What to Watch: Ree’s Fourth of July, Trisha’s Poker Night, Ina in New York and Iron Chef Flay vs. Chef Voltaggio

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Trisha YearwoodOn Saturday morning, Ree shows you how a Fourth of July party is done. Then it’s poker night with Trisha, who’s preparing a selection of finger foods. On Barefoot Contessa, Ina heads to New York to learn the secrets behind some specialties like steak, bagels and coffee. And on Giada at Home, it’s a special celebration for Aunt Raffy.

Sunday morning, Jamie is preparing a meal for his family restaurant’s softball team. Then Guy is cooking a Sicilian menu with his pal. Meanwhile, Jeff is inspired by a local seafood restaurant to make a couple of unique sandwiches. Finally, Bobby is grilling up an Italian-inspired menu capped off with espresso sodas.

In the evening, it’s competition time with an ‘80s-themed episode of Cupcake Wars. Then it’s Fourth of July on Food Network Star, where the remaining finalists must do live cooking demos. And on Iron Chef America, it’s Bobby Flay vs. Michael Voltaggio.

The Pioneer Woman: “Fourth of July

Get ready to celebrate the Fourth of July at the Drummond ranch. With hundreds of guests invited, Ree’s keeping the menu effortless and easy. She’s making Perfectly Baked Beans and caprese salad, and Ladd is grilling Fourth of July steaks. Then for dessert it’s Peach Crisp with Maple Cream, perfect for eating while watching the fireworks.

Tune in: Saturday, June 29 at 10am/9c

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen: “Poker Night

It’s ladies night at Trisha’s house and her friends Kim and Lisa will be helping her make some party finger foods such as meatballs, a cheese boat, spicy edamame hummus and Lipstick Mandarin cocktails — all to be enjoyed while playing poker.

Tune in: Saturday, June 29 at 10:30am/9:30c

Barefoot Contessa: “Old New York

It’s all about New York’s food greats today. Ina heads to the city for a master class in smoked salmon and bagel making at a legendary Jewish store. Then it’s a lesson in steak from a legendary butcher. Finally, she gets the scoop on an amazing coffee roaster in Queens. Back home, Ina makes grilled New York strip steaks with a spice rub, sweet potato fries and coffee granitas.

Tune in: Saturday, June 29 at 11am/10c

Giada at Home: “Happy Birthday, Raffy

Giada’s aunt Raffy is turning 60 and the family is getting together to celebrate in a big way. Giada’s planning a family feast of Turkey-Stuffed Vegetables and Gnocchi with Tomatoes, Basil and Olives. The event concludes with a special cake.

Tune in: Saturday, June 29 at 11:30am/10:30c

Home for Dinner with Jamie Deen: “Win or Lose, You Gotta Eat

Jamie Deen makes a meal fit for champions to serve The Lady & Sons’ softball team. Smoked pork butt, Brunswick stew, vinegar coleslaw and from-scratch baked beans are the perfect crowd-pleasers.

Tune in: Sunday, June 30 at 10am/9c

Guy’s Big Bite: “Simply Sicilian

Guy Fieri invites his sports-expert friend Jay Glazer over for Jay’s favorite food: lamb. Guy’s making Sicilian lamb with basmati rice pilaf on the side. For something sweet, Jay helps Guy make roasted apricots topped with whipped mascarpone cheese and chopped pistachios.

Tune in: Sunday, June 30 at 10:30am/9:30c

Sandwich King: “Gone Fishwiching

Jeff has never fished a day in his life, so he goes to one of Chicago’s hottest seafood restaurants, Fish Bar, for his seafood sandwich fix. He heads home inspired and makes Crab Cake Sliders with Blood Orange Aioli. Then it’s a smoked salmon — or SS for short — BLT. And his Cha Cha Chowder is a twist on the classic seafood corn chowder.

Tune in: Sunday, June 30 at 11am/10c

Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction: “Delizioso Grilling

Bobby Flay has Italy on his mind on today’s episode. He’s making dishes like Fennel-Garlic Smoked Pork with Fennel Gremolata and Grape Mostarda, Panzanella Verde and Grilled Baby Artichokes with Mixed Herbs Vinaigrette. To finish things off, it’s an effervescent Espresso Soda.

Tune in: Sunday, June 30 at 11:30am/10:30c

Cupcake Wars: “Taylor Dayne’s ’80s Party

Four bakers go back in time and battle it out for the chance to serve their cupcakes at a VIP children’s birthday party thrown by ’80s pop music icon and guest judge, Taylor Dayne.

Tune in: Sunday, June 30 at 8pm/7c

Food Network Star: “4th of July Live

Food Network stars must often participate in live TV events where they’re required to think on their feet and react to any situation that gets thrown at them. In this episode, the remaining finalists take on live cooking demos — with some curve balls thrown in for good measure.

Tune in: Sunday, June 30 at 9pm/8c

Iron Chef America: “Flay vs. Voltaggio

Iron Chef Bobby Flay faces off against challenger chef Michael Voltaggio, who is the owner/executive chef of L.A.’s ink. Mario Rizzotti, Karine Bakhoum and Hal Rubenstein serve as judges.

Tune in: Sunday, June 30 at 10pm/9c

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