VOTE: Star vs. Chopped 4th of July Showdown

by in Recipes, Shows, June 30th, 2013

Star. vs. Chopped 4th of July ShowdownWe challenged two prestigious groups — Chopped judges and Food Network Star winners — to a summer recipe showdown. All season long, we’ll present head-to-head matchups of mouthwatering summer recipes from each team — from refreshing cocktails to fresh farmers’-market salads to the juiciest backyard burgers. By voting each week here on FN Dish or on our Fan Feed, you’ll determine the winning recipes.

At the end of the summer, the team that tallies up the most wins will celebrate with an all-star Labor Day party menu. Who will prevail as Summer Showdown champion — Star or Chopped?

To ring in the 4th of July, our dueling teams this week present a double showdown of celebratory eats and drinks. Jeff Mauro brings his Chicken Sliders to the party, facing off against Maneet Chauhan’s Chicken Dogs. Last season’s Star winner Justin Warner shakes up a purple-hued Dutch Timidity cocktail to go up against Marc Murphy’s Burnt Orange Negroni. Whose party bites and cocktails will you serve up at your holiday cookout this Thursday? Cast your votes below!

4th of July Eats: Jeff’s BBQ Chicken Sliders vs. Maneet’s Spiced Chicken Hot Dogs

Jeff makes Asian-inspired barbecued chicken with hoisin, honey, soy sauce, five-spice powder, crushed red pepper and sesame oil. He serves it up sandwich style (of course!) in slider rolls for a fun party bite.

Maneet makes her spicy homemade “hot dogs” with ground chicken and lots of fresh herbs and chiles. She tops them off with an easy mango mustard spiked with mint.

Which dish will you add to your 4th of July party menu?

4th of July Drinks: Marc’s Burnt Orange Negroni vs. Justin’s Dutch Timidity

Marc gives the classic Negroni a fresh, citrusy twist (literally) by charring an orange on the grill and adding a smoky slice to each glass.

Justin’s simple yet nontraditional cocktail is a refreshing sip for a summer get-together. It gets its name from the Dutch spirit jenever — use gin if you can’t find it.

Whose drink will you shake up this 4th of July?

For more favorite summer recipes, check out Food Network’s Grilling Central. Head back here to FN Dish or check out our Fan Feed next week for a new Summer Showdown matchup!

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Comments (16)

  1. @Scarlett210 says:

    I have been one of your biggest fans. I've bought products, subscribed to many newsletters and emails, and watch the channel constantly! I have been seriously upset by your treatment of Paula Deen! You have built an empire partly because of her popularity!

    • cocobutta718 says:

      SOOOO, Screw Paula Deen, I applaud you food network

      • Rachel says:

        Mary if you think this is all about the use of one word you sound more ignorant than your hero. Do some research. This is about a history of discriminatory behavior and a refusal to accept any responsibility for bad behavior – her behavior is her own fault not the fault of where she's from. ALSO – telling someone they need to grow up while sounding so incredibly childish yourself . . . like I said, you sound about as ignorant as The Butter Queen.

  2. @Scarlett210 says:

    You have enriched your business on her back, but you have completely severed your ties with her based on the stupid logic that a word we are forced to hear constantly in the South, in the music and comedic theater that plays everyday all over the world, that is used by blacks talking about blacks, etc. is offensive. I find your selfish, small-minded attitude repugnant!! As long as you don't want to do business with Paula, I don't want to do business with you. I will no longer support you financially at all. I was getting ready to subscribe to your magazine but will NOT do it now. How do you reconcile that this woman has helped make you wealthy, yet, you think you have the right to judge her based on something said 26 years ago in a much less enlightened time and for which she has apologized profusely??? It defies logic. Good luck – I think you're going to need it when you feel the backlash from Paula's countless fans!!
    Carole Baker Jones

    • Paula Deen fan says:

      Good for you Scarlett201. I think if FoodTV had supported Paula Deen the other companies wouldn't have been so quick to let her go. There are still those out there who support her like the Food Show in D.C where she has been an honored guest star for many years and she will again this year. Paula is a most Southern of Southern gals and she puts it right out there. She's made some gaffs (remember the comment about vegetarians, "they can eat grass" I think it was) and it's just part of who she is. Her recipes are down homey without pretension. Food TV made a huge mistake. Her presales on her next cookbook went up 150% and the publisher won't publish. This is a cut off your nose to spite your face. Silly them. Just heard today she's getting movie deals and is wanted for Dancing with the Stars. Go Paula!!

    • Sandy says:

      I agree Scarlett, how can they just abandon someone who has been such an asset to their company. It is almost time to renew my subscription to the magazine, I am not going to now.

      I love you Paula Deen. Will always be one of your greatest fans.

  3. sister says:


  4. Rogét says:


    I would love to vote, BUT without seeing the recipe & ingredients involved, I can NOT make an intelligent & informed decision between the 2 challenges…!! Thank very little…!!

    I do NOT vote BLINDLY for anything…!! Brav-O you've tied my hand & blind-folded me… Dumb…

    Chef Rogét

  5. I stand with Paula says:

    I would vote ONLY if Paula Deen recipes were involved!! You all want to bring up the younger ones to replace Paula, it won' work!! Paula can't be compared to or replaced. I dislike Giada's recipes and Bobby Flay's food is ok but he isn't as outgoing Paula Deen. I dislike Rachel Ray's recipes,too. I have Food Network blocked and I will no longer buy your magazines. Your emails are sent to spam also. This is more than Paula saying the N word. God will bring you down as fast as Paula brought your ratings up because of what you did to Paula.

  6. Joan Cleveland says:

    I would have agreed with the Paula Deen supporters until I read the full complaint against her company and Bubba Heirs. True it has not yet been adjudicated but if the claims are correct the Deens have supported a work environment that is hostile to everyone and most especially to women.

    The judge and jury will decide if the claims are true. If they are, I could not support Paula.


  7. DOBAILEY says:

    No one is perfect, but to treat a person for something they at least admit they said, a word EVERYONE on this planet has used one time or another is acting as if you were GOD!!! I am done with foodnetwork and all the others that have treated her as if she is so different then all the others!! How many times are you going to allow the media to keep this racist problem going!! Yes the media is to blame for all the exposure to this problem

  8. Capt. Mike Gondro says:

    Just want to say the judges on Chopped sometime forget that not all shrimp is de-veined, what about the old fashioned boil in cajun land, and that fish is served with the bones in at many places and does add flavor. I have eaten fish fried with bones in for 30 years and catfish is alway better bones in and if that is mentioned on the menu then dinners beware, I have learned to eat fish that way. I also have 20 years with the cajuns and some of their dishes are served with shells on, (Non de-veined) because with a very quick cooling of the pot the spices will soak ino the inside of the shell and increase the flavor. Yet the judges have real afflictions when chefs serve these dishes in a VERY traditional way.Why do they think that their only way to serve these dises is their personal way of thinking when it has been served for longer than they have been alive is wrong. This is a very one sided judgement and SHOULD be addressed when they evaluate the dishes served. Seems very one sided.

  9. Marie Woods says:

    Why don't you put your daytime cooking shows on in the evening hours? Who in the whole wide world wants to watch someone stuffing their mouth, then drive off in a convertible? Does making changes in restaurants give us something we want to do? Put your wonderful day time cooking shows back on in the evening. From what I hear from friends that would be a smart move. People that work daytime cannot watch these wonderful cooking shows. Now about Paula Deen. I never liked Paula because she put her hands with the big diamonds into foods that she shouldn't have. This made me feel she was a show off. But how you treated her was not right. She said she was sorry. There is no forgive in your manual of proper speech? Has she made these remarks during the time in your employ?

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