As for a little drama, Robert would impress me more if he just put his head down on the table and sobbed.

    One other thought: When I read through commentaries such as this one, I have to wonder how well the writers profited from the free education they received from the U.S. government.

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