Tickets on Sale: 2013 New York City Wine & Food Festival

by in Events, June 24th, 2013

2013 New York City Wine & Food FestivalIt’s official: tickets are on sale for the 2013 New York City Wine & Food Festival, the sixth-annual celebration of all things culinary and beverage in the heart of Manhattan. For 4 days in October (October 17-20), the city will welcome fans’ favorite television stars like Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Robert Irvine, Giada De Laurentiis, Jeff Mauro, Alex Guarnaschelli, Guy Fieri, Tyler Florence and Anne Burrell. Get your tickets now.

Here are the events our editors will be covering throughout the festival — join us.

Friday, October 18
Rachael Ray’s Blue Moon Burger Bash presented by Pat LaFrieda Meats
Robert Irvine’s Thrillist’s Barbecue and Blues
Giada De Laurentiis’ Italian Paradise Dinner
Masaharu Morimoto’s Rockin’ Dumplings and Rollin’ Sushi

Saturday, October 19
Jeff Mauro’s Soup’er Sandwich
Alex Guarnaschelli’s All That Jazz Brunch
Times Talks with Michael Symon and Mario Batali
Bobby Flay’s Tacos & Tequila hosted by Olmeca Altos
Ben Sargent’s The Ultimate Catch
Tyler Florence’s Flavors of the West Coast
Guy Fieri’s Rock of Ages Party

Sunday, October 20
Best Bloody Mary Brunch with the cast of Chopped
Masaharu Morimoto’s Master Sushi Rolling Class
Anne Burrell and Adam Richman’s La Sagra Sunday Slices

You can also catch these chefs and more all day on Saturday and Sunday as they take the stage for live culinary demonstrations during the 2-day Grand Tasting.

Check out FN Dish’s coverage of last year’s New York City Wine & Food Festival to see inside some of the most-popular events.

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Comments (65)

  1. william says:

    Done with food network. will never watch as with family and friends we all agree you are wrongly removing Paula from your show. never ever will buy products or watch your show again…..she will get another contract and a better one…

  2. jonjomom says:

    I am with everyone else here, a diehard foodie that has been watching FN since I could cook; developed a love of tex-mex from "2 hot tamales", not Bobby Flay b/c when he came on the scene it was him, what's his name & their grills , not culinary fusion. I've watched MANY culinary greats such as Ming Tsai, Wolfganag Puck & even Emeril Lagasse, the man on whom's back Scripps network built this station's prestige come & go with no more fervor thana cattle call; and yet, a loyal watcher (& prime subscriber, tester, poll member, etc.) I have remained. NO MORE! !! As much as it will hurt and my family will probably put me away considering my behavior paramount to oppositional defiance, I digress, I BAN any and all things FN from my household until Scripps grows a set and realizes that they have not given Paula Deen the same right granted to all US Citizens @ birth: to be considered innocent until proven guilty, and even more importantly, to be given a 2nd chance!!! This woman has conquered tremendous personal issues and came out on the other side a healthier and more well rounded person for it, do you seriously think she can't accomplish the same now? No, you're just too cowardly to risk your ratings by standing by a loyal employee! Shame on you! When u pull ur heads out of the sand, let me know & I MIGHT consider watching ur shows again, after ur formal apology to Paula, her family & fans. In the meantime, maybe Anthony Bourdain can hook her up with some contacts as he probably still burps up the bad taste working for you left in his mouth, but look now, he's certainly not hurting!

  3. Tom says:

    Sign us up. Food Network will just be clicked away.

  4. PJ Weyerman says:

    Scripps network includes; Food Network, HGTV Channel, The Cooking Channel, DIY Network, The Travel Channel and GAC. Also, plan to stay away from as many of the so called sponsers that I can. As for the hypocrites and cooks at FN what comes around goes around. There has only been one of you that stated something positive about PD. The other "couple" knows they have said racial slurs in their lifetime. Everyone on the planet has said something racial at one time or another.

  5. PJ Weyerman says:

    I think part of the reason people are jumping on the bandwagon to attempt to destroy Paula Dean is they are all cowards and scared the "mob" may begin to look into them. As long as we keep people focused on PD then the others at FN and other places are "safe". Start investigating some of these people's past and see what comes up. It is possible you may even find something worse amongst them. No one wants their closet opened. Another thing FN does not realize is most of us watched shows on the FN and not just PD shows. I use to watch several but now no more. Besides there are too many good recipe sites and good cooks besides the few you see on FN.

  6. PJ Weyerman says:

    Shoot, there are home cooks that cook better than some of the people on FN. Sometimes I watch the shows and wonder too, "why do you have a show?" when my granddaughter could cook what you're cooking. Dropping PD is just low and I hope FN and Scripps Network one day regret what they did. Funny, I wish the American People could get Congress to act the way the media has influenced FN. If their idea was to not lose money and viewership they messed up big time.

  7. PJ Weyerman says:

    Now the FN is putting out the information that PD ratings were down before they made the announcement to let her go/not renew contract. The beginning of back peddling. Also, the New York Food and Wine Festival still has her (PD) scheduled to host a brunch. So lets support them. Support the companies that are standing by her. See what standing by her has done for Look at all the sales they have received by selling her book. Anyway, FN What a bunch of scumbags and that includes the cooks still working. Boycott them too because so far as I know only one man, has had the guts to speak his mind in her favor.

  8. Joani says:

    I cannot believe that you fired Paula Deen because of something said 30 years ago, because she was honest in her answers when questioned. You took the hypocritical, cowardly approach, as most companies do or have done. You don't know how or have the guts to stand up for somebody that has made you millions. Because of the way you have chosen to treat Paula Deen and treat this situation, I have chosen to quit watching the Food Network. It's pretty clear that the whole company or organization is made up of hypocrites and they apparently don't understand that they could lose the millions that she made them, but just keep coming up with more excuses or other blames. Paula Deen will come out of this the better person she is, but as for Food Network, you will have to wait and see what happens to you.

  9. Diana Q. says:

    What a huge mistake it was to fire Paula Deen! She's done more good for you stinkin', self righteous people than any other personality on your entire network!! This was indeed, a "witch hunt"!

  10. rachel metz says:

    Is there a 2013 Wine & Food Festival around there in the twin cities ??

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