Restaurant Revisited: Barely Edible at Hurley’s American Grille

by in Shows, July 21st, 2013

Restaurant: ImpossibleWhen Robert Irvine arrived at Edibles Restaurant & Pub in Horsham, Pa., it didn’t take long for him to realize the “misguided family” that owned the business was as much of a contributing factor to its failure as was the eatery’s filthy interior, “blah” decor and unappealing food. Husband and wife John Sr. and Butzy Hurley have been at the helm of their business for nearly 30 years, but despite their presence in the kitchen and at the front of the house, their staff, including their children, John Jr., Heather and Jennifer, and their nephew Steve, noted a significant lack of leadership. This, coupled with John Sr.’s strained relationship with his son, had contributed to Edibles’ $4,000-per-month losses, which Robert had only two days and $10,000 to attempt to rectify.

For the first time in six seasons of filming Restaurant: Impossible, Robert believed the best and most important means of improving a restaurant would be to change the business’ name and rebrand it with a descriptive, engaging and enticing identity, which is how Edibles became Hurley’s American Grille on opening day. Read on below to hear from John Sr., Heather and Steve, and find out how Hurley’s is doing a few months after its relaunch.

“The first couple weeks were great,” Steve explains of the time immediately after filming. “I feel like we’re busier, but our bills are higher because of the expenses of new staff.”

Edibles’ new name, Hurley’s American Grille, has been well-received by nearly everyone, according to Steve. Heather adds: “Many think that the restaurant has changed ownership. They ask and we tell them that it is our family name.”

The transformations in decor and food have also proved successful, Steve noting, “People really like the higher pub tables in the middle.” Some diners miss items from the old menu, according to Heather, while Steve says that Robert’s cheese steak is still being served. John Sr. agrees with Steve that since Robert taught them how to use the smoker, the machine is being used more frequently than it was pre-renovation, now being employed to make chicken and pulled pork.

In the future, John Sr. says, he hopes to “Bring back some of the staples we had on the menu before … [and] continue to work on the menu and make some changes with the bar area.”

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Comments (200)

  1. Paula Lee says:

    Everybody, wake up, you need a guy like Robert to get the job done, and be truthful so the wonders can succeed, change is always hard put in time you will be successful. His behavior is him, a sincere person, he is no joke.

  2. Happy Camper says:

    We ate there today and tried the cheesesteak with provolone and the pulled pork with fries. They were both tender, fresh, delivered hot to the table and yummy. The place was full and the service was quite good and friendly. The place was clean, attractive and well-lit. We'll be back.
    The signs at the street entrance needs to be changed.

  3. guest says:

    I wondered how long until the old menu came back. Too bad. I figured the food problems were centered on cooks who couldn't cook. They were just going through the motions. He showed them some good dishes – but it was monkey see, monkey do. The longer it had been since he showed them, they probably stopped remembering how to mimic it. Same with the smoker – they still can't use it.

    They're reverting to the old menu because it's what they know. They need to spend a few more bucks and bring in either a real cook – or someone to come in and teach them how to cook and create.

    Otherwise it will eventually fail again.

  4. Curious says:

    Don't see a Q & A section but curious if there is a way to find out where the decorators get their supplies. I really like the plastic sheets of "bronze" they put up on the walls in the Edibles episode but don't know where to find them.

  5. Janice says:

    I would like to know who pays the $10,000. the show or thw owners?

    • Veronica says:

      Really? Like the owners would have money! The show pays…. That's the point. They are very lucky to be chosen by FN.

      • Melissa says:

        Yes it's the Network that foots the bill for the makeovers. And yes, anyone who gets selected to appear on the show is very lucky and should really listen to advise. I only wish RI was around when my mom had her resturaunt.

    • Laura says:

      Food Network/Sponsors are they ones who pay the 10k but what Chef Robert does/gives these owners/families are priceless. No amount of money can repair the fractures in these relationships as Chef has done in only a few days. He may be a tough guy but his heart/luv for others is 10k times larger then his arms!!

    • Betty Boop says:

      YOU pay the $10,000!!! The bill is on its way, dipstick.

    • Melissa says:

      The people that are asking for help obviously DONT have any money! If they are lucky , they get chosen by Food Network . Food Network gets a show and the owners get a new beginning . Its a win win situation for everybody!

  6. Todd says:

    Has nobody noticed that they spelled Hurley's incorrectly. If it's supposed to represent a "Family" restaurant it should be spelled, Hurleys'.

    The Whole Family’s Last Name
    To show possession of a whole family: First, add -es or -s to write the family’s last name in plural form. Then, add an apostrophe at the end to show possession.

    Right: Pip belongs to the Joneses. Pip is the Joneses’ cat.
    Wrong: Pip belongs to the Joneses. Pip is the Jones’s cat.

    Right: Jet belongs to the Smiths. Jet is the Smiths’ cat.
    Wrong: Jet belongs to the Smiths. Jet is the Smiths’s cat.

    It would have been hilarious had someone pointed that out to Robert after the big name change reveal.

    • Gomez Addams says:

      I disagree entirely. The name of the owner is Hurley. No one in the entire world is going to call the place Hurleys', pronounced Hurleyses. That is just not going to happen so to have a name reflecting that is pointless.

    • FYI says:

      The examples you give are names ending in s; Hurley ends in y Hurley's is correct.

      • efd says:

        Smith doesn't end in S. Just a point.

        • FYI says:

          Thanks, point taken. However, Hurley's is correct as well as Hurleys' and today it's okay not to use any apostrophe making it Hurleys.

          • Alysoun says:

            It is NOT OK not to use any apostrophe! A lot of idiots do it, and they also add extra apostrophes to plurals ("no dog's allowed"). Doesn't make it OK.

            I was with you on your first response, though. Trying to make it Hurleys' (a plural possessive) is unnecessary and implies that each individual family member is an owner. What's implied is "the Hurley Family" and the family is one entity.

          • FYI says:

            Barclays Bank and Harrods Department Store just to name a couple dropped their apostrophe quite some time ago and as far a I know they're not idiots.
            I said it was okay…I didn't say it was correct.

          • Guest says:

            Macy's. Kohl's. Bloomingdale's. McDonald's. Lowe's.

          • William says:

            As a trademark you can spell it, punctuate it, write it upside down all you want. Those are trademarks. They do not change grammar. As a name of a business they should as well own their name as a trademark and thus can spell it any damn way they want. They are branding a business, not writing a book report. The rule about pluralization does no change because Harrods decides it does. It also doesn't make Harrods wrong for not using an apostrophe.

    • Douglas Widick says:

      Hurley's reads as: "Hurley is". The sign is saying that Hurley(the family), is Restaurant(the best). Robert Irvine is much more intelligent than he lets on people so why don't you go eat there or shut up.

    • PG123 says:

      WRONG. An apostrophe indicates possession. Their last name is Hurley, so it's Hurley's restaurant.

    • GiveARat's says:

      I don't think I saw it as incorrect, since either Hurley's or Hurleys' could be appropriate. But I expected, with all of the emphasis placed on the family nature of the business, that it would be Hurleys', noting ownership by the family, instead of Hurley's, which denotes ownership by one person named Hurley.

      Most of the rest of the commenters in this thread need to go back to elementary school, starting around 3rd grade. Depressing.

    • gwnola says:

      Your use of punctuation is accurate. (I teach English.) But I'm not sure that the application is accurate for this situation. Does the business belong to Mr. Hurley or all of the Hurleys? That makes a difference. I know of many businesses that use the family name in the singular form, often because its heritage was with a single proprietor though many may own it today. Perhaps it would've been better to call it Hurley Family's American Grille.

  7. jill n says:

    We ate there tonight. Food was good but whomever is cooking is slow and it took forever to get our food and we were not alone. People were complaining and some got their food to go. We ran into a man on the way out who said he would never be coming back. People were getting free meals. I would order there again but take out only because we don't live real close and by the time we got there our food might be done. They need to get their staff organized or this place will not make it.

  8. Devin says:

    Just watched this episode tonight. Name change from barely "edibles" to I'm think I'm gonna "hurley" – not sure it's any better! I think I'd take "edible" food over barf any day….

    • patricia says:

      just went this past saturday after seeing the program. It was just as you said. I had the chicken and corn was waterlogged and cold when delivered and no grill marks. I was very disappointed and don't think they paid attention to what Robert had to say and show them. will never go back for sure.

  9. Lisa B says:

    We tried the new Hurley's/ old Edibles and actually was quite disappointed. I had the new signature chicken BBQ with fried corn on the cob on top of a bed of fries. The chicken was way overlooked, the corn and fries were disgustingly greasy and the presentation was careless. I ate so little of my food that the waiter asked me if I was SURE that I didn't want to have my leftovers boxed up , since I had hardly eaten any of my meal. I respectfully replyed ,"No thank you."
    I will say though, that the decor was a HUGE improvement over the old. Simple changes made it feel like we were dining in a restaurant not eating in someones old kitchen. Regretfully, we will not be returning, but best of luck to you Hurley family. I never like to see a small business go under. Hopefully other Horsham patrons will be able to keep your life's work afloat.

  10. Brian says:

    Employee theft, witnessed it first hand and will not go back. Bartender took money a guest left to pay their tab and pocketed all the cash. There was no POS system to track anything, just a cash register and she did not ring in anything. Check was handwritten.

    • Andy says:

      Interesting. Can you describe the bartender please. I am new there and would like to make a point with the owner.

    • Lyds says:

      Was it employee theft or a family member not ringing up something so they don't need to report income? We have tons of cash-only businesses here in Florida and I refuse to frequent any of them because you know they're doing it to get out of paying taxes.

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