Restaurant Revisited: It’s All Greek to Me at Angelo’s

by in Shows, June 23rd, 2013

Angelo's on Restaurant: Impossible In Woodstock, Ill., two cousins — Angelo Paloumbis and Angelo Mourelatos — have come together to run Angelo’s, their Greek-style restaurant founded by their fathers. Although this family business is now decades old, not much has changed since it opened 40 years ago; the unexciting menu, standard diner decor and family tension remain, and all are contributing to the business’ failure. Robert Irvine and his Restaurant: Impossible team had just two days and a $10,000 budget to offer Angelo and Angelo a new outlook on their professional relationship, plus give their eatery an updated design and the tools to create fresh, flavorful food. FN Dish checked in with Angelo Paloumbis a few months after the transformation of Angelo’s to find out how the business is doing today. “Business is up 20 percent and is holding steady,” Angelo tells us, adding that the restaurant is now making at least a 10-percent profit. “We’re paying down debt with it,” he explains.

In terms of the decor, Angelo’s has taken advantage of the open floor plan Robert’s team created, even hosting large private parties in the redesigned space. Angelo adds that “the younger crowd loves” the updated style, and many of the servers have adapted well to their new station. The menu at Angelo’s is a mix of items from the original menu and the offerings Robert created. “We kept some things (sandwiches, salads, half the entrees, the appetizers) [and] added some of our prior entrees that people were requesting,” Angelo says. “The fried chicken, the roast turkey, the new hamburgers, the Greek lamb burger” are some of the most popular dishes. Many guests have been wowed with the fare at Angelo’s, and they’re especially pleased that they can pay with credit cards for the first time.

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Comments (68)

  1. Not Impressed in CL says:

    I have been to Angelos several times before and once since the makeover. Unfortunately we too were not impressed with the service nor the food. My 5 year old niece ordered bacon, so her mother reiterated to the waitress "2" bacon. She also ordered 2 bacon for herself as well as 2 white toast. Much to our surprise she brought "2" orders of each (really for a 5 year old). Never asked or clarified the order. My niece also ordered a side order of rye toast (luckily she only received 1 order, unfortunately it was burnt and served to her that way). Very disappointing start to an otherwise great day. Not impressed with the decor as it is a very historical district.

    • Guest says:

      "bacon" is not a unit, nor is "white toast." If you say, "two bacon," it makes more sense to think you mean two orders unless you say, "two STRIPS of bacon."

    • @kufta4 says:

      What the heck does "2 bacon" mean other than 2 orders of bacon. I don't go to a restaurant and say, I'd like 4 slices of bacon please. I just order bacon. If that's what you are unimpressed with its your own fault.

  2. Melissa says:

    This was a restaurant that was worthy of Robert's help, unlike last week's episode with the poor little rich kid. I enjoyed watching this episode and wish the Angelos much success!

  3. Kathie says:

    My sister-in-law and I have been meeting at Angelo's for breakfast for years. The food has just mediocre and going downhill the last couple of years. I have only had breakfast there since the renovation, but not impressed. Last-time I was there, I had a Belgium Waffle and side of fresh fruit. I expected a few nice pieces of fruit, especially since this is the strawberries season, but was sadly disappointed when I got only a tiny cup of fruit. The restaurant looks better, happy they removed the carpeting, although the new chairs are uncomfortable, (maybe some cushions). It is a good start, but they need to do something to add a little interest to their food.

  4. Pat says:

    My sister and I went to Angelos after the Irvine redo. VERY DISAPPOINTED. Before entering a woman and her daughter were leaving the older woman said "they're going to be closed in 6 month, Paying that much for a hamburger you can't even eat. I'll never go back. We went in anyway, I didn't like the menu but I ordered a patty melt, the burger was very dry as was the marble rye, no butter on the bread before grilling. The waitress was clueless. I also asked for french fries with gravy, it came with chicken gravy not the usual beef (brown) gravy. It included a big lump of congealed gravy on the very top. My sister ordered breakfast, chicken or turkey sausage, the first time around it was not cooked, the waitress took it back to the kitchen where they recooked the meat in the deep fryer. I agree the chairs were uncomfortable, we asked to change to an empty booth and the waitress said "you've been seated here". Not sure if I will go back. Angelo's should have gone with a local decorator, used local fresh meats and vegetables. Not Irvine!

  5. Dave Butler says:

    EPIC FAIL! I live in Woodstock and this was a nice restaurant and the arrogant Robert Irvine turned it into a ugly restaurant with a faux industrial look, like something in LA, not the Midwest. The chairs are uncomfortable. The food used to be very good, now is just OK, but the prices went up. Everyone I have talked to thinks it was a bad change. Also getting rid of dinner hours just before the town's new movie theater expansion seems pretty silly – now there is no place to go before or after on the Square for a reasonable priced meal or dessert.

  6. AceofTaste says:

    How many people have gone blind staring at that silver wall?

  7. Karen says:

    I've gone to Angelo's every time I come to Woodstock. The food was always good, but I'm a big salad person, so it's hard to mess that up! I was there once after the re-do. The decor is ok…a warmer feeling would have been nice, but can't say I hate it. The wrap I ordered was delicious, and reasonable. However, the only thing that disappoints me is the service. I too stood at the front hostess area for a good 2-3 minutes, completely ignored. The server was fast, and efficient, but no personality whatsoever. The servers need to go, or they need to smile once in a while, and make an effort to make people feel welcome. It puts a wet blanket on the experience when the staff looks and acts miserable. If you aren't happy then leave and let some new servers come in. Been like that forever, time for a change.

  8. Andy says:

    The design is too "out there" and I can understand why many regular customers wouldn't be happy with it.

    • Charlie says:

      OK with that being said, can you ALSO understand that the "regulars" are not enough business to keep this place open??????? This has nothing to do with me or you and not even Foodnetwork/ RI but it does have to do with the OWNERS and whether or not they can keep their place open ;)

  9. Mike Dishaw says:

    Well Robert you need to take your team back and give them a redoo. I have watched every episode this is by far the worst remodel yet , the silver walls the ugly chairs miss matched tables. Your designer has to go. Everyone of his designs show a lack of a well put together look.

    • Laura says:

      I totally agree. When I saw the new design, it looked disjointed to me and not appealing at all. I was surprised at the design and also disappointed for the redo usually blows me away. Don't bring this designer back.

  10. KGK says:

    I grew up in Woodstock and am one of those people that do not like change very much:( I have been back to Angelo's and miss the old restaurant so much! I loved that old round table with the rope I wish they would have kept that. The chairs are very uncomfortable. My family and I sat in a booth and when we went to get up the booth seat fell apart! We are not very big people, but no matter your size that should never happen. I still wish them all the success in the world. Would rather have it this way then not have Angelo's at all!

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