May’s “Name This Dish” Contest Winner

by in Food Network Magazine, June 25th, 2013

name this dish frozen drink

Each month, thousands of Food Network Magazine readers submit clever names for the back page’s Name This Dish contest. Previous dishes include corn-crab deviled eggs (winning name: “Fish and Chicks“), cheese fries (“The Smotherload“) and even a stuffed cupcake (“Heart of the Batter“). In the May 2013 issue, we asked readers to dream up names for this frozen drink (pictured above). Some of our favorites were:

Nancy Boardman
Naples, Fla.

Mary Argyros
St. Louis

Margarita Banderita
Patricia Ramos
Sammamish, Wash.

But the winner, Beth David of Dublin, Ohio, really hit the mark when she dubbed it “Gulp of Mexico.” Want to take a stab at naming this month’s fried chicken (pictured below)? If you come up with the most fun, unexpected and inventive name, you could win $500 to spend on Click here to enter, and check back next month to see the winning name for June’s fried ice cream.
fried chicken

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Comments (8)

  1. Patricia Moldovan says:

    I can't believe that you fired Paula Deen. she made a mistake and said she was sorry. I ,my friends and my family will not watch your shows or support your sponsors. You made a mistake but you have an opportunity to correct it.
    Other stars have made mistakes and still have their jobs. Why is Paula being punished? There must be something I don't understand.

    Please correct the mistake you have made and hire her back. I so enjoyed her show and generally love all the products advertised. However, this is wrong and it must be corrected in order for me to support your shows and your sponsors.

  2. Georgie E says:

    I am astonished that you have cancelled Paula Deen. So she made a mistake and has apologized over and over again. You will lose me as a viewer if Paula Deen is not on Foodnetwork. Remember we all make mistakes.

  3. Carol Barker says:

    SHAME on Food Network for not renewing Paula Deen's show. Tell me, how many of YOU have made a mistake, and then not only admitted it, but apologized on national TV?? That's what I thought – none of you.

    That was a long time ago, not yesterday.

    I think I'm done with Food Network, I'll get my recipes from church, where people who make mistakes are forgiven and welcomed.

  4. Tim says:

    Since you seem to like censorship! I will tell you its a two way street! We ( my family) will be boycotting the food network!!! YOU ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED IN OUR HOME!!!PUT PAULA BACK ON NOW!!and we might come back but there will never be any trust in you! P.C Fools!

  5. jackie says:

    Why do you cave in to the polictically correct crowd and cancel paula deen without a fair hearing? I will no longer watch your programs. Jackie

  6. C FONTENOT says:

    We still have freedom of speech in the United States unless I have missed something. Many names have been called over the years with no apology given…….most have been forgotten or overlooked. What's or better who's behind this anti Paula Dean campaign?
    My family and I love the food channel and the Food Network Magazine. Should we worry about who else will not be politically correct for you?
    We are not living in a free society today!Shame on YOU!!!!!

  7. maritere says:

    wao I received the june issue at july 28 how I could enjoy all the contests if I receive my magazine one month later?

  8. Betty Hurley says:

    I guess by the comments that I have the same sentiments as everyone else. With all the lying and cheating in sports and government and noone being held accountable, I dont understand why everyone ganged up on Paula.My mother used to tell me that if I told the truth my punishment would be much less. If she is no longer on your show or in your magazine I will not be renewing my subscription. Paula is more kindhearted and generous that any one I know. And she came right out and admitted her mistake. Maybe you could admit that maybe you might have made a mistake and have her back on your show and magazine???

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