Introducing Bubba and His Custom Bubba-Q Grills

by in Shows, July 23rd, 2013

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your very own custom-made barbecue, but didn’t know where to get one, you’re in luck, because there’s one man who’s the expert. Bubba, Texas-born but Philadelphia-based, builds custom, made-to-order grills — there’s almost no grill he can’t create. Check him out on Food Network’s new series Bubba-Q, which premieres Monday, August 19 at 10:30pm.

As a genuine Texas pit master with more than 40 years of barbecue experience, Bubba knows what he’s doing. When he’s not building custom smokers and grills, he runs a catering outfit and cooks for weekly hoedowns at the Hedger House Bar and Grill. But even the best ‘cue master can’t do it all by himself. Bubba has help from his family and friends, characters who all bring their own specialties to the table.

Bubba’s brother George, known as Fobo, a ’60s hippie through and through, is Bubba’s right-hand man, helping him build the one-of-a-kind barbecues. Then there’s Bubba’s son Bobby, who’s the brains of the operation — with his degree in engineering, he has the right combination of technical know-how and common sense to bring the technical aspects of each custom grill to life without letting it get out of control. Barry, Bubba’s longtime friend, is a metal fabricator, or “man of steel,” who can turn almost anything into a custom barbecue. Arlene is Bubba’s sister-in-law, who, when she’s not working at her tattoo shop or riding her motorcycle, helps Bubba by designing the artwork for each grill and by doing the custom paint jobs. And finally, without Lonni, Bubba’s business manager in charge of customer relations and sales, there’d be no one to keep the team in line.

Bubba-Q premieres Monday, August 19 at 10:30pm. Watch the preview of the new Food Network series above.

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Comments (45)

  1. John C. Thompson says:

    Hey Bubba, George, Barry, Bobby and Arlene. I just saw the show and loved it. I went to school with Arlene and know that she was a talented artist. I also love to BBQ and can't wait to see more of your creations and maybe try some of your "Q". I wish the best to all of you!!!

  2. P.J,. says:

    Awesome job Bubba! Do you still make your famous Bridgendine?

  3. Marc & Betty says:

    Really enjoyed the show. Impressive ideas and building skills. Good Luck.

  4. Tara says:

    OMG Loved the show. I watch Food Network all the time. Love the cast especially FBO he is awesome. All the cast is great except Lonnie. Is she for real? She just doesnt fit in. Wish they would get rid of her aside from Lonnie the show is great will continue to watch it just wish it was an hour long. Half an hour just isnt enough. Need more Bubba Q!!!!!!!

  5. Devan Keyes says:

    My name is Devan, I have a wonderful father that could use your help. He has a mustang we call the rust-tang. My dad sold it to my brother a few yrs ago. My dad already restored a 66' fastback mustang. Wanted to do a coupe for my mom. But she has major health issues and she had to stop working. So he sold the car to my brother, keeping in family. But my brother trying to sell it for a down payment for a house. My brother and wife, and 2 children live in my parent's downstairs. But my grandmother needs to move in, so they need to move out. Anyways…dad took a loan out to buy back car, and give them down payment. Turning it in to a bubba q could really help everyone. Taking a grill/ smoker/ bbq could help pay for bills. Thank you if anyone reads this. And would love for you to help people that truly need it. And deserve it, they have done so much for me, my sister and two brother. Thank you!!!

  6. julia says:

    Bubba-Q is the best thing since sliced bread. And they'll put some slammin' barbeque right on that sliced bread. LOVE THE SHOW!!!!

  7. Big Joe says:

    Hey Bubba ! You said there was going to be a show and lo and behold here it is ! Don't forget to come back to the Hedger and cook us some more Bubba Q !

  8. John says:

    sorry but alittle to redneck for philly….. becouse he is actualy in jersey

  9. Michael J. Corris says:

    Great show Bubba, names mike. I am from jersey. But. Job moved me to Florida. Spend most of my spare time parking my "70 bronco on Daytona beach. Would love to make it a "BUBBA,S BRONCO-Q" and show it off on the beach. Let's talk.

  10. Sherry Ed Jankowsky says:

    Bubba we are so proud of you. Fabulous show. And yes people Bubba is truly just as awesome in real life. What a great show what a great person… Wishing you an amazing amount of luck. See you at the hedger real soon.

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