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by in Food Network Magazine, June 21st, 2013

Food Network Magazine June Cover
Food Network stars answer your burning questions in the June issue of Food Network Magazine.

Ree, what meals do you regularly cook ahead — or double and then freeze?
Brenda Erwin from Hurst, Texas

My Chicken Spaghetti recipe is definitely one of those casseroles I tend to double — and often triple — so I can have extra pans for the fridge. Lasagna is another one: If I’m going to cook up a big meat sauce and boil noodles, I might as well make twice the amount. The mess isn’t that much bigger and I get more bang for my buck. Some other things I love to freeze: sloppy joe mix, spaghetti sauce, taco meat and even pulled pork or beef brisket. If you wrap them carefully, they’ll do just fine in the freezer.
Ree Drummond

Bobby, my dad thinks not cleaning our grill after a meal will give the food even more smoky flavor. Is this true?
Brianna Hoover from Madison, Wis.

No, you should always clean your grill. You want your food to taste like the food you’re actually cooking as opposed to the food you previously cooked. You should clean the grill and brush it when you’re done cooking. I have a grill brush, and that’s all I use. Make sure the grill is still hot — it’s easier to clean while the grates are warm.
— Bobby Flay

Robert, with your busy schedule on the road, how do you find time to work out?
Mike Altieri from Norristown, Pa.

Sometimes I have to use a hotel gym because I travel 345 days a year. Nine out of 10 times, I find a major gym next to the hotel that opens around 4 am, so I can exercise before the shoots. I work out six days a week, doing one body part per day: chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs. And I run and do abdominal exercises.
— Robert Irvine

Ina, I noticed you often go outside to your garden to pick fresh herbs for recipes. Do you have a method for preserving herbs like basil and cilantro? Drying doesn’t seem to retain the flavor.
Maggie Kadlecek from Austin

The only way to keep basil is to wash it, dry it well and put it in a plastic bag with an ever-so-slightly damp paper towel. For cilantro? I never use it because I actually don’t like it. I think it tends to overpower a dish — it’s such a strong flavor.
— Ina Garten

Michael, when grilling meat and fish, is it best to season before grilling or during? I was once told to season when the dish is half cooked.
Matt Dyment from Somerville, Mass.

Definitely before. I season my steaks and roasts the night before and my seafood about an hour before grilling. The seasoning makes for moist and much tastier food.
— Michael Symon

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Comments (430)

  1. Beverly Wilkins says:

    There is no room for a racist on your network and I am glad you did the right thing,It is good that she apologized but let us see if she really changes her ways.

  2. Kathy Patages says:

    I agree with you midnight, my husband worked in a prison and the blacks called themselves the "N" word all the time. My mother grew up with Paula Deen, they were raised in a small town in Georgia that is very much part of our American history. History that should be looked at with respect and admiration on both sides. Blacks for being abused and whites for overcoming their own fears. That word was used by the majority of people in the South because it was the beginning of our history with African Americans. It doesn't have the same context and meaning these days. It is being used as affectionate slang between friends both black and white. I talked to my black friends yesterday and they said they are making too big of deal out of what Paula said. Their friends in New York are always calling each other that, and sometimes she calls me cracker! I love her for it. I will never watch you again, you are hypocrites only concerned about money.

  3. Brenda Cheryl says:

    I am so sorry that FN had decided to take Paula Deen off your network. That is such a shame. I loved her cooking show and her receipes. Maybe she did use the N word in the past but so what…..I have been called a Honkey in the past but I never wanted to sue anyone. It sounds to me like someone is full of wanting to do harm and wants to pick on Paula. My female family members will not be watching the FN channel any more when Paula's show is remove.

  4. guest from arkansas says:

    I feel the FN has done a great injustice to a nother American Citizen who has worked hard all her life to make a honest living. Why do people think they deserve another persons hard earned money because they feel they were done injustice . Who in these comments has not felt an injustice has been done to them and did not hire a THIEF LAWYER TO TAKE THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY AWAY FROM THEM. It is all about the money not about a remark that was made 20 years ago We need to all boycott BET TV and alll products that are advertised on Food Network or have a minority promoting them as this is what Ms. Jackson is doing She needs to work instead of trying to get something for nothing. Why are we even going back 20 years ago and Paula did make an apology. I will not be watching FN or reading any literature of theirs. We have all said things we regret we are not PERFECT but MY GOD FORGIVES IF WE ASK.

  5. David Hughes says:

    My wife has cancel her mag to food world, And I have put a block on my TV to the FW Channel

  6. Bonnie N. says:

    I am utterly ashamed of the way FN has treated Paula Deen by severing ties with her! How can a network so dedicated to bringing fans their favorite cooking stars utterly ignore her good qualities & good food for one bad word?? Did she "all of a sudden" become a terrible cook? Did she lose her "southern charm" or camera performance ability? Of course not!! How is it that someone as important as her to the success of FN can be so easily discarded? It's appalling! No one, not even the top CEO of FN, is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Apparently, forgiveness is a not a quality of the Food Network brand. What if your readers decided never to forgive you for a published error in a recipe's quantity of salt or sugar that caused a disastrous cooking result? Or, what if a FN star's recommendation of a specific product they claim they use often were later proved untrue? Should FN be sued for misrepresentation? I truly hope that the people behind this decision are given JUST AS MUCH mercy & grace in all future endeavors as they have shown Paula during this time.

  7. James says:

    Good-bye Food Network. If you were all I had to watch then I wouldn't watch anything.
    Can't believe you treated Paula Deen that way.
    Hope someone digs something up in your past and treats you the same way. There is no one without sin in their lives. You cowards.

  8. Debbie says:

    I do not believe that Paula is racist. She foolishly told the truth under oath – that she called some one the worst name she could think of because she was angry with them. OMG- no one has ever done that before. Shame on you Food Network for jumping to be politically correct! I'm sick of it!

  9. Albert Kelly says:

    So what's wrong with my comment????

  10. Albert Kelly says:

    You're just proven my point!!! You are the thought police for all things Foodie….

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