No-Mercy Culinary Antics to Take Over Alton Brown’s Cutthroat Kitchen

by in Shows, July 9th, 2013

They are the cooking show competitor’s top-two wishes: to be able to mess with rivals enough to sabotage their game and to gain an advantage to improve their own chances of winning. On Alton Brown’s brand-new upcoming series, contestants will have the opportunity to enjoy both experiences.

Premiering Sunday, August 11 at 10pm/9c, Cutthroat Kitchen pits four culinary superstars against each other, and to be victorious in this three-round contest, they’ll need to put savvy mind games to work as much as they do cooking chops. Each will have access to $25,000 in cash, and it’s up to them to decide how to spend their money in an auction: Do they pay out to earn the exclusive use of a crucial ingredient, like salt, or do they sentence their opponents to a brutal round of cooking, one in which they’re prohibited from tasting their dishes? In the ultimate balance of risk and reward, the competitors must determine on which benefits it’s worth spending their funds and which curveballs may eventually prove damaging enough to others to ultimately pay off, as the winner’s prize is whatever money he or she has left over afterward.

Immediately after each of the 13 upcoming episodes, viewers can visit to watch exclusive videos of Alton, a mentor on Food Network Star, and the judges dishing on competitors’ disappointing flops and shocking successes.

Don’t miss the premiere of Cutthroat Kitchen on Sunday, August 11 at 10pm/9c, immediately following the finale of Food Network Star.

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Comments (110)


    Honestly, all of you commenting are nothing but scattered brained, clueless, petty-lived know nothings. You all wish you could be those on tv but in reality have lives that ultimately lead to nowhere. Jealous and uncomfortable in your own skin and need to judge everything that you do not understand. Oh did I mention you don't understand much? How about this, until you have a good understand about all the world around you, say nothing at all. Most of you are so sheltered it saddens me that you can even get up the nerve to talk bout things you obviously know NOTHING about, and further have no real-world experience in, ESPECIALLY in cooking; besides cookin the nasty food you call good *rolls eyes*. Here's a thought for you, STFU! You know NADA!


      Would also like to add, why even bother judging, downing people, cable tv and everything else you have no understanding about when I can bet my life you feel sorry for yourselves for not having accomplished much in your own lives? Are all of you really that transparent? Aren't you ashamed? Has it ever occurred to you that new spin on things and ideas are what give people hope and dreams for something bigger and better? Yes granted some of those things are not meant to be built upon, but a lot of those ideas are what make things a reality for hope to others. The shows are all worthy in their own right, and further, even if negative they teach the public something; even if it's a lesson of "this is not what or who you want to become". Pure stupidity all of you, think outside the box for common sakes.

    • JJC says:

      You must work for Food Network. I actually have an understanding of the world, and don't like shows that promote people being ignorant to others and making that more important than even money to them. This is obviously the world you live in. Sad.

  2. sundaycook says:

    Good Evening, someone PLEASE tell me that I did not just see Penny Davidi on a commercial for Alton Brown's Cutthroat Kitchen. She is awful. I can't believe the FN would ever bring her back on their network.

  3. Vincent says:

    Cut throat kitchen,looks interesting but 10:00pm on a Sunday, I ll never see it ! , some of us have to get up early for work.:(

  4. Melissa says:

    Love you Alton and will be an avid viewer of this show.

  5. Ronnie says:

    Alton, I am so disappointed in you and the network for stooping so low as to sell out to the reality show trend. It seems like a lot of people agree with me, and it's all about the almighty dollar, isn't it? Given the thousands of people who want FN to scale back the reality crap and bring back real cooking, I think there are better ways to make a buck than shows with "cutthroat" in the title. Most people I know like you much better as that quirky / nerdy / science / food guy we fell in love with on "Good Eats". Now you're looking like a grotesque caricature of yourself. Well, you have to sleep with that knowledge at night. I hope it's worth it to you to become a soul-less shill for money's sake. You are full of talent and now it's all wasted on this dreck. Real talent can make you money, Alton, just not with this network of sell-outs.

  6. frank says:

    To bad Food network decided to crucify Paula Deen, for something that she said, 30 years ago and in a much different day and age. Her pots and skillits are the best Never stick as do some others. I wonder if ANY others would be treated the same.Let he who has no fault cast the first stone. Enough contests allready. Get back to ( COOKING) Had it with Chopped,DDD,Cupcake wars, and the like. Need more shows like Pioneer Woman,Trisha. Contessa and Bobby Flay when he cooks.

  7. AJTWC says:

    Really, Food Network? Have you lost sight of your original mission? Whatever happened to COOKING SHOWS? Competitions like this promote and bring attention to some very bad behavior that is already too prevalent in this world. Alton, I am so SO disappointed in you. I loved "Good Eats". Please go back to doing what you do best – educating the home cook to make the best "whatever".

  8. dpbopinion says:

    Food Network, please just stop. I don't mind a good, clean competition, based on the love of food and skill but this is grotesque. And junk like this is all the network is these days. Very disappointed.

  9. Kaycee says:

    LOVE cooking competition shows!! And totally disagree that you don't learn anything. Watching CHOPPED gave me (and others I know) a much greater sense of confidence to experiment in the kitchen. GROW a little for goodness sakes folks. Times are a changin. Most of the shows you guys mentioned are as boring as watching paint dry. Make them onDemand clips and save Primetime for some real action.

    Ratings are what determines what shows work and what's dying on the vine. The people have spoken….have a seat…

  10. Kaycee says:

    Paula Deen was NOT the whole Food Network folks. At first I too thought their decision was rash. But I now think they probably know a lot more than we do. No other reason they'd cut their butter laden "cash cow"….

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