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by in Food Network Magazine, June 21st, 2013

Food Network Magazine June Cover
Food Network stars answer your burning questions in the June issue of Food Network Magazine.

Ree, what meals do you regularly cook ahead — or double and then freeze?
Brenda Erwin from Hurst, Texas

My Chicken Spaghetti recipe is definitely one of those casseroles I tend to double — and often triple — so I can have extra pans for the fridge. Lasagna is another one: If I’m going to cook up a big meat sauce and boil noodles, I might as well make twice the amount. The mess isn’t that much bigger and I get more bang for my buck. Some other things I love to freeze: sloppy joe mix, spaghetti sauce, taco meat and even pulled pork or beef brisket. If you wrap them carefully, they’ll do just fine in the freezer.
Ree Drummond

Bobby, my dad thinks not cleaning our grill after a meal will give the food even more smoky flavor. Is this true?
Brianna Hoover from Madison, Wis.

No, you should always clean your grill. You want your food to taste like the food you’re actually cooking as opposed to the food you previously cooked. You should clean the grill and brush it when you’re done cooking. I have a grill brush, and that’s all I use. Make sure the grill is still hot — it’s easier to clean while the grates are warm.
— Bobby Flay

Robert, with your busy schedule on the road, how do you find time to work out?
Mike Altieri from Norristown, Pa.

Sometimes I have to use a hotel gym because I travel 345 days a year. Nine out of 10 times, I find a major gym next to the hotel that opens around 4 am, so I can exercise before the shoots. I work out six days a week, doing one body part per day: chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs. And I run and do abdominal exercises.
— Robert Irvine

Ina, I noticed you often go outside to your garden to pick fresh herbs for recipes. Do you have a method for preserving herbs like basil and cilantro? Drying doesn’t seem to retain the flavor.
Maggie Kadlecek from Austin

The only way to keep basil is to wash it, dry it well and put it in a plastic bag with an ever-so-slightly damp paper towel. For cilantro? I never use it because I actually don’t like it. I think it tends to overpower a dish — it’s such a strong flavor.
— Ina Garten

Michael, when grilling meat and fish, is it best to season before grilling or during? I was once told to season when the dish is half cooked.
Matt Dyment from Somerville, Mass.

Definitely before. I season my steaks and roasts the night before and my seafood about an hour before grilling. The seasoning makes for moist and much tastier food.
— Michael Symon

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Comments (430)

  1. Terry McLaughlin says:

    I wonder if the plaintiff, Lisa Johnson, has ever used the "N" word ?

  2. Kerrie S says:

    I think its a SHAME the network is willing to FIRE …Paula Deen for useing the"N" word. Does the Food Network realize they are doing the same thing they are accusing her of. They need to stand up for her and see all the good she has done.
    I have on many occasions heard people disrespect White people with the words and comments and actions they use to discribe and talk about the "White Race", would it be wrong for us to even out the playing field when it comes down to Racism. Because I havent heard or recall any issues where a "W" person went public with someone calling us WHITE as a racial slur.

  3. Kerrie S says:

    ……Isnt it time everyone stopped using racismas a tool to get what they want to prove possible personal , money profit gain, attention or just disliking a reason. People today say whats on there minds more so than ever, not affraid to speak negatively. Strong offensive words are creaping out everywhere, music, videos, and movies. Its a word, unless used for true harm emotionally or mentally should not be said in any way shape or FORMAT. If you choose to fire her to set an example then you should fire a million people. I disagree with hate, Im 100% for kindness. But you cant make everyone kind. Its a choice to not act and how you react to every situation. People are not perfect and discrimination affects every color under the rainbow. We all speak improper to one another daily!!!! The world has bigger problems this is not unnoticed ….people just need to be kind. "Im sure she didnt mean to hurt anyone thats my point". Its how we choose to live its not a race anymore. Peace (just my opinion)

  4. guest says:

    Use the BING search engine and type in Paula Deen Fired.

  5. Bearcat says:

    Racism is alive and well in this country! Just listen closely to our Mayors, Governors, Senators and Congressmen when they speak. The immigration reform issue or lack of immigration reform proves that. I can just hear the hypocrites now. That beaner, that wetback, we don't want "them" in our country. Paula admitted under oath that in the past she had used the "n" word. Hell, in the past the whole south used the end word. It was wrong then and is now, but since when does the Food Network think that other employees, not under oath, are angels. Wow. Get real and put the blame where it belongs. This whole country hasn't learned a thing from it's mistakes. From the Jews, Japs, Wops, oh, that's right, none of us have used those terms when speaking about someone else. Who are you trying to impress Food Network?

  6. Richards says:

    I am so done with Food Network!!! You sure jumped the gun on firing Paula Deen. Since when has a network taken on the judge and jury cloak? I am willing to bet that if someone dug into the background of all your network people, there wouldn't be enough "pink slips" to cover "you'all". I am sick to death of people who run around like Chicken Little….screaming that the "sky is falling". (look that quote up in your nursery rhyme book.)

    • BillO says:

      I've heard that the people who become chefs only come from the highest class of society. So you probably won't find anything in their background checks, lol

  7. cheri says:

    Very sad about your decision to fire Paula. She was under oath and gets fired for telling the truth and then apologizes for her past mistakes. Glad Food Network is perfect and puts its head under a rock when listening to music (rap), watching a movie, listening to how many ??? does it take to change a light bulb, the old rhyme eny miny miney mo catch a …… by the toe, even listening to two black people greet each other.
    If that word is so offensive to the black community perhaps they should be the first to stop using the word. I wonder if Paula Deen was a black woman, would your response have been the same? I think we all
    need more tolerance. I am not racist, but I too have used the word in the past in jokes. Haven't we all
    used some slang in a joke, etc. if we are honest. I feel bad for my past mistakes and try never to repeat something I know is wrong or that could hurt someone. Let Paula have a chance. She can all teach us something from her honest response. I really like Food Network, but I don't know that my conscience will allow me to support them or the cooking channel, magazine, products and boycott their advertisers (if HGTV is owned by the same company then I will also have to stop their magazine, products and boycott their advertisers. if they don't renew Paula.

    • Modeltrainman says:

      *agrees with cheri wholeheartedly* People can change, and we all have to remember that people make mistakes, but that God loves everyone and will forgive them if they're truly sorry. Unfortunately, the internet doesn't always portray things fairly, and I'm sure Mrs. Deen is truly sorry. Don't drop her. I know that many people won't watch anymore, and all these people who have commented against Mrs. Deen here should be ashamed. These mistakes are probably 50+ years old… Let it go, internet, and FN. God knows Mrs. Deen's heart, unlike all of us.

  8. Robert Washam says:

    you are a sorry bunch.I am not going to watch your network and I will stop getting magazine two subcriptions you need to reconsider. Robert .SC

  9. Sue says:

    I cannot imagine anyone being held accountable for something they said twenty plus years ago. We have all made regrettable comments and laughed at inappropriate or off colored jokes. Please people, he without sin…cast the first stone….just sayin….

  10. Michelle says:

    Unbelievable, we love Paula Deen people. One of the most beautiful people on our planet. What do you think we would all stop with our opinions regarding her. How we love the fact she is friends with Oprah and so many more people outrages me to no end. What is it is that you no longer can afford her. She is a guru of Cooking and so many people just love her so much and for us to see this happen to her. Food Network producers and all who have made this decision, shame on you. She rocks the food channels. She feeds America the way we used to eat and I will have to state she will keep Rocking and giving us her receipts so we can have some of her cooking skills. With our without you.

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