Restaurant Revisited: It’s All Greek to Me at Angelo’s

by in Shows, June 23rd, 2013

Angelo's on Restaurant: Impossible In Woodstock, Ill., two cousins — Angelo Paloumbis and Angelo Mourelatos — have come together to run Angelo’s, their Greek-style restaurant founded by their fathers. Although this family business is now decades old, not much has changed since it opened 40 years ago; the unexciting menu, standard diner decor and family tension remain, and all are contributing to the business’ failure. Robert Irvine and his Restaurant: Impossible team had just two days and a $10,000 budget to offer Angelo and Angelo a new outlook on their professional relationship, plus give their eatery an updated design and the tools to create fresh, flavorful food. FN Dish checked in with Angelo Paloumbis a few months after the transformation of Angelo’s to find out how the business is doing today. “Business is up 20 percent and is holding steady,” Angelo tells us, adding that the restaurant is now making at least a 10-percent profit. “We’re paying down debt with it,” he explains.

In terms of the decor, Angelo’s has taken advantage of the open floor plan Robert’s team created, even hosting large private parties in the redesigned space. Angelo adds that “the younger crowd loves” the updated style, and many of the servers have adapted well to their new station. The menu at Angelo’s is a mix of items from the original menu and the offerings Robert created. “We kept some things (sandwiches, salads, half the entrees, the appetizers) [and] added some of our prior entrees that people were requesting,” Angelo says. “The fried chicken, the roast turkey, the new hamburgers, the Greek lamb burger” are some of the most popular dishes. Many guests have been wowed with the fare at Angelo’s, and they’re especially pleased that they can pay with credit cards for the first time.

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Comments (68)

  1. Ron says:

    FOOD NETWORK and Smithfield Meats are being boycotted by myself and friends because of the Paula Deen dismissal

    • Dynomutt says:

      Who cares. Paula Deen made racist remarks and they shouldn't be tolerated. I myself will watch more Food Network – she was by far my least favorite personality. She peddles nasty unhealthy food that made her a diabetic and only fuels the obesity problem in the country.

      • marque2 says:

        She made a racist remark many years ago once, in public.

        I hear her show was failing and Food network was going to let it go anyway. But cancelling a book that is #1 on Amazon or the Walmart dropping her products when they sell crap by folks like Chris Rock.

        Give me a break.

    • Karen says:

      This isn't about Paula Deen, it's about Angelo's restaurant. Did you get lost?

    • Hannah says:

      Big whoop…no one cares. Go eat Paula's southern fried slop and quit whining.

    • Marjorie says:

      Less salty fatty Smithfield cr*p is better for you anyway!

  2. LorrieMO says:

    Our family never misses an episode of RI! Great Show! Also, tell FN we SUPPORT PAULA DEAN!!

    We enjoyed this episode, and the family store line, but we, too, felt that the inside of the restaurant should have helped to reflect the historicity of the their town square in some fashion. It was a bit too modernistic for the unique community situation it sits in. Lynn (sp?) did give it the old clock tower clock, but somehow the only shots which came through on the show were of that shiny wall, etc. And we groaned when we saw the chairs. Especially when the introductory diners were folks of considerable size…we could tell by visualizing those new chairs would nt fit the typical clientele Angelo's. Perhaps that community is going to do some downtown primping and Robert was helping them to revamp into a more modern tone? I'm not sure. But it looked like a downtown which was still thriving and alive. I sure hope so.

    We also enjoyed the incorporation of the town high school in the voting.

  3. MattfromWA says:

    When Angelo the manager shut down the first service he said that all the food was on him. I didn't realize the people who the R.I. team lines up for these initial services had to pay for eating below par and sometimes unsafe food. Food Network should cover these checks!
    It is really impressive if that demonstration with the high school was truly arranged overnight.

  4. Jamie says:

    My mom and I visited Angelo's for breakfast a few weeks ago. When we first walked in we were pleasently surprised at the change. It looked modern and clean…at first glance. After we sat down we noticed some sad/disturbing details. The paint was already rubbing off the tables, there were weird patched areas that looked to be covered in tape and were then painted over as if to disguise imperfections, and everything looked generally cheap. I couldn't wait to see the episode because I knew the cameras and lighting would make it look so much better than it actually is. I feel so bad for Angelo and his family. They really got a poor design that doesn't keep up with beautiful historic downtown Woodstock, and it wont last. It makes me wonder if all the renovations on this show are this bad and simply made to look good with dim lighting and fancy camera work. I, like others was not impressed with the food or service. The staff seemed discouraged and lost by all the change. There was no one at the "host stand" (if you can even call it that…) and our server (who I think may have been the owners wife) made a comment about only keeping up on new procedures until after Robert came back to check in on their progress. This historic restaurant has lost it's spirit and I don't think it will be found. So sorry to say.

    • Karen says:

      I agree completely Jamie. You said it better than I. The re-do is done with cheap materials, it looks like it's falling apart, and yes, the restaurant has lost it's spirit. Sadly. However, they've been there a long time, and have a following…perhaps they'll recover. I really don't think this is end of them.

    • marque2 says:

      I think it depends. Yes they do try to do it on the cheap. However I have eaten at Trails – which is nearby me, and two years after the episode (I believe it has been that long) the decor still looks nice, (though the ball jar lamps could use a dish wash)

      Trails is a smaller restaurant, so 10 grand can go further. At Angelo's they had to redo a larger space with more issues, and had to add the electronics for the credit card.

      Interestingly, though some of the design is done on the spot. The designer was able to see the restaurant several months before, and they ship some of the materials in advance of the show.

  5. jojo says:

    I was excited to visit Angelos after the RI makeover. The restaurant did look more modern but without personality to match the Square. The menu was too limited and had trouble finding something we wanted. We finally decided on a burger and a lamb burger. My burger was OK but my friend did not care for the lamb one. The fries were warm, obviously left overs from another order. I, too, feel that Angelos did not get a fair attempt at a makeover from Robert. Perhaps if he had taken time to see who eats there a more appropriate menu would have been put in place. The FN says business is up; word in the area is the opposite. Angelos still needs help!!!!! Can RI do a makeover II?

  6. Judd says:

    I didn't like the silver wall and am so hoping those chairs aren't plastic. I've not been impressed with this decorater in the past either. That being said, I hope the food is delicious, the younger crowd loves the place, and they enjoy many years of success!

  7. @Sparagi says:

    I like the renovation. I can see why some people miss the old restaurant because of the familiarity and memories. It's good food at good prices. Not sure why everyone thinks they're a restaurant critic all of sudden? So whatt??? you're food wasn't perfect and neither are you. Get over it.

  8. Heather Witteveen says:

    My family and I went to Angelo's to eat. We used to go there all the time when we lived in Woodstock. We were in shock when we walked through the doors and saw the change in environment. We had no clue that Restaurant Impossible had been there. We ordered our food and it was excellent, as was the service. I wish Angelo's the best of luck and hope to be able to visit again the next time I come to Illinois for a visit. Miss you guys.

    • Heather Witteveen says:

      The restaurant could use a little more of the Woodstock Square old town style. The menu is good, but a little too limited. Check with the customers that come in to see what menu items they would like. I don't want to see Angelo's go out of business for anything. If you (Angelo's) want to contact me, please feel free to do so.

  9. narwhal says:

    If I was that owner I would be so angry. That place looked like a half finished garage. What was with this metal walls. It reminded me of the tool boxes they put in the back of trucks. The wood wall looked unfinished and those chairs looked like plastic lawn chairs. Plus I am sure there are some queen sized ladies and some king sized gentlemen in the area and those chairs looked a little less than sturdy and a bit narrow for a good sized set of hips.

  10. Tina says:

    I'm always disappointed when I see Lynn show up on RI. Haven't really liked any of his designs, that said, it's always frustrating to see locals whining about how much better things were before RI.

    If the food and decor were so awesome, why was the place going out of business? It seems like a lot of people expect small family run places to be able to turn a profit with the same sort of enormous menus and prices that big chains that prepare their foods in central kitchens and reheat do and that's just not realistic.

    If the food and service is still bad, then that's on the management, but I'm willing to pay for good food and don't expect every restaurant to serve everything I might possibly want to eat.

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