Restaurant Revisited: It’s All Greek to Me at Angelo’s

by in Shows, June 23rd, 2013

Angelo's on Restaurant: Impossible In Woodstock, Ill., two cousins — Angelo Paloumbis and Angelo Mourelatos — have come together to run Angelo’s, their Greek-style restaurant founded by their fathers. Although this family business is now decades old, not much has changed since it opened 40 years ago; the unexciting menu, standard diner decor and family tension remain, and all are contributing to the business’ failure. Robert Irvine and his Restaurant: Impossible team had just two days and a $10,000 budget to offer Angelo and Angelo a new outlook on their professional relationship, plus give their eatery an updated design and the tools to create fresh, flavorful food. FN Dish checked in with Angelo Paloumbis a few months after the transformation of Angelo’s to find out how the business is doing today. “Business is up 20 percent and is holding steady,” Angelo tells us, adding that the restaurant is now making at least a 10-percent profit. “We’re paying down debt with it,” he explains.

In terms of the decor, Angelo’s has taken advantage of the open floor plan Robert’s team created, even hosting large private parties in the redesigned space. Angelo adds that “the younger crowd loves” the updated style, and many of the servers have adapted well to their new station. The menu at Angelo’s is a mix of items from the original menu and the offerings Robert created. “We kept some things (sandwiches, salads, half the entrees, the appetizers) [and] added some of our prior entrees that people were requesting,” Angelo says. “The fried chicken, the roast turkey, the new hamburgers, the Greek lamb burger” are some of the most popular dishes. Many guests have been wowed with the fare at Angelo’s, and they’re especially pleased that they can pay with credit cards for the first time.

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Comments (68)

  1. Kathy says:

    A friend and I ate at Angelo's in Woodstock, IL, today. The tables were poorly painted and it is already worn away at the edges of the tables and booths. The paint on the walls is sloppy; poor coverage at window, painted over painter's tape on a shutter, and white showing where the brown paint has been scratched. The new chairs are not comfortable. We both ordered burgers, one medium well done, one medium rare. Both were well done. One had only enough lettuce to cover half the burger. One had a large pickle, the other had a pickle half the size. Disappointing.

    • Karen says:

      Robert might have been able to re-decorate and teach a recipe for burgers in two days, though try as he might, I just don't feel two days was enough to "fix" the owner/staff. It's apparent there is still discord, lack of passion and it's gotten worse. I won't bother eating there again sadly. If they can't even get a burger order right, then why bother? It can't just be us customers who are loyal and giving them a "second" chance, they have to want it, and to give us good food and service and they just can't seem to do that. Sorry Angelo's, but I don't want to walk in and "hope" I have a good dining experience.

  2. Susan says:

    Recently I saw an episode where Robert cooked Ribs in plastic wrap, what kind of wrap did you use, You said it wouldn't melt if cooked with a low temp in oven. But mine did melt, the ribs were very tender after I took all the wrap off.

    • Marjorie Jane says:

      Don't bake or roast anything wrapped in plastic wrap Susan. That was one of the worst recommendations I've ever heard from anyone. Shame on Robert. Chemicals from the wrap seep into food, regardless of temperature.

      • marque2 says:

        Oh please, not another unfounded comment from an eco weenie.

        Oh lets frighen everyone about everything without a shred of evidence except one of my friends was told by a friend of a friend, that …

        Give me a break.

    • Shannon says:

      It was commercial grade plastic wrap. You can get it at United Grocers/Grocers Outlets, or any resturant outlet stores that sell to the public. I get mine at United Grocers and it is just fine to put in the oven, an no it doesn't seep into food. It is made to too cook with. Hope that helps. Just read the box on the plastic wrap it will tell you what temp it is safe to cook it at. I believe you can cook with Saran Wrap too, but I don't have any here to read the box.

  3. Mary says:

    In my experience, the only positive was that I was finally able to use a debit card. The decor and food was very disappointing.

  4. Gregory M. Maddox says:

    Correct me if I am mistaken, but the old interior looks like where Bill Murray and Andie McDowell ate breakfast in the motion picture "Groundhog Day". I recognize the town square.

    • Barb says:

      nope ~ Angelo's was Angelo's… the Tick Tock Cafe was set up across the square in a vacant building that had been Wein's Lady's forever! after the movie, i think it went through about 4 owners and many different incarnations… 1st was a recreate of Tick Tock, but none of them lasted long.

  5. Penny says:

    Love Restaurant Impossible but they that designer is terrible! Shame on Robert for letting that design pass his usual very high standards. A good designer takes into account it's neighborhood, and plastic chairs? Seriously? Please help those poor people out and do a re-do!

  6. Lindsay says:

    I came here with my family for years and always loved the family charm. Now moved to woodstock and enjoyed the renovation. Food was wonderful very much enjoying the modern decor! It is a feta cheese lovers paradise <3 , i am pretty upset with the reviews from the other people, stop being so damn nit picky -.- , GOING BACK AGAIN WITH ROOMMATES yumyum

    • Karen says:

      Seriously? I'm not picky, or I wouldn't have gone back to give them another chance after the renovation. I also realize that everyone has different experiences depending on time of day, crowded or not, what you order and who your server is. But when the majority of us experience bad service, so-so to bad food, and general all around bad attitude people at that restaurant need to sit up and take notice. I, as many of you, work hard for my money and will not go into a restaurant with basically bad reviews (which is not just word of mouth, but what I've experienced first hand) and "hope for the best". I gave them a second chance, not dumb enough to give them a third. There are other nice restaurants in the area. Yes, Angelo's, you've been there a long time and thus the reason for the extra chances from many of your loyal, long time customers, but it's time to meet us half way and improve your food and attitude.

  7. My2Cents says:

    I hope the food and service is better than the decor. All it reminds me of is a tool box!

  8. Leslie says:

    I've been to Angelo's a couple of times. It needed to be updated. Screamed the 70's. As far as Ground Hog Day, they used the Tip Top Cafe which went out of business. Angelo's menu was way too big – you could spend an hour trying to read it all. I wish Angelo's the best. Been there a long time – hope it stays there even longer. Robt needs to work his magic at the greek joint in down town Crystal Lake next. Or the Crystal Cafe on 14 in Crystal Lake. They both need it.

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