No-Mercy Culinary Antics to Take Over Alton Brown’s Cutthroat Kitchen

by in Shows, July 9th, 2013

They are the cooking show competitor’s top-two wishes: to be able to mess with rivals enough to sabotage their game and to gain an advantage to improve their own chances of winning. On Alton Brown’s brand-new upcoming series, contestants will have the opportunity to enjoy both experiences.

Premiering Sunday, August 11 at 10pm/9c, Cutthroat Kitchen pits four culinary superstars against each other, and to be victorious in this three-round contest, they’ll need to put savvy mind games to work as much as they do cooking chops. Each will have access to $25,000 in cash, and it’s up to them to decide how to spend their money in an auction: Do they pay out to earn the exclusive use of a crucial ingredient, like salt, or do they sentence their opponents to a brutal round of cooking, one in which they’re prohibited from tasting their dishes? In the ultimate balance of risk and reward, the competitors must determine on which benefits it’s worth spending their funds and which curveballs may eventually prove damaging enough to others to ultimately pay off, as the winner’s prize is whatever money he or she has left over afterward.

Immediately after each of the 13 upcoming episodes, viewers can visit to watch exclusive videos of Alton, a mentor on Food Network Star, and the judges dishing on competitors’ disappointing flops and shocking successes.

Don’t miss the premiere of Cutthroat Kitchen on Sunday, August 11 at 10pm/9c, immediately following the finale of Food Network Star.

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Comments (110)

  1. Mamolah says:

    Very disappointed, especially in Alton Brown.This is show to teach others how to bully. It is not bad enough to have that problem all over, now we showing that as something that we praise and the meanest person gets rewarded. Felt horrible for very nice chef Savan, he was very calm and confident and nobody was happy until they squeezed him out of the show. This is reminds me of my son, went to 4th grade after we moved, he was happy and energetic, but because he was different kids bullied him and they were not happy until he became angry child. Now I am spending every second of my life to encouraging him that he is not bad, stupid and whatever other reason's mean kids used to hate my son, who is just different.

  2. vmacchia says:

    Are the executives of FN reading these responses? Kill the show and save your dignity while you can. I have over 800 Channels on my TV, but it is normally glued to FN. After painfully trying to watch this show, I have lost all respect for FN and have started channel surfing…that's right FN, you are losing many of your loyal viewers. I watch FN to learn, to watch great chefs and cooking, not to have my time wasted watching others be humiliated and have their time wasted. When I see a great chef, I want to see what he can do, not what he cannot do because we played a game of Cutthroat Kitchen. Please, please make this go away and give me my FN back!

  3. Montee says:

    Not a fan. Good bye!!

  4. Diana says:

    Don't like it. Won't watch it. It's a stretch.

  5. Mary says:

    I agree that this show sucks. Makes no sense.

  6. creativecookin says:

    I like the show but I find the Judge Simon Majumdar to be severly bias, kind of racist and he contridicts himself horribly. If he's not removed as a judge I will likely stop watching.
    I see this show as more of a challenge to be creative and think out of the box when cooking. You take the "sabatoges" as a way to make yourself better and learn or be vindictive. Truely it comes down to the personality of the person playing and their abilities.

    • Paul says:

      I agree about the racism… Antonia Lofaso is also noticeably biased against African American contestants. You can predict on this basis who gets cut – usually the black chefs go first on this show… I like the concept but canèt stomach the bigotry either… likely not to continue watching.

  7. Elderleigh says:

    I looked up the Food Network site for emails about shows:
    On the page, The Powers That Be say:
    "Upon submission of this form, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Suggestions and comments will be automatically forwarded and shared with the Programming and Website teams, and no further correspondence will be forthcoming from us. Your feedback plays an integral part in the planning of future web site projects and programming events and we appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

    Programming and Website questions will be routed to the Customer Service team for research and a response will be sent as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest in the Food Network and for visiting"

    They haven't updated the site with this show so I chose the "Other" option.
    Perhaps emails from dissatisfied people may help them reevaluate the direction they are taking. Can't hurt.

    • barbara says:

      .HOPE they get the message.. This show is INTENSELY AWFUL.. I feel dumber by 21 I.Q. Points.. which I will redeem by reading a BOOK and never watching this insipid show again..

  8. @WantAhugg says:

    The judges on Cut throat shows that they have no clue of what real food or what good food taste like

  9. Janet says:

    How oh so apropos that Food Network would have selected the name of "Cutthroat Kitchen," considering your treatment of revered Paula Deen, however, substituting the word "Network" instead of "Kitchen" would have been even more apropos.

  10. Paula says:

    Please Food Network, with the introduction of Cut Throat Kitchen, you have reached a level where I have to re-christen you as the JUNK FOOD NETWORK. I believe with all of Alton Brown's talents, he must have had a "blonde moment" when he signed on to do this vapid show, along with some of the other distasteful offerings like Bubba-Q and The Shed, the title seems deserving.

    I took about 15 minutes of the "drama" and signed off for good.

    It appears that good cooking has taken a "back burner" to these half-baked episodes in monotony.

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