The Best Before-and-After Transformations From Restaurant: Impossible

by in Shows, June 1st, 2013

Robert IrvineAfter more than six seasons of budgeted, on-the-clock renovations on Restaurant: Impossible, Robert Irvine has seen seemingly everything — the good, the bad and the ugly — in eateries across the country. From unpalatable food and unsafe cooking conditions to creepy-crawlies covering the furniture and floor, the scenes at some of these restaurants are simply shocking, to Robert’s Restaurant: Impossible team and at-home viewers alike. No matter how dirty or downright disheartening a situation may be, however, Robert has never walked away from a challenge, successfully transforming nearly 70 eateries to date.

Over the years, Robert has proved his trademark to be his ability to breathe new life into once-failing establishments and give them the second chance they deserve. In the form of revamped menus and updated designs, plus tried-and-true techniques for food buying, handling front-of-house management and overseeing day-to-day operations, he outfits businesses with everything they need to not just survive but thrive. And ultimately his commitment has led to awe-inspiring transformations, especially given that his updates must be started and completed in just two days and can cost no more than $10,000.

Revisit some of Robert’s most-memorable overhauls by browsing before-and-after snapshots from past seasons, and hear from Robert and owners to find out how these businesses are doing today.

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Comments (39)

  1. Randy wisconsin says:

    At the end of the show it always says to go to the website to get updates on restaurants you have fixed. We have found no place on the website that allows you to see how past show places are really doing. What up???

  2. Sue says:

    Hi. I went to Pinehurst lodge in Greeley and was disappointed in how you changed it. You have no CLUE on how to decorate. What a mess how did you ever get this job. I go to a restaurant for good food NOT how it looks inside. By the way, the original decor in Pinehurst was much better and cozier Pinehurst needs to get a better cook…we go out to eat all the time in the area and they have great food for ex. Peters restaurant, Bakers in yuan and Konrads is the best..

    • Samson says:

      OK, we get it. It's not really the decor that's bothering you but the food. Try to be cogent instead of whining like a baby and attacking the messenger.

  3. Nina says:

    i saw a past show where Irvine re did a restaurant ; the owner a young woman was worried because she was using her fathers help for the restaurant and was upset because she only wanted to open few days wanted to spend time with her family. Now she is on the next food network stars. What's up with her she managed to get away from her family? Did Irvine help her with these recipes on the show. Did she or not need to spend time with her family? She is Stacy! I recognize her from the show with Robert is she an actress or was she scamming the show to get a makeover on her restaurant?

  4. V. Snowder says:


    I'm sure their are other good shows on the food network but watching them I'm sure would just make
    me hungry and not really inspire me the way Chef Robert does.

    The show has all the right elements, including suspense , compassion , Instruction plus a group of
    people all working together for one single goal and of corse feeding the hungry and all of which are
    orchestrated and delivered by a very focused and capable individual in Chef Robert.

    This is what reality television should truly be and my thanks to all the crew of talented people that
    make it happen.

  5. Pat says:

    How can we find out how the restaurant rascals is doing

    • Ross says:

      After researching this as I was curious as well, I discovered the phone # listed on several restaurant/business websites for Rascals is disconnected. One of the business sites listed their website as and when I tried to go there, it took me to a page telling me the page was being parked there for free and the domain name was for sale.

      After spending almost 20 years in the food service industry, Rascals appeared to be the filthiest most cluttered restaurant and kitchen I had ever seen. I had to ask myself, how could a restaurant pass health inspections and stay in business with a kitchen as disasterous as this, along with the clutter inside/outside the restaurant.

      So, in answer to your question Pat, with everything I have listed above along with the website claiming that yelpsters state Rascals was no longer open for business, all indications show Rascals is no longer open.

    • MoHub says:

      Rascals went down almost as soon as Robert left. The owner repurposed the outdoor patio as a garbage dump—before the show even aired.



    • Linda Schimel says:

      I watch the show mostly to see the décor improvements. They usually are a great improvement except for a few times; when they put an old rotting barn door on the wall & called it art????? Another time the tore off a beautiful rock siding on a bar & painted it with gaudy colors! Shudder. Another time they painted gaudy colors on a beautiful wooden bar??? But most of the time they do improve the décor. The most sickening thing about the show is how Robert treats everyone. He is a sadistic bully! Mean people suck!!!! His idea of helping someone is to kick someone in the stomach & when they collapse; help them back up! He has so much knowledge & skill. Why he feels he has the right to be so cruel is mind boggling. For crying out loud he throws food on the floor, tips over tables and humiliates people. He should see an psychiatrist for his abusive behavior.

      • Harley2002 says:

        Well don't watch the show then. Obviously by the number of posts you have made you have a problem with Robert. Here is a clue for you. Change the channel. He does not seem that mean to me. You must have had one coddled life.

  7. Linda Schimel says:

    Robert is a sadistic bully, who takes advantage of desperate, hurting people, who have no choice but to tolerate his abuse.

  8. Linda Schimel says:

    One episode was especially ironic when Robert chastises a man for demeaning his wife. I about choked! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Geez! Robert constantly insults, humiliates & intimidates people. Look in the mirror Robert! You need counseling. Under the guise of helping people; you are getting your rocks off, you big meanie! Mean people suck!

    • D.J. says:

      I just spent 2 days on a renovation with the show. Robert practices tough love. He was a joy to work with, caring, compassionate, but also pragmatic. The owners of this particular restaurant were CLUELESS. Thank god their daughter wasn't, and called. Until you see the real thing, confine your comments to what you know.

    • Luv2Eat says:

      What many are missing is how serious the situations are Health Violations, Marriages and Businesses re on the line. Many of these folks think they can take short cuts, no responsibilities for their actions or lack there of, or simply have no clue how to run the restaurant business. Sometimes it takes a loud voice to wake up some of these folks. On top of everything else, carelessness and indifference can make you sick or even kill you. This is no joke. It's also about getting their acts together. I was a Concessions Manager and did not allow Managers/Owners' to get away with their poor excuses and bad habits. I'm pretty sure if one of these Owners had made your family sick from their nasty or poorly prepared items, you'd have a different opinion and not just want to let that slide. I have to agree with Robert that these folks need to wake up and realize "this is a business and not personal Sonny!" Time for them to grow up!

  9. harley2002 says:

    The show is ok I watch it but liked dinner impossible more.

    • Luv2Eat says:

      Disagree. RI is about preserving a business and a livelihood. DI is about a feeding # of people by a certain deadline. They aren't losing a business as in RI.

  10. James says:

    Linda Schimel you don't have to triple-post to make your hate heard.

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