VOTE: Star vs. Chopped Summer Side Showdown

by in Recipes, Shows, June 23rd, 2013

Star vs. Chopped Summer Side ShowdownWe challenged two prestigious groups — Chopped judges and Food Network Star winners — to a summer recipe showdown. All season long, we’ll present head-to-head matchups of mouthwatering summer recipes from each team — from refreshing cocktails to fresh farmers’-market salads to the juiciest backyard burgers. By voting each week here on FN Dish or on our Fan Feed, you’ll determine the winning recipes.

At the end of the summer, the team that tallies up the most wins will celebrate with an all-star Labor Day party menu. Who will prevail as Summer Showdown champion — Star or Chopped?

This week, Chopped judge and Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian faces off against Star Season 5 winner Melissa d’Arabian in a battle of classic summer sides: coleslaw vs. potato salad. Whose will show up on your picnic table? Cast your votes below!

Summer Side Showdown: Melissa’s Grilled Potato Salad vs. Geoffrey’s Gingered Coleslaw

Melissa takes traditional potato salad to the next level by grilling red potatoes and sweet potatoes to infuse them with smoky flavor.

Geoffrey’s take on classic picnic slaw is flavored with ginger and garlic, giving it a slight Asian accent. He adds golden raisins for a bit of sweetness.

Whose side dish gets a spot on your next picnic menu?

For more favorite summer recipes, check out Food Network’s Grilling Central. Head back here to FN Dish or check out our Fan Feed next week for a new Summer Showdown matchup!

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Comments (31)

  1. Really Sad says:

    I am so disappointed in your decision to get rid of Paula Deen. I hope that nobody at your establishment has ever said anything they regret. She has helped so many people be successful. Lots of people affiliated with Food Network got their start with her help. Some Food Network family.

  2. Jeanie says:

    I am disappointed with you. Senators and our own government has said thing that were just as bad and they did not lose their offices. We even had a President commit a major sin and he was not put out of office. I think you are being unfair and it was 30 years ago, can you remember what you said that long ago? I sure can't.

  3. the1pearson says:

    Paula Deen is a reflection of our Southern Heritage, one of MANY different reflections that make up the Deep South… Whether that be good or bad is all in the perception of how you view it. I appreciate the fact that Mrs. Deen told the truth even when she knew the perils and dangers of her comments. The South is filled with these types of contradictions yet America is still uncomfortable with this truth! I was and still am a fan of Paula even though I don't approve of what she did in any way. The Food Network execs made a business decision pure and simple…if you don't agree take your business elsewhere.

  4. K-A says:

    I sincerely doubt that anyone saying "shame on you! I'll never watch you again! (waahhhh!!!)" Will legitimately follow through with the claims. Please, give me a break. I for one am glad Paula Deen is gone. I couldn't stand her to begin with. Personally, I doubt any statements that she's sorry. I believe she's sorry about the backlash. Additionally, after seeing the things she has said on video, she reminds me a bit too much of my racist grandmother- it's a deep rooted southern racism that the individual doesn't really see any fault with. They just see that if they keep saying it people get upset. So they make it into a joke or point out the "black friends" they have that's supposed to alleviate them of responsibility for their racism.

  5. Bobbie says:

    So sick of these southern big mouthed chefs. Paula Deen irked my nerves and I am glad she is gone. The "Hi Yall" was more than I could bear. I could care less about what she said as long as I don't have to hear that twang anymore. UGH. Thank you FN. Now if you rid yourselves of Giada all will be perfect.

  6. Karen says:

    This seals the deal, I am done with the food network for failing to support Paula. Frankly your network has been failing for a while. You have also caved to TRYING to be entertaining rather than providing new recipies and techniques that I USED to love to tune in for. Most everyone I know will not be watching anymore.

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