Mall Food Made Better on Tyler Florence’s Upcoming Food Court Wars

by in Shows, June 6th, 2013

Tyler FlorenceTyler Florence is on a mission this summer to shine a light on one area of the restaurant industry that’s rarely the focus of inspired eats: shopping mall food courts. In his brand-new series, Food Court Wars, Tyler judges teams of budding entrepreneurs with focused food points of view as they face off in malls across the country for the chance to open their dream eatery.

With Tyler — a longtime professional chef and restaurant owner — at the helm, it won’t be enough for the teams to turn out quick-service meals. These groups of spouses and friends must demonstrate their management skills and business-minded expertise, plus their abilities to offer the highest-quality food, if they want to earn their own business and run it rent-free for an entire year. Each week, they’ll battle in challenges that test their original marketing ideas, purchasing know-how and basic food preparation skills before the most-profitable team can claim the win.

In the first two weeks of the show, Tyler visited malls in Mississippi and South Carolina; after surviving several trying challenges, two teams earned life-changing businesses and all-new futures.

Get the latest dish on what’s gone down so far, then tune in every Sunday at 8pm/7c to watch the next episode of Food Court Wars.

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Comments (17)

  1. aaron says:

    how can we sign up

  2. Anita says:

    why did the winner not take the deal?

    • mindy66 says:

      Apparently they didn't want to move as far away from home as the food court was (that was awarded to them).

  3. Sharon Tincu says:

    I enjoyed the Food Court Wars first episode, torn between the teams. Glad that Po' Boy won, just was not sure that the older couple could keep up the pace of a busy restaurant. What is disappointing is that there was no explanation of why Po' Boy could not open their restaurant. I really want to know what happened?

  4. deedee says:

    Very disappointed at the ending.

  5. Don says:

    Yes, please tell us what happened.

  6. islandantoinett says:

    Aloha to you this fine day Mary and Jordan: God Bless you and God Bless the Food Network and Tyler Florence for doing this what was so right by you! I cried during the show! I had to call my husband out too we BOTH cried and were SO VERY VERY HAPPY for you two! I made my first home made tamales just last month and they were delicious. Now I know to put the seasoning IN the corn meal Whow! Here we wrap them in Ti Leaves as we don't have corn husks. My husband said you will have the whole chittlin circuit in to make sure you have the help you need to make the restaurant work and a huge success. WORK IT! ALL THE VERY BEST TO YOU IN YOUR NEW RESTAURANT! YOUR DESERVIE IT!!!! Love Light and Aloha Antoinette and Randale Jackson

  7. mindy66 says:

    Gonna be forthright and honest (and I'm usually a VERY good judge of these things)

    Seems to me that this show is going to have some serious problems with success if they don't get some things figured out asap.

    One of the first things that I see being a problem is that the winners are forced to set up "shop" in the mall space that is given to them. What if others, in the future, like Erika and Stevo don't want to have to move away from home in order to do a restaurant??? Not sure what the answer for this, but I think that they'd better come up with something FAST!

    Secondly, this show needs some serious polishing. Was rough around the edges and really lacking for sure. I didn't always feel like I knew where they were going…what was coming up next and why. Felt lackluster in general.

    Perhaps, they should add a female co-host. I don't really think that Tyler Florence (though extremely talented) has the right natural charisma needed… at least not alone.

    They also should have a minimum of 3 groups competing. To me, this would change the feel of the show hugely!! 2 just seemed so anti climatic. So lonely.

    Do hope that this show turns itself around as I love watching reality competition shows…especially when it included cooking/baking and the like.

    Good Luck Food Court Wars.

  8. madeintexas22 says:

    Yeah I'd like to know the real story too. Surely the contestants know before hand where they may have to move to if they win. Not too sure about the whole format. Liked Food Truck Wars SOOO much better. What idiot decided to scrap it in favor of this mess. It does have a lot of cleaning up to do. I'm a big fan of Tyler Florence's but I agree he needs help here. Need more contestants and better suited ones. My God I thought Mary Jo and/or her hubby were gonna pass out a few times there! Gordon may have a little too much on his plate with this one (no pun intended, wait, yes it was!).

  9. NonnieMaria says:

    Where was the Food Court located that they would have to have moved to? That does seem such a shame to enter into a contest if you know you won't/can't take the prize if you win. They worked so hard. Maybe they did it for the exposure in the area where they live, thinking now they can get financial backing for a restaurant there. You just never know…

  10. Erika says:

    I want to be on the show!! How can we get on?? :)

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